Doug Smith: Some Advice to Progressives and the Younger Generations

16 Sep

doug 2

Doug Smith is an historian and Free State Patriot associate editor

September 9, 2018



As a Conservative, I adhere to the principle that nothing is free:  TANSTAAFL (There aint no such thing as a free lunch). But I am aware that everybody loves a bargain, and lots of people want free stuff.  Having stated my principle regarding “free stuff” in advance by way of fair warning, here is some “free advice and wisdom. Do with it as you will. May it serve you better than your degree in Pre-Columbian-Art from Columbia and your $ 150,000 student loan debt.

  1. You are not always right. Neither are you always wrong. No one gets it right every time, nor do they get it wrong every time.  Will Rogers perhaps said it best: “There was never a horse that couldn’t be rode, and never a rider that couldn’t be throwed.”  A mature, adult human will make peace with these facts and learn a truth from them. Check your assumptions.
  2. Know why you believe what you believe. Be able to defend your articles of faith. Apologetics, from the Greek Apologia, means to make a defense. Arguing your beliefs based on “Mom said so” stops working when you are about 10. Basing it on, “Well you’re mean and ugly and your Mommy dresses you funny” stops at about 5. Challenge your beliefs. If they are true, if they are valid, when you question them, when you question the reasons that you believe them, you will finally come to rock solid evidence of a few basic things you can unshakable believe. This practice will serve you well.  If you can challenge and then defend your own beliefs, you need never fear when they are challenged by others. If you cannot, then you may have built a system of belief with no solid foundation. Truth is not the same as opinion. If someone tells you the truth, be it an author, boss, professor, preacher and you challenge it, dig back to its roots and discover why it is true, it will still be true. This is what we used to call “Education.”
  3. People will disagree with you. That is ok. Hearing ideas you don’t know or believe will hardly kill you, or even hurt you. It may stretch your mind. But (See 1, and 2, above) people who disagree with you are not always wrong, and they are not always right. Know why you believe what you believe and disagree. Debate your position. You may learn something. They may learn something. The moment you refuse to hear any position or opinion other than your own it the moment when you stop learning. Ignorance is curable. Stupidity is not. Bullheadedness is very resistant to treatment. If you try to be protected from hearing speech with which you disagree, you lose the chance to apply principles 1 and 2 and challenge not only yourself, but the one with whom you disagree, to defend their position. If you disagree, and they are wrong, 2 will prove it. If they are right, or a little bit right, 1 will help you learn.
  4. There ARE NO safe spaces. That is an absurd concept. As a growing child, you wanted to get away from Mom and Dad, who wanted to keep you in a safe space, so you could live a more dangerous life. We try to keep children safe enough not to die, but they will climb trees, fall out of them, break bones, skin knees, and live a dangerous life. Life IS dangerous. It WILL eventually kill you. But you are going to have to experience things that might hurt you and learn to survive them, ideas you don’t like and learn to deal with them, or debate them, or reject them, relationships that are challenging, all the parts of being a functional adult. I don’t like snakes. So, I could have stayed in a bubble where I was never around one, protected by my parents. Except: my mother is dead. My Father is 82. I am old enough for Social Security. And there are snakes in the world. I learned to deal with snakes. Don’t reach under a wood pile without lifting it from a distance. Watch where you step in the woods. I did not sit in a safe space from the age of 8 till now to avoid snakes. I learned to deal with a danger in the world in which I lived. So, when it comes to snakes, I am a safe Person, not a person who lives in a safe space. I am also a dangerous person. I ll blow that snake in half and not blink an eye. But I won’t kick a dog or a kid. Be an adult. Be safe when safety is called for, dangerous when danger is called for. Safe spaces? No one lives there. You live in the world. Grow up. Deal with it.
  5. I don’t give a fig about your self-esteem. Neither does anyone else, despite what they told you in schools. I don’t want you to feel good about yourself just for existing. If you are my child, I love you because of who you are, and you are unique and important to me. But to feel good about yourself, DO something. You all have someone who loves you and to whom you are important. I ran track in Jr High School. I sucked. I was not built to be a runner. I got no trophies for participating. My self-esteem was not tied to that. I was a fair musician, and a decent writer, and a great sailor. I feel good about those things. I esteem myself for those accomplishments. You want to feel good about yourself? DO SOMETHING. Get a job. Pay your bills, feel good about doing what you can with your abilities.  If you have high self-esteem and do nothing, you are going to portray a self-importance that will irritate people. DO something.
  6. Let us explore a bit the concept of TANSTAAFL. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Bars used to advertise “Free Lunch.” It was, of course, a lie. Yes, you could come in and drink their beer, and eat a sandwich they had thoughtfully provided. And in doing so, pay more for your beer than you would in a place with no “free” lunch. Guess who bought your lunch? You did. TANSTAAFL.  Some hotel chains provide a (bad) “free” breakfast. Can you figure it out? For the feeble breakfast, or in fairness, sometimes a good breakfast, you are paying more for the room than you would otherwise, or than you would in another hotel down the road. Because? There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Painted across a broader canvass, when your employer provides you with “free” healthcare and gym memberships, they are doing so by paying you less than they would otherwise. And when government offers free stuff, like healthcare, housing, food, needles, education, the list goes on and on endlessly, the principle still applies. And even more so, because government has no money. That bears repeating. Government has no money. How can that be you say, since they have a trillion-dollar budget? Government, has no money, so the money they spend, or promise to spend, must come from somewhere else. Anyone? Bueller? If you have a job, like I do, look at your pay stub. See how much you grossed? See how much was taken out before you got to touch it?  And that, children, is how the government gives free stuff. Not free, because somebody had to work and produce the money to buy that sumptuous lunch. There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Everything has a cost.
  7. The way to get more is to become worth more. Don’t expect to get more for what you do just by continuing to breathe. If you are worth minimum wage when you are hired, (often a questionable premise) you will become worth more if you learn to do more, if you show you are reliable to show up, if you become better at your job, if you learn to do more and other jobs.  Sorry to shake up what you have undoubtedly heard from politicians and other people who don’t have to pay you, but you are not entitled to a certain wage. If you can’t afford what you want to make what you make, buckle down, work harder, learn more, don’t make obligations you can’t afford (spouse, children, car payment, 1000-dollar cell phone), and improve your lot. No one owes you a good living. No one owes you a Living, period. The compact under which we live is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. So, you get to live, and are free to earn your living as you see fit. You are not entitled to eat my food.
  8. Most people don’t care that you can quote French poetry or determine which period in Chinese history produced a vase, of if you have read Das Capital, the Little Red Book, or Upton Sinclair. They care if you smell bad. Take a shower. They care if you keep your word. Don’t make promises you cannot or will not keep. They care if you pay your bills. Pay what you owe. Earn what you expect to receive and expect to receive what you earn. Giving, or receiving charity is a choice. Forced generosity, however grand sounding we make it, is simply theft. Be a good neighbor, whether on a tree lined street, in a tall building, or in a barracks. Be kind, speak gently, be ready to help when you can. It is far easier to deal with the results of living this way.
  9. Despite the social chic that has tried to show otherwise, it is a good thing to love your country and your people, and to defend them. Patriotism is not reflected by despising and finding constant fault with your country. It is in defending and supporting it.  If you are an American, you live in a nation that is wealthier, freer, and more desirable than any nation in the history of the world. She has grown and become steadily better, correcting inequities, and learning from failures, in a way few others have done. If you focus on the 10% that needs improvement, you miss the 90% that is laudable. Note that for all the bluster of the wealthy chic every 4 years, few leave this country. None who lack the resources to live in luxury, insulated from the realities of other countries do so. Many, on the contrary, desperately seek to come here. Reflect on those truths. And find a sense of gratitude. You will find that the vast majority of people who have worked to build the country, who have fought and sacrificed to keep it secure, or who have buried those who did, will honor that sense of gratitude far better than the child throwing a tantrum because his cake is not big enough.
  10. Equality means the game is the same and the rules are the same for everyone. It does not mean we will all get the same.  There is no shame in the guy who pushes a broom down the halls of a hospital, but I expect that the Surgeon who says good morning to him will make more money. A lot more. If you expect otherwise, then hand the scalpel to the janitor and have him remove your appendix. There is no equality of outcome, because people are created equal, and there the similarities cease. We could mandate that Thom Edison will make exactly the same as the push broom operator. But the push broom operator will give us clean floors. Thom gave us light bulbs, recording equipment, movie cameras, electricity in our homes, microphones, fluoroscopic X Ray systems, well, I could go on. I’m ok that Edison made more than the guy who swept out his lab. If we are all to have equal outcomes, then they must, necessarily, be those of the least capable among us. Paying the guy on the broom a million bucks won’t make him produce a light bulb, paying Edison 10 bucks pretty much ensures that he won’t, either.

These are a few truths based on life and observation of the human condition. Life exists in places other than student centers on campuses and coffee shops. Those of us who live out here in the world learn these things by trial and error, often more error. But learn them we do. Come, join us in the adult world. It is not the rainbows and unicorns you may be expecting, but it is not such a bad world. We mange. Grow up and join us.


Doug Smith: Progressive Programs Promise Political Zanadu

10 Sep

They simply don’t promote personal responsibility!

doug 2

Doug Smith: Historian and Associate editor at Free State Patriot

September 10, 2018


There are some essential elements to every Progressive idea or program. These are worth bearing in mind as you vote for or against Santa Claus at the ballot box.  Senator Marco Rubio s latest proposal on a Paid Family Leave Act, paid for by government, provides an excellent opportunity to review a few of these.

 1)They are progressive.

  In this context, the word means it will creep ever toward the same direction. There is no End to the idea, just ever-increasing demands for more “free stuff” from government, and not coincidentally, more control by government of those getting the freebies.

(As a sub note to the above,)

 2)    There are no freebies. TANSTAAFL. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

  Progressives are divided into 2 categories on this fact: True believers whose magical thinking makes them certain that Government has unlimited resources, but stingily refuses to share it, and cynical opportunists who understand this quite well, but are willing to use the fiction to further their own power. From its founding, all the way to Barack Obama, who spend more money that he did not have than all 43 POTUS before him combined, the Government “Has. No. Money.” They can only spend money in 3 ways:

 Borrow it. This ultimately costs every taxpayer, because Barack and Mitch and the powers that be in DC are committing YOU, not them, to pay the payments and the interest on their debts. Imagine if you saw your neighbor driving a $ 60,000 SUV, then got a bill in the mail for the payments on his ride, one you were demanded to pay.

 Print it. The Federal Reserve is a whole other article, and a problem in and of itself, but suffice it to say, when the government can print money by fiat, without backing up each bill with gold reserves, “The full faith and credit of the US Government” means, once again, YOU will back them up. So, if you have $ 100, and there are $ 1,000,000,000 dollars in circulation, and the Government (read that FED) decides to print, with no additional wealth to back it, another billion in currency, your 100 overnight becomes a 50. Sound outrageous? Unbelievable?

 Steal it. Seem harsh? By steal it, I mean taxes. Of course, no one comes to your house with a gun and demands 25% of your earnings. However, refuse to pay your taxes and see how long it is before someone with a gun comes to your house to cart you off to jail. Taxation is by force. The government takes from us part of what we earn, the deal being we get to choose, through our representatives in the House how much they may take, and for what they may spend it. Which of course, brings us back to progressive politicians, and the ever-growing programs, which will spend ever greater amounts of the money they tax from you. You are still paying, in every paycheck, for programs that were begun under Franklin Roosevelt.

Which leads us to the 3rd thing worth noting about progressive ideas and programs:

 3) They never ask, let along answer, the question of how we pay for it. 

The closest they come is a few well-worn clichés: Let the Rich pay their fair share, if we cut spending on Defense, we are only talking about (at this point we are meant to insert some figure which they will argue is inconsequential.)  As the late Sen Everett Dirksen once said, “A billion dollars here, a billion dollars there, first thing you know you are talking about some real money.” (Progressives, I should note, do not get the joke.) Never mind paying for it.  If it sounds good do it.  War on Poverty? Yes! Poverty is bad. Let’s spend 20 Trillion and wipe it out. Whereas the common household husband or wife must say “Rib Eye? Rib Eye good! Rib Eye $ 12/lb. Can’t afford Rib Eye. Pork Chops, here we come.  Of course, the common Joe in the grocery store is spending their own money and cannot print more if they run out. (Well, they CAN write a bogus check, but, unlike Congressmen, they go to jail for that.) Politicians NEVER spend their own money. They spend yours. Which is why you will eat Pork Chops or Macaroni and Cheese tonight, and not Rib Eye.

  On the subject of, “if it sounds good”: this is another aspect of progressive ideas. All they must do is sound good.

 They don’t have to work. They must appeal to emotions. Wipe out poverty! Help the poor! Improve the cities!  Progressive never hold themselves or their ideas accountable for the (inevitable) failure to work. “I’ve never worked so hard on anything in my life.” “I feel your pain.” (If you are young, you may not recognize those as Bill Clinton’s response to the failure of some of his progressive ideas. Progressives maintain that if they feel good about it, if they feel your pain, then they should not be held to account for “results.”  If it failed, and I care about you, then you should still trust me, and let me spend even more, and do more of the same, on a larger scale, to fix the problem created by the failure of my last 3 attempts. But for all their “caring” and “feeling” Progressives and Utopians have yet to discover how to pass a law or spend a dollar that will make water run uphill, or gravity not pull objects to the ground.

 Or make socialist ideas and central planning result in anything other than the disaster they always are. (Go to Venezuela and try to buy some toilet paper.)  Progressives remain sublimely convinced that progressive/socialist/utopian/statist ideas that have never worked, have always failed, will work out IF ONLY you give THEM the money and the power to make them work as they think they should. Of course, it also involves the power to MAKE people behave the way progressives think they SHOULD behave, and not the way they do.

 So, with that background, a few observations about the latest Socialist proposal from Senator Marco Rubio, who seems to want to be the new John McCain. (I knew John McCain, Senator. You are no John McCain.) And yes, I called it Socialist. And so, it is. (Progressive, it should be noted, wishes to progress toward, eventually, Socialism. 

It sounds good. (Progressive!) Why, of COURSE, Moms and Dads, and Grandma, should all have time off to bond with the new baby. Family is important. And so, it is. And fathers, breadwinners, have been for Eons, coming to see the new baby, gazing loving, if awkwardly at it, then heading back to the fields to plow and beat the rain. Because that baby has to eat. As does its Mom. And so, we work. Or, as in my own case, we go to sea, and come home to a baby months older than when we left. Because we have a job to do. It sounds great that we should give some time off, BUT: notice a couple of things. I just mimicked a progressive. Because it sounds good. But I did not mention Who gets to pay for it. The employer? No, he won’t. Or rather he will but will pass that along in lower wages for the one who gets the time off, more work for their coworkers while they are off, lower wages for them as well, because if the employer must pay for work not received, the money, Dear Marco, HAS to come from somewhere.

 I remember a number of years ago, hearing Herself, Hillary, whining that the FMLA that her hubs had just signed “Only gave 6 weeks, when Mrs. It takes a Village, Idiot, felt sure that everyone would agree that 12 weeks was needed. And, of course, they should be paid for the time off.  (See? Progressive: more is never enough, someone else has to pay for it, it sounds good) 

 Now, Marco s plan (and, by the way, Hillary’s) is that Government (at this point you should bow and genuflect and the mention of the great Deity of the Left) will pay for it. But what did we observe about Government? Think hard, I’ll wait.


Right!  Government Has. No. Money.

 So, if Government pays for 12 weeks of new baby leave, (Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the same people who want the right to dismember said baby, alive, in the wombs, and sell its body parts to buy a Lamborghini, are the ones pushing hardest for this latest “Gummint” Freebie?) Gummint has to TAKE the money from somewhere.

(as a thought exercise, reach in your purse or wallet. Take out all your money. Count out 10%. Put it back in your wallet and put the 90% in an envelope marked Government. Feel happy? Because that was the top marginal tax rate under Jimmy Carter, before the Reagan revolution lowered it to 39%)

 Now, Marco wants to pay for the leave by the mechanism of delaying retirement for an equal number of weeks, and essentially borrowing the money from the individual’s Social Security account. It seems too obvious to state, but

 There IS NO Social Security Trust Fund. Congress long since spent that. What is paid out to current retirees must come in from current FICA taxes taken from current workers. Because: (Say it with me)

 Government HAS-NO-MONEY!

 So, if Dick and Jane, who both have to work, because Progressive taxes make it impossible for families to live on a single income, as they could when Dick and Jane helped us learn to read, have a baby, and both get 12 weeks paid family leave, not only are they NOT borrowing from an account which they will pay into later on, they are NOT paying in now for 12 weeks, and are increasing the amount taken out of Gummint revenues for 12 weeks. So, if we have current commitments now, the Dick and Jane times the number of babies born every month equals that much more that Marco would have us pay out right now. So, Government must reach into its wallet, and take out (Average 76,000 babies born each week in US times average salary of 48,000 time 2 parents comes to $7.6 billion each week time 12 weeks comes to 91 Billion to fund Marco s little program)

 BUT! What have we learned?  Government has no money.

 So, 91 Billion must be borrowed, or taken out of other funds, or taken from payments to current retirees to pay for Marco s largesse. But, he would say, it will be paid back by the recipients working an extra 12 weeks till retirement.

 Permit me to point out a few logical fallacies.

 Dick and Jane might not live till retirement age.

Dick and Jane might not work till retirement age. (They might start drawing Disability)

Dick and Jane, having no particular incentive to save up and pay for this time, wont.

 Human nature being what it is, freebies will encourage everyone to take the maximum available, so they don’t “get ripped off”. And, I’ll bet anyone reading this a 1000-dollar bill, that IF this were to pass, 12 weeks Gummint paid FMLA, taken out of SS, Progressives will figure out why that is not enough and come weeping to the mike and demand more. Any takers?

 Now. Here is a proposal.  Dick and Jane both work. Jane sees a sparkle in Dicks eyes, and Jane goes to a baby shower and gets the fever. Let’s have a baby, she says. Sure honey. How about next year?  Meantime, we will both work an extra 5 hours of Overtime a week for the next year, and that will give us enough to pay our salaries for up to 12 weeks when the baby is born while we take off and change diapers.

 There is one way to do it, involving personal responsibility.

 Here is another. Insurers can offer a rider to Health policies that will pay supplemental income for a period of time after a birth. Couples of children bearing age can elect to pay for this rider and use it when they have their children.

And here is an even better idea for it, one certain to make Progressive head explode. If you are a Progressive who accidentally began reading this column, please, please stop reading. I’m not responsible for what happens if you continue.

 Still here?

 Ok, then. What if we had an organization dedicated to family planning, funded by large infusions of government money, and anxious to show that 97% of their function is women’s health issues.  Wouldn’t that be an ideal organization to set up and offer family leave insurance and savings policies? Especially if they are large enough to have a multi-billion-dollar reserve, and a billion dollar a year budget? And doesn’t paid family leave sound better than “I want a Lamborghini?” 

Yes, Marco, here is a cause for you to champion. Let us have Planned Parenthood set up and run family leave policies for prospective parents. After all, Planned Parenthood is what they are all about, right? Who needs another progressive socialist big government program? The answer was staring us in the face all along.

Mark Caserta: The War on Christianity is one we can win

2 Sep



Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

September 2, 2018


The liberal media avoids promoting Christianity as the remedy for our nation’s woes, like it was the Bubonic Plague of the 1300’s.

The reason? Well, the precepts of Christianity, based on the teachings of Jesus, are the antithesis of everything the liberal media and progressives pursue in society. Principles and the steadfast standards of morality are way too cumbersome for the loosely principled liberal lifestyle.

Now, this is the point in the column where liberals stop reading, get angry and flagrantly respond in anger. They’re so pitifully predictable.

Recently, in a speech by President Trump to a group of evangelicals during a Monday night dinner, he warned the 2018 mid-term elections are “going to be a referendum on your religion”. Trump’s message, which was mischievously recorded by someone in the room, dealt with the extreme level of hatred and animus of the left toward the Trump presidency and its supporters along with their desire to “violently” negate every positive achievement of this administration.

To heck with the impact on our nation. That doesn’t even factor into their insidious, self-serving equation. They simply hate Trump more than they love America and his failure is more valuable to their movement, than America’s success.

The underlying premise of the president’s fervent plea with his evangelical audience was to implore them to vote and encourage others, who care about our nation’s future, to vote for candidates who will support the Christian ideology and faith in our Creator.

It’s no secret, liberal Democrats are anticipating success of the party, “not in power” during this upcoming election, which seems to be the trend, historically. In this case, the so-called “blue wave” or vast recovery of seats by the Democrats would be disastrous for our nation, our state and our communities. And I’ll tell you why.

From all the sources from whom I’m able to gather information, liberal Democrats are gearing up for the largest presidential rebuke in our nation’s history. Legal teams across the liberal plains are combining forces and preparing to challenge and reverse every action by President Trump. And for those matters they can’t dissolve expeditiously, they plan to tie up in the courts for years.

But, the Holy Grail for liberal Democrats is the impeachment of Donald J. Trump. And if they regain power, rules won’t matter. They’ll find a way to change them. Honor and integrity will never stand in the way of progressivism.   In fact, honor and integrity simply aren’t required competencies to be a progressive. It’s much too restrictive.

It’s important to remember the definition of fake news is information designed to disingenuously influence others.

Remember the media during the 2016 presidential election ridiculing Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidency? I recall most liberal outlets and progressive pundits constantly preparing us for the inevitable election of Hillary Clinton as our next president. This presumptive message continued throughout the evening of November 8th, 2016, as voters traveled to and from the polls.

Thankfully, conservative Christians weren’t deterred by the fake news.

If you remember, the exact same thing happened during exit polling of the presidential elections involving George W. Bush and Senator’s John Kerry and Al Gore. Exit polls were conclusively reporting Bush would lose! Both times they were wrong!

We must not succumb to the influence of the liberal media. They do not like you or care about you in any shape, form or manner. All they care about is power. They operate under the guise of compassion and totally inclusive tolerance, until they own you.

Liberal Democrats are perpetually attempting to purchase the vote of any demographic they deem disenfranchised by the right, such as illegal aliens, African Americans, women, the LGBT crowd, the Ecology crowd, and any religion that’s “not” Christianity.

The only demographic they will never own is Christians. And they can’t stand you because you were instrumental in electing Donald Trump. Trust me when I tell you they are going to do everything in their power to make you pay the ultimate price.

I recall the Monday evening prayer vigil at our church the day before the 2016 presidential election. We joined believers around the country who realized this was the most important election in their lifetime. If Hillary Clinton was elected, it meant, at least, four more years of failed liberal policies that were killing our country. We gathered, we prayed and we placed the outcome in God’s Hands.

The good news is Hillary lost and our nation is rebounding in a miraculous manner!

But the battle isn’t over.

It’s time to come together as Christians, once again and leverage our authority in the name of Jesus. It’s time we begin controlling that which God has called us to maintain here on earth and envelope ourselves in the purpose for which each of us is called.

And I submit we reference the only inerrant manual ever known to mankind – the Bible, for our battle plan.

First, we must recognize the enemy.

Ephesians 6:12 says, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

Please don’t doubt me when I tell you that’s exactly what we’re facing. This is no longer about political parties. It’s about the very soul of our nation. And this is a battle we can win!

Matthew 16:18-19 says,” Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

As Christians, we’ve been given the power and authority to bind attacks of the enemy using the name of Jesus. We can also “loose” his power on our behalf from Heaven, with our faith and spoken word. We won’t be alone in the battle. God has told us many times, He would never leave us or forsake us.

Matthew 18:20-23 says, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them”. He will be in our midst, strengthening the bond.

And in what liberals will perceive as our weakest moment, God’s Mighty Hand will prevail, delivering us from evil.

So, from whence comes our strength during the fight? Admittedly, the liberal media can wear upon our faith with a constant barrage of negativity!

“Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen,” according to Hebrews 11:1. We can’t allow what we “see” to override what we “know” to be the truth. Progressives are constantly trying “shock in awe” to desensitize us to sin all around us. Don’t fall prey to this manipulation!

Psalm 16:11 tells us, “…In thy presence is fullness of joy.” This is extremely important! When Paul and Silas were chained and imprisoned, they did the unthinkable. They began praising God and singing hymns! Suddenly, their chains were loosed and the bars flew open! I’m committed to doing exactly the opposite of what liberals want me to do!

Nehemiah 8:10 tells us, “…The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

I take joy every time I’m attacked by a liberal. They attack that which they fear! Don’t forget that! The fiercer the attack, the more they fear you. Why do you think they attack President Trump so vehemently?

So, here’s the plan.

First, don’t all prey to fake news. Realize it’s a trick of the enemy, working through the liberal media.

Second, begin praising God for the victory before it even happens! This will drive the enemy crazy!

Third, take joy in the fact that we’ve read the end of the book and we know Jesus Christ has already paid the price and given us every tool we need to be winners on earth and bring great change to our nation.

Just as we did in 2016.

Finally, register to vote and on November 6th, get to the polls and show the world we are more than Christians, we are “overcomers!”

If we stay lockstep in this battle plan, it’s impossible for us to lose. And losing simply isn’t an option.


Mark Caserta: Liberals should refocus and put America first

2 Feb


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor





Liberals always seem to be fighting against America. Their conduct since the election of President Trump has some challenging their allegiance to our great nation.

A couple of questions for liberal Democrats: Do you really hate Donald Trump more than you love your country? What would you be willing to allow our nation to endure to derail his presidency? It seems, even in the face of Trump’s successes, you’re willing to compromise just about anything to see him fail.

Here are a few examples.

Given the drug epidemic sweeping our nation, wouldn’t it be prudent to strengthen border security to prevent a significant number of illegal drugs from entering our country?

Last Saturday, National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd told Fox News that Trump’s “business acumen” is leading him to an “impending success” on immigration reform. Yet liberal Democrats are fighting more for illegal aliens and keeping the border open than they are for the safety of Americans. Does that make sense to you?

Anyone who’s been around for a few decades realizes manufacturing has been fleeing our country at a phenomenal rate. We’ve seen once prosperous cities like Pittsburgh, Detroit and even our own city of Huntington severely impacted by the loss of manufacturing jobs. Yet liberal Democrats fight constantly against lowering taxes to make our nation more “business friendly” and bringing back good-paying jobs to the U.S.

Again, liberal Democrats seem more willing to fight to keep more of your hard-earned money to waste than for improving your future and quality of life.

During the Obama presidency, ISIS became the most powerful jihadist organization in the world, controlling vast areas in three countries. Americans were inundated with horrific stories of death and torture nearly every day, yet all we saw from the Obama administration was apology and appeasement.

But during President Trump’s initial days in office, he began changing our military rules of engagement and providing our commanders the tools and resources they needed to defeat ISIS. But despite the fact ISIS has been severely crippled under President Trump, liberals refuse to give him credit or support a continued approach to strengthening our military and empowering our troops.

Article 1 of the Constitution speaks to a primary role of U.S. federal government – defending the homeland and our citizens. Yet its clarity continues to be clouded by liberal Democrats desiring to remove boundaries from their progressive movement as they fight to preserve sanctuary cities and the illegals they protect from the very federal law designed to protect U.S. citizens. And, as they do so, innocent people are dying.

Finally, my friends, Democrats and liberal factions of the party are not the party of compassion as they would have you believe. They are singularly minded in that they are determined to destroy and delegitimize President Trump and regain control of Congress.

Donald Trump is a political anomaly. His supporters hired him to clean up Washington. But he could achieve world peace and liberals would still despise him. That isn’t right.

Liberals should re-examine their priorities and put America first.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.

Mark Caserta: Should pro-choice include selective birth?

25 Aug


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

Aug 25, 2017


“What kind of a society do you want to live in?: Inside the country where Down syndrome is disappearing.”

That was the title of the August “CBSN On Assignment” column by Julian Quinones and Arijeta Lajka of CBS News reporting on the “significantly decreased” number of Down syndrome births in Iceland. With a population of about 330,000, Iceland has reduced the number of children born with Down syndrome to around one or two per year, according to the report.

Interested in how they did it? Simple. They killed the babies before they were born.

Per the column, since prenatal screening tests were introduced in Iceland in the early 2000s, the vast majority of women, close to 100 percent, who received a positive test for Down syndrome terminated their pregnancy.

Using what’s called the Combination Test, screeners determine whether the baby will have chromosome abnormality, which could result in Down syndrome. Reportedly, other countries aren’t far behind using this method of selective birth.

Knowing that many people born with Down syndrome can live healthy, productive lives, how does this make you feel?

Understanding the progressive movement’s pro-choice stance, I submit this is a liberal form of genetic selection based upon predetermined, preferential impact on society – nothing more, nothing less. But despite its despicable and evil nature, I believe most liberals would support the woman’s choice.

No doubt, many progressives would answer the CBS question with something like: “While we may not subscribe to the morality of the mother’s choice, it’s still her choice, and we support it.”

But, historically, where does this mindset originate?

In 2009, I wrote a column titled “Planned Parenthood fulfilling founder’s vision.” In the column, I discussed how Margaret Sanger, a controversial eugenicist, founded Planned Parenthood in 1916, envisioning a society not unlike that sought by Adolf Hitler.

In her 1922 book “The Pivot of Civilization,” Sanger refers to blacks, immigrants and indigents as “human weeds, reckless breeders, and ‘spawning … human beings who never should have been born.'”

Sanger believed “The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.” Since its founding, Planned Parenthood, an organization which has the support of most liberals, has become the largest abortion provider in the U.S.

Sanger, officially endorsed by the American Eugenic Society in 1932, was also recognized by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a 2009 Planned Parenthood function.

“The 20th-century reproductive rights movement, really embodied in the life and leadership of Margaret Sanger, was one of the most transformational in the entire history of the human race,” Clinton stated upon receiving an award from the organization Sanger founded.

Clinton extraordinarily acknowledged she was in “awe” of Sanger.

Others stand in “awe” of creation.

Do we really want life to be so arbitrary? How many champions have been destroyed before given the opportunity of life? Where will selective birth end?

God, in His infinite wisdom (and sometimes to our detriment) has given us the ability to choose.

I propose we give life a chance.

Mark Caserta is a Cabell County resident.





Mark Caserta: Readers respond to columnist’s question

5 Aug


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

Aug 4, 2017



Last week’s column, “Did West Virginians elect Trump out of ignorance?,” was centered on the facetious question as to whether voters in our state are qualified to make an educated choice for president of the United States.

Of course they are.

But some of the cynical responses were very telling. Some even had me questioning the reader’s ability to comprehend the text, as portrayed in this response from one reader.

“Mark. Oh no, buddy. It has finally hit you right between the eyes. YOU are seeing Trump for what he is. You’re asking YOURSELF this question: Did I help elect Trump out of ignorance? Looks like you’ve been mulling that over.”

Other folks, as in this reader, surmised West Virginians simply chose the “lesser of two evils.”

“As West Virginians only had, as a viable alternative vote in 2016 the corporatist, republican-lite option of voting for Hillary Clinton, it is very understandable that most Democratic voters stayed home and some even voted for what was perceived as a wild-card, anti-DC candidate like Trump rather than falling in line behind the empty establishment pants suit.”

Of the responses from individuals typically aligning themselves with progressives, it’s worth noting the lack of regard they apparently have for the intellect of West Virginians.

“They had other options, they can write in any person they want, or not vote at all. Only stupid people believe there is some magical civic- duty to vote. They never/don’t realize the door of obligation swings both ways. Ignorant conservatives, you know I love-em!”

“Well, considering Arch Moore was convicted for corruption and jailed, then RE-ELECTED in West Virginia as governor and THEN his daughter enters politics and SHE gets elected? I don’t know, but? Does that speak to an abundance of smarts in this state?”

“A majority of West Virginians are too busy trying to make a living to give much time to considering political candidates. After all, they’ve sent some real losers (not this one) to the statehouse.”

“Did West Virginians elect Trump out of ignorance? Yes. Like there was any other option. How else could/would clueless conservative hillbillies vote?”

Then there were responses like this one, interjecting reasoned perspective into the discussion.

“This is all pretty funny. And it confirms something I’ve known to be true for a long time. Liberals can’t read. Mark concludes that ‘And just perhaps, it isn’t the 68 percent of West Virginians who elected Donald Trump who are the ignorant ones, after all.’ And liberals read that as Mark concluding that West Virginians who voted for Trump did so out of ignorance. Pretty funny, and shows their total lack of logic and reasoning ability.”

So, according to liberals, ignorance, indeed, played a role in electing Trump in West Virginia. I can only assume they believe similarly for the other 30 states he won.

This progressive rationale prompts me to ask liberals another clarifying question.

Do you accept any of the blame for Donald Trump being elected president, or was it simply the ignorance of others?

Future voters eagerly await your response.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.





Doug Smith: Modern Day Progressive Slavery

18 Oct

Liberal benevolence has never been about caring


Doug Smith: Free State Patriot Lead Contributor


The modern Democrats, from the “purest and highest of motives”, wish to give people everything they need. More, they wish to give them everything they deserve, and much of what they want. These folks judge themselves, and others, on the basis of how much they want to give to people. They form their philosophy of government on the basis of 2 beliefs:

  1. We are smarter, wiser, and more benevolent and know, far better than you, what you need.
  2. Only we can supply what you need, without us you are not capable of caring for yourselves.
  3. And, not coincidentally, we are entitled to a rich and lavish lifestyle because of 1 and 2, above.

slavery 1

154 years ago, that mentality belonged to the slave owning aristocrats of the South. The slaves are, except for the small matter of liberty, happy in their lot and better off than they were in Africa (that at least is largely true.) They are not nearly as wise, smart, industrious, or clever as we are, and without us, would starve and die. They have no need for education beyond what we want them to know, so don’t burden them with “book learning”, or in fact, teach them to read. They might pick up dangerous ideas.

We will supply them with houses, (not as nice as our palatial estates, but with a roof.), food, (not what WE eat, of course), and clothing (all a working man needs is a pair of pants and a rough shirt), and useful, productive work. Of course, their work will be done to serve us, and we expect them to defer to us in return for our benevolence, and we will remain in charge, and wealthy. But like wise and caring parents, we will care for them from cradle to grave, and treat them as the infantile, helpless servants we expect them to be.

In 1860, those folks were also Democrats. Some things never change.

slavery 2

People who form governments have 2 choices of direction. The one above, Noblesse Oblige, dictates that power and wealth will be gathered to the self-proclaimed “best and brightest” and doled out and their benevolent inner instincts dictate. The enduring problem of this approach is slavery. Oh, pretty it up and call it dependency if you prefer. But the fact is that for Democrat Liberal politicians to give away a smorgasbord of free stuff, “the Dole” they must take it away from someone else. The Clintons are worth about $ 100, 000,000. There are 48,000,000 living on food stamps. Even if you went to a Democrat controlled public school, you can do that math. How far does her fortune stretch among all those people?

So liberals who make lavish promises to give stuff away, have a hidden, and sinister promise implied: We will enslave you.

Free healthcare? We will make Doctors work for less, and take a lot of money from some who produce to pay for it. (Because we are government, we own and produce nothing.)

Free college? We will make University administrators cut their $ 500,000 salaries. No, wait, Democrats will NEVER do that, so we will just raise your taxes and pay them. And that “free “tuition.

Free anything? We have to steal it. But not in the honest straightforward way of a gangster like Al Capone (who gave away free stuff: he funded soup kitchens,) but at least sold an illegal, but desired product. No, Democrats will steal it by picking your paycheck every 2 weeks, with the force of the guns of the IRS and the FBI behind them.

slavery 3

Medieval kings gained their kingdoms by being the best soldiers around, and it was their Army which compelled the serfs to work their entire lives to provide the Royal treasure. Of course, the King would, Noblesse Oblige, provide for his serfs. With money and work he had taken from them. At the point of a sword.

Governments who come together to provide “free stuff”, must do so at the sacrifice of free people.

One unique time in history, men came together to wrest power to create free men, not take goods. They fought an empire and a king which enslaved them, for the right to be free. Free to strive and prosper, or to laze and starve, but at their own choosing and of their own efforts.

And of that same beginning, free men came together to risk life, and limb, and fortune, to wrest power from those aforementioned slave owning Democrats, and end their tyranny over men.

Those free men, history reminds us, were called Republicans.

clinton 3

But the Democrats like their power, and their money, and found it a good bargain to buy men’s freedom for their own gain using the fruits of enslaved people’s labor. One which they ardently wish to continue.

2 things are worth remembering in light of all this.

The modern Progressive movement was started by an elitist, Ivy League, Southern Democrat – Woodrow Wilson.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is an elitist, Ivy League, Southern Democrat.

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