Doug Smith: Anatomy of a bully

17 Apr


Doug Smith: Author, historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot


I know The Donald well. Not personally, but he is easy to identify. You see, I was always the outsider. The kid from somewhere else. We moved around a lot. Perhaps you have a memory of kids who were in school with you for 12 years. I do not. A year or 2, then on to another adventure. Why another story, but the part of my story that resonates is like the inscription on the edge of old world maps:

“Heere there be Dragons”.

Yes, beyond the familiar, if you sail your ship there, there Be Dragons. Take care. And for the kid who was forever the new kid, there Be Bullies. They would always seek out that new kid. They liked to bluster, and punch, and insult, and steal, and fight. I was never sure what pleasure they took in hurting and humiliating a shy new kid, but they surely did.

So, I know The Donald well. He was in every school I ever attended. And he sought me out. He might want to shake me down for lunch money. He might want to beat me up. He might want to sick his buddies on me while he watched and egged it on. If things did not go his way, he would be the first to cry about it and shout over the unfairness. Just like Donald. But as long as you seemed weak and a likely victim, he would take your milk money, knock your books out of your hand, knock you down, and swagger away, feeling smug and satisfied.

There were 4 ways of dealing with the “Donalds” in a new school.

  1. Avoid him.
  2. Give him what he wants.
  3. Become a toady. Praise him lavishly. Help him beat up someone even weaker. His ego is enormous and fragile, so if you learn to stroke it, he will mostly laugh at you and leave you alone. Although, if you don’t please him, he will still beat you up now and then. Because he can. For example, watch The Apprentice, or Chris Christie doing his “ Donald’s Stray Dog” act. This is the least risky course of action, although it takes a strong stomach.
  4. Having determined that you are going to get beat up regardless, and that you do not have the stomach to crawl to your own personal Donald any more, grit your teeth and say no. Then follow up with a haymaker right to the nose. And jump on him and do your dead level best to just beat the living crap out of him. If he should fight anyway, don’t stop hitting him. He may win, and he may beat you up again, but be a madman. In your mind determine that one of you is going to die, and you want it to be him. Fight till you cannot rise, or until someone pulls you off.

And an amazing thing happens. You may, indeed, get beat up. But when it actually costs him pain and blood, he loses his enthusiasm for you as a target. You figure out that for all the Donalds, at all the schools you will attend, the sooner you identify the Donald, and fight him tooth and nail ( that is not metaphorical) , and hurt him as badly as you possible can, regardless of the cost, the sooner the Donalds will leave you alone.

You don’t have to win, but you do have to fight. Because the Donalds don’t want to fight, (or debate, for that matter,) they just want to bully and beat down someone weak. When their victim chooses not to be a possum, or an old kicked dog, but turns into a tiny, snarling wolverine, the Donalds don’t know how to handle it. They move on.

A hard lesson. But a survival skill. You surely do not want your Donald to become class President, or Mayor, or heavens, President!

So well done, Colorado. Maybe there is something to that medical marijuana, after all. But the Donald did not get one Colorado delegate. He didn’t do his homework, and now he wants to copy yours. And he is whining that you won’t let him.

Colorado, you learned how to deal with the Donalds in your school. Now everyone else, you can ignore the toadies, the Christies, and the Trumpkins taking smack about riots. We do not do politics based on the bullies and the mob in this country. We are not Venezuela.

In 1968, the Democrats, ( including Barack Obama s buddy Bill Ayers) tried to use the rule of the mob and riots in the streets ( of Barack Obama ‘s Chicago) at the Democratic convention. It was ugly. The police had to deal with it and it was in all the papers. I remember reading about it and seeing the riots on live TV. Democrat National Convention Riots.

I also remember that in 1968, we elected Richard Nixon, a Republican.

Americans, for the most part, do not like a bully. Now, The Donald has his toadies, but he cannot command a majority of even the party for which he is running, in even one state. More people dislike than like him.

I stand by the article I wrote about Trump back in September of 2015. He is an ass. And a Bully. And beating up people, or insulting everyone who disagrees with him, or just being mad at the same time that I am mad, does not make him a good leader.

He sort of reminds me of Walter Matthau and Jack Lemon in Grumpy Old Men. Their characters and just what the title implies, with plenty of PUTZ! And yelling and dirty tricks on each other. They took a perverse delight in growling and knocking each other around.

But the quiet, competent son of one of the GOM was the mayor.

Perhaps Life will Imitate Art?



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