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Doug Smith: Harry Reid? Certainly no “Mr. Rogers”

2 Apr

And you wouldn’t want him as your “neighbor”…


Author, Historian and Free State Patriot regular contributor – Doug Smith


Harry Reid is simply an awful man. He is dishonest and disingenuous to the point that evil might truly be the best description of the man.  Now, this comes as no surprise to anyone who follows politics, and has for the past dozen or so years.  What is new is his willingness to be smugly honest about it.

harry 1

When he blatantly lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes, it was hypocrisy so thick you could cut it with the exercise machine which recently beat the soon-to-be Ex-Senator bloody. Romney did indeed pay his taxes, while Harry decidedly did not pay taxes on a number of shady land deals and transfers of taxpayer money to his granddaughter.   These were deals which enriched him to the tune of $10,000,000, on nothing more than a public servant’s salary for his entire working life. Deals which really made the Clintons’ shady land deals look nearly palatable. Deals, which, it seems, brought him afoul of an exercise machine named Guido. But that is another story. Of course, since he was doing so on behalf of Barack Obama, it seems unlikely in the extreme he will be indicted for his crimes.  (Unless of course he moves to Texas, changes his name to Delay, obeys the law, but happens to be a Republican. Then he can fight a 3 year battle ending with a judge scolding the prosecutor. But, of course, Harry Reid is a Democrat.)

harry 4

Harry’s lies on the floor of the Senate about Mitt Romney were so transparent and egregious that even the New York Times and the Washington Post called them false.  To get those 2 bastions of liberal media to call out a liberal as a liar, it must be pretty far out indeed.

This week, the retiring (yes, Virginia, there is a God) Senator, who is preparing to spend quality time with his family and his lawyers, was confronted about this one of his lies by a CNN reporter. (CNN? Wow!)  His response was telling. “Well, he he, they can call it what they want, but Mitt Romney lost, didn’t he?”

In short, sure I lied. Sure we all knew it. But it helped us to win, so who cares?

Nancy Pelosi said of his lie, at the time, “If Harry Reid says it is so, it must be so. “

harry 3

These are the people the Democrats in Congress have chosen as their leaders for over a decade.  These are the Democrats who have backed and excused the lies and failures of Barack Obama for 6 years.  A liberal pundit was asked last night, “What about this? He lied, he admits he lied, and he is smirking about it. He doesn’t care! The end justifies the means, really?”

His response? Everybody lies in politics.  Wow. Just wow.  That is your reaction when you find one of your own lied so blatantly? No defense. No mea culpa. No, wow, that was wrong Harry, what were you thinking.

This is our current Democrat party. These are the people they choose to lead them. This is how they think. “I am Democrat. I am a liberal. I will do whatever I have to to you to win, and further my cause. Agree with me, or watch your back. “

Harry Reid.  Dishonest. Cheater. Liar. Crook. Shameless user of the Senate for his own ends.

Harry Reid: Democrat, Nevada.

Harry Reid: Democrat.

His is the face of the Democrat party. (Democrats are well into buyer’s remorse about BHO.  They are looking at their electoral losses and wondering if that was quite the right direction. )

But Harry? The Senate Democrats put him back in power over and over.

Now, one of the reasons that he is retiring is that the winds are blowing through Nevada that say the voters of Nevada are fed up with this, and he is likely to lose. Good for them.  But shame on every Democrat in the Senate.

harry 2

If this is what Democrats choose to lead them, then shame on them as well. Some are always going to vote for the one who offers them freebies, or advocacy for their pet causes, from abortion to snail darters.

Perhaps Democrats are waking up to realize that the party of JFK has been hijacked by some very wrong people. As Ronald Reagan said, “I didn’t leave the Democrat party. The party left me. “Perhaps some Democrats are there.

WV has its first GOP Legislature in 80 years. Harry is going. Hillary is fading in the polls, and no one is running against her yet. Barack Obama is going to hang on to Obamacare like a terrier with a rat, despite millions hurt by it, and an unwavering majority opposing it.

Perhaps the winds of change will continue to blow. We can only hope.

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