The 3% Lamborghini

15 Apr


Doug Smith: Author, historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot


“Tell a lie big enough, and long enough, and people will start to believe it. “ Joseph Goebbels is credited with “The Big Lie” approach to propaganda, but I doubt he invented it

Still, the Big Lie technique is around, alive, and well. And just occasionally, inadvertently, one of the Big Liars lets a big of light shine through.

In Missouri, State Legislators have subpoenaed documents relating to the Abortionists (well, Doctors, in total fairness, but abortion is their trade) who were caught on tape merrily discussing the price of a liver from a baby, cut carefully from inside his mother, so as to maximize the viable organs available for sale, in order to facilitate her purchase of a Lamborghini.

(For us folks who work for a living, and have never cut up an 8 month fetus as a down payment, and drive a Mini Van, that would be a 200,000 to 500,000 dollar Italian sports car).

Now the big Lefty propaganda machine is working desperately to get us back on the Big Lie track by calling the tapes “debunked”.

Still, they are out there for anyone to see, and very clearly these “Doctors” are haggling over the price of livers and limbs of aborted babies. Which is a violation of federal law. (How fortunate for them, as for Hillary, that they are Democrats.

But as for debunking the evidence of the crime, well, we can all see what it is they are getting away with.

So where does the Big Lie come into this? Well, in Mo, Lefties protesting State legal actions against Planned Parenthood (how do they come up with that name? Nobody who uses their services is becoming a parent. ) noted that actions which may shut down PP of Mo would be bad, because (pay attention 🙂 Planned Parenthood of Columbia is the ONLY abortion provider in Missouri. The Big Lie? Listen to any Pro Abortion advocate, or read on PP s website, or listen to MSNBC, ( no really, Don’t listen to MSNBC, I don’t want to be responsible for you tossing your cookies, that was a figure of speech,) and they will all say , Oh NOOOOO, Planned Parenthood is about Women’s Health, not Abortion. Abortion is ONLY 3% of what we do.

But the Lefties shriek (as Lefties always do when challenged) loudest in what they do NOT say.

They do NOT say, if PP of Columbia is closed, women won’t get Mammograms. (Since, of course, no Planned Parenthood facility anywhere has ever provided or facilitated a Mammo for a woman.)

They do NOT say, close down PP Columbia, and no women can get birth control.

They do NOT say, the day you close PP of Columbia, STD s will run rampant because no woman can get tested, ever again.

What they shriek from the rooftops, (using, no doubt, only 3 % of their voices) is that shutting down PP of Columbia would mean no Abortion providers remained in the State of Missouri.

So, in deference to Joe Goebbels and Margaret Sanger, they continue to tell the 3% lie, 100% of the time. Now Sherlock Holmes indulged in the 7% solution (of cocaine) to numb his active mind. The Abortion Industry, and the Lefties, hope that the 3% solution will numb the brains of the folks to reality.

That logic breaks down, however. If Abortion is a question of right and wrong for its opponents, and a question of convenience for its supporters, then whether its price tag is 3% or 97% hardly matters.

I wonder if we would accept from Dr Goebbels the argument that the Final Solution was ok because after all, it is only 3% of the German budget, was only going to kill 1% of the population, and besides, we can recoup enough to buy everyone a Porsche by selling the Art and Jewelry of dead Jews. I hope not, but of course, I’m not a Lefty, and it is hard to tell just what they might buy.

Well, perhaps that is not precisely true. We do know they want to buy abortions. And Lamborghinis.



2 Responses to “The 3% Lamborghini”

  1. Rifleman III April 16, 2016 at 5:13 am #

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal.


  2. Sam Vance April 16, 2016 at 10:53 am #

    Brother dude, you definitely have a gift!!!
    Seriously, ove reading your stuff, Doug!


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