Truth and Consequences

16 Apr


Doug Smith: Author, historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot


There used to be a TV game show called Truth “or” Consequences. It was around when I was a kid, and fans of Bob Barker will remember him as the long time host and face of the show.  The premise was to ask a trivial or nonsense question, which of course could not be answered, then have a “consequence of some fun or silly activity. It was fun.


Today, we are engaged in a global game of truth or consequences, but the questions, and the consequences, are far from trivial. Now, I worry all the time about being politically incorrect, and the truth is rarely “correct” but just for fun, I’m going to try a little foray into truth.


There is no magic. Merlin was not a court magician to Arthur Pendragon, Once and Future King. Yea, I’m disappointed too, because I loved the stories of Gawain and Lancelot and Merlin and Wart and the Lady of Shallot. But sadly, Merlin, such as he was, was a bright charlatan who used some knowledge to paint a magical picture of himself and con people, and was puffed into a lot more than he was by writers trying to sell a manuscript and earn a buck. Arthur was not turned into a bird, did not have a magic sword, and is not holding it in suspended animation till the day of England’s greatest need, when he will return to lead them once more. He is dust. Dead. Gone.


But on the subject of magic, it is also not possible to pass a law to make water run uphill, or make wealth magically appear by ordering it to be given to a certain group of people. You cannot make a poor man rich by taking wealth from a rich man and giving it to him. History has shown that is a path to misery as the mob strips the producers of their wealth, and their ability, and motivation, to produce more, and, having eaten the seed corn, becomes an equal distribution of misery.


Islamic people, mostly men, commit acts of terror, murder, bombings, shootings, beheadings, stabbings, at an appalling rate. I m a little tired of having to say, no it’s not all of them. But it is enough of them that reasonable people worry about Muslim enclaves in Brussels, Paris, and Dearborn.  Stop lecturing me about Islamophobia and backlash against Muslims. There has not been a backlash. If the worldwide rash of murders and atrocities continues, it is likely there will be.  And, by the way, Islamophobia: Fear of Islamists? That is not a mental condition. It is a reasonable reaction to the actions of Islamic people around the world.

 The Leftist apologists, the gutless cowards on the Right, and the endless stream of Muslim talking heads notwithstanding, you cannot, in truth, get away with saying a Muslim who hears Death to America shouted over and over, it is the West’s fault that your country is a poverty stricken sewer, and it is your duty to go kill them so you can get out of it and go to paradise, is suddenly NOT a Muslim as he shouts an Islamic call to war and opens fire on innocents.

Yes, he is. And you all know it. And you are all liars. That is truth.

And the Consequences?

147 individual acts, not counting the daily atrocities in the cesspool of the Middle East war zone, in the past 30 days. They netted over 1000 deaths and over 3000 injuries in 25 different countries. 27,000 acts of terror and murder around the world since Barack Obama stepped onto the world stage, countless, mostly ignored acts of barbarism, genocide, and atrocity in the Middle Eastern lands controlled by Muslims.


More people from more nations and more cultures have come to, or tried to come to the United States than any other country or empire in history, now or since the dawn of civilization.  Self-loathing Lefties can’t figure it out. People who escaped Vietnam in 1975 can. People who escaped the Castros can. People who made it out of East Berlin can. Millions around the world don’t risk life and limb, and run away with nothing but their lives to come to the horrible, repressive, racist, world the Left thinks we have. The do run from the Socialist paradise the think is Cuba or the Soviet Union. We have never had a problem of limiting migration into the Middle East because of people yearning to live under Sharia law and work on the oil rigs. We never will.


Everybody wants to come here. But not everyone can.


If we permit “Multi Culturalism” nonsense dilute or destroy who we are, and transform the US into a mix of the horrible places from which so many want to escape, there will be no escape, anywhere. There will be no shining city on a hill. There will be misery, and tyranny, or despair, and there is in so much of the world, and as has been the norm in so much of human history.

 Technology is not the key to advancing liberty.  Ask a slave who died in the arenas how much he appreciated the fine 1000 year Roman roads which brought him to his death. Rome had a towering civilization, with ruins still extant today, 1600 years after it fell. Yet they did not spread freedom, and the Republic died quickly and gave way to the Empire. It died rather more slowly.

America is a unique nation, a new concept within history. If that history is forgotten, and that light extinguished, the lives of many around the world may well become what Hobbes feared: “No arts, no letters, no society, and which is worst of all, continual fear, and danger of violent death: and the life of man, solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.

 Look around. How many people do you see now living precisely that life?

Are we going to be a bulwark against such a world?  Or surrender to the mob and centuries of darkness?

Wait! Don’t answer. Think about it before you do. Think carefully. Because truth, and choices, do have consequences.


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