Each election cycle, millions of Christians forego their responsibility to make their voices heard at the polls. Whether brought about simply from a general disdain for politics or a lack of trust in elected officials to live up to their word, we are seeing our nation slip away from us as a result.

This upcoming presidential election may be the most important in my lifetime. Americans face choices detrimental to the future of our nation’s sovereignty.

So, how important is it for Christians to vote in 2016? Well, if we don’t, we lose – period.


Understand the face of our nation has changed. Liberals engaged in propagating the progressive movement throughout the years have strategically aligned many segments of our population with their liberal ideology. While their methodology is subtle and offered with a feigned dose of compassion, their sympathetic ear for the “victimized” among us has never been about healing a nation, but about buying their votes.

Under the guise of “uniting a nation,” liberal Democrats have pursued an ordered approach to buy the vote of nearly every demographic available. Yet, the U.S. has never been more divided. Their goal is simply to make their part of the voter base bigger. And it was this base that put Barack Obama back in office for a second term. Trust me when I tell you this will happen again, unless Christians vote.

Let’s look at the demographics liberal Democrats have sought to purchase with your tax dollars.

Democrats have aggressively pursued the female vote by partnering with them in the alleged “war on women.” And any conservative taking a stand on behalf of the unborn child or protecting the religious conscience of those refusing to pay for the murder of the unborn or a woman’s birth control must be against a woman’s right to choose and their health.

Democrats seek to own the Hispanic vote. In fact, Obama’s entire executive stance on illegal immigration and providing amnesty for illegals already in our nation is simply about buying their vote. And those currently crossing our borders illegally receive a wink and nod from this administration and are harbored safely in some liberal sanctuary city.

And woe to the “homophobe” seeking to protect the sanctity of marriage being between one man and one woman. Any conservative contesting a liberal’s right to re-define marriage as we’ve known it for hundreds of years is simply filled with hatred and bigotry. Democrats oblige the LGBT lifestyle simply to court their vote.

It’s disturbing how the Democratic Party has manipulated the African-American voter. Rather than offer a promising future to those less fortunate due to the confines of an inner city where education and opportunity are often scarce, they’re content to get these families addicted to the helping hand of big government and secure their vote.

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Christians, don’t fall prey to believing your vote doesn’t matter. It’s never mattered more!

I’m reminded of a man named Jesus, who took 12 of the most unlikely men imaginable and shook the world.

What do you suppose 250 million Christians could do if we pulled together?

If we unite, we can take back our country.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.