Mark Caserta: Voter registration for the homeless is bad idea for the city of Huntington.

4 Feb

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Mark Caserta is an opinion columnist and editor at Free State Patriot

February 4, 2020


Liberal Democrats seem willing to do or say absolutely anything to stay in power. Their actions are proving they are willing to compromise the very heart of the city of Huntington, WV. to advance their progressive agenda. Even if it means garnering illegitimate support from voters who will refuse to bite the hand that feeds them.

We’ve witnessed the rapid decay of our fair city under this current administration. The citizens of Huntington have watched from the sidelines as our mayor has marched our city down the field of degeneracy and economic decline.

I’ve written on the city administration’s feckless approach at building an economic model on drug rehabilitation. We know we have rehab facilities in our city that are actively soliciting addicts from outside our city and state to come to Huntington for rehab. Of course, all of this is being done under the guise of compassion.

Of course, the fact that these programs and salaries, supported by your tax dollars provided based on the supply and demand of the rehab process, couldn’t possibly factor into this equation.

In a pig’s eye!

I have no doubt there are a few genuinely concerned individuals in these programs who truly have a heart for the addict. I also have no doubt there are individuals prospering financially as the need for rehab grows in our area.

Everyone wants to see addiction conquered. We just adamantly disagree on the process. Enabling an addict is a poor method of rehab. We have to provide them hope for the future – not needles.

Common sense would also dictate it would behoove these rehab houses to support an administration that would continue to pave the way for the growth of the rehab industry.

Yes, I said industry. And it’s rapidly becoming Huntington’s number one business, if not already.

So, pursuant to acquiring voters willing to support the growth of this industry, there is currently a voter registration initiative for registering the homeless and felons to vote. A homeless person would simply use an “agent’s” address as noted in their flyer promoting the program.

“No address? No problem! Based on the flyer, just ask a staff member of Harmony House and they’ll gladly cut through the red tape of voter legitimacy! Just be sure you pull the lever on the left.

How far will we allow the city of Huntington to decline under liberal rule? As economically productive people are being pushed outside our city limits, we have institutions that are readily replacing them with non-productive, dependents.

And now, we are seeing a valid liberal “quid pro quo”! We’ll provide you all the amenities and benefits of citizenship in return for your allegiance and voter support.

How about the legality of such an offering?  The potential abuse of the process is obvious!

Certainly, there couldn’t possibly be any collaboration with city officials to support this process – could there?

I submit the mayor and the deep state lurking in the shadows of our dilapidating city realize Huntingtonians have had enough of the failing liberal policies under which we’ve incurred the rapid ruin of our city. They realize to win an election, they must build a new voter base. A voter base with no allegiance to the growth of a city, but to an administration that will cuddle and comfort them.

This is an absolute debacle and a slap in the face to the citizens of Huntington.

Folks, it’s time to step up for our city. This behavior is not designed to improve Huntington. It’s designed to dominate it with liberal policies. Our city is dying a slow death. How long before it takes it’s final breath?

Stop the insanity by draining the Huntington swamp.

2 Responses to “Mark Caserta: Voter registration for the homeless is bad idea for the city of Huntington.”

  1. Justin Talbert March 29, 2020 at 9:15 pm #

    I am no liberal by any sense and I fail to see the issue with allowing the homeless to vote. They are still Americans, correct? Have you ever once walked the banks of the mighty Ohio river to meet these “liberal homeless” folk? They are incredible people who are EXPERIENCING homelessness…something that any one of us could and may have experienced before. This doesn’t mean someone is a liberal or will vote one way or another. A city of Huntington without drug rehabs is a failed city. When you fail to meet and exceed the citizens needs then you fail as a city and the homeless citizens belong to Huntington. I wouldn’t want to be apart of a city that closes their gates to some but allows others. I am a Trump supporter and always will be but I also have a huge spot in my heart for the homeless population in any city but especially Huntington. I have also been fortunate enough to be able to work with The Harmony House on multiple occasions and the services they provide aren’t perfect but are a great leap forward for a group of citizens who are in need but might not always find the best method of asking for it. Disappointing opinion for sure.


    • markacaserta April 29, 2020 at 3:45 pm #

      Thanks Justin. I really do get it. My heart breaks for some of these folks. The sad reality, it there is a growing faction in our city that want to tip the scales their liberal direction and are willing to do anything it takes to do so. If there was a viable way to treat each case individually, I would not be against it. It’s a shame that a few are impacted negatively by some that want to game the system. They are actually going outside our city and state and “bringing” people to our city for rehab. And they get government money for them. President Trump would also be compassionate, but he would be the first to tell us “take care of your own” first.

      Thanks again,

      Be blessed



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