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Mark Caserta: “The Trump Effect”

10 Sep
Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot Editor
Let me offer my view on “The Trump Effect”.
The candidate field is vast. When the candidates begin to narrow to 3 or 4, 30% will not be enough to win the presidency.
So, in short, expect Donald Trump to fade as we head into 2016. And as much as I respect Dr. Carson, I think he would be better suited as a member of the next GOP president’s cabinet.
Another factor which will change the entire scenario, is that Hillary Clinton has already begun to fade – quickly. She will NOT be the Democrat’s nominee and neither will Joe Biden.
I fully expect Al Gore or John Kerry to be persuaded by Democrat leadership to throw their hat in the ring before the end of the year.
At that point, this gets serious, so serious that people supporting Trump out of emotional disdain for politics, will quickly turn to a viable, “winnable” GOP candidate.
Please don’t doubt me on this.
I’m hopeful it will be a Governor, like Scott Walker, who has already won 3 elections in the past 4 years and survived a recall vote where the labor unions threw everything they had at him – and lost.
And I believe Carly Fiorina would be the “perfect” running mate. She’s tough, very, very smart and understands business.
She would also get the female voters.
So…my early prediction (feel free to doubt me on this)
Walker/Fiorina 2016
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