Mark Caserta: Progressivism “smacks” Huntington, West Virginia

24 Nov

drag queen power of one

(Huntington Mayor Steve Williams recently honored by Rainbow Pride of West Virginia)


Mark Caserta is an opinion columnist and founder of Free State Patriot

November 24, 2018


It would seem Mayor Steve Williams would like for Huntington, West Virginia, historically one of the most conservative cities in the Mountain State, to become the East Coast distributor for progressivism and liberal ideology.

In prelude to this column, understand that in a 2015 Herald-Dispatch opinion piece, regarding the mayor, I wrote, “I’ve always considered Mayor Williams an honorable man, with a successful track record, committed to making Huntington a better place to live.”

The column was meant to offer a calm voice of reason during the 2015 controversy involving allegations by my brother, former City Councilman Scott Caserta, regarding the legality of a payout of nearly $34,000 to former Huntington Police Chief Skip Holbrook for accrued sick leave.

My position, at that time, was unpopular with many, including my brother, with whom I’ve spent the last few years rebuilding a relationship I inadvertently compromised by offering perspective that I felt Mayor Williams was attempting to “do the right thing” even if his action was ultimately a mistake.

Now, I’m not naïve enough to think that one executes leadership without facing the challenge of difficult decisions and the realization that not everyone will be pleased.  But the majority of the people must benefit. When the effectual results of a leader’s decisions do not ultimately improve the peace and prosperity of those they serve, the people have the right and yes, the responsibility, to offer dissent.

Consider this column a clarion call for the citizens of Huntington, WV. to rise and take an active role in protecting our city from progressive demise.

I’m going to attempt to give this information all the honor and dignity it deserves. I have no doubt, there are good people involved.

But while God called us to love all people, He didn’t call us to enable or condone their miss-steps or their attempts to disingenuously influence others, especially the most susceptible among us – our youth.

I’ve spent much of my adult life studying liberalism and the progressive movement.  I understand the power of progressivism and the tenaciousness of liberals.  Most liberals understand the steps in their movement aren’t taken in large strides, but “baby steps”.

The film industry wasn’t able to thrust adult content into prime time television overnight.  They strategically tested the networks by inserting lascivious content and gradually desensitizing viewers.  Understand, they began with poisoning programming designed for younger viewers.

A perfect example would be when Disney renamed “ABC Family” to “Freeform” hoping the name would reflect the “edgier” content it added to its programming.

Liberals can be the most patient of “visionaries”, understanding that in a few years, these “children” will be adults who will want an even “edgier” product, one with even more “shock and awe”.

I recall, growing up, the movie, “The Exorcist”, was terrifying in its portrayal of demonic activity.  Today, the shock factor of such a movie is minimal compared to the progressive evolution of modern-day fright films.  As a baby boomer, I admittedly can’t watch modern-day shockers.  But movie moguls realize millennials and “next gen” folks demand this level of intensity.  Hence, progressivism.

It saddens me greatly that I feel the very same progressive movement is being propagated by Mayor Williams and “supporting cast” dark state members in our community

In April 2018, Mayor Steve Williams was honored by Rainbow Pride of West Virginia as part of “The Power of One”.  The group’s website read as follows:

“Under Mayor Williams’ leadership, Huntington City government has embraced diversity and has actively sought inclusiveness for its employees and its residents. Williams formed  citizen-based LGBTQ and Diversity advisory committees.  Working together they formed the “Open to All” diversity campaign pledging to maintain a welcoming and safe environment for all.”

I reiterate, God forgive and deliver me if I have a single racist or bigoted bone in my body.  But I believe a portion of Mayor Williams’ path to “inclusiveness” includes an intentional attempt by progressives to indoctrinate our children to an alternative lifestyle contrary to God’s Word.  And we should be infuriated at this covert influencing of our children’s lives by exposing them to an event obviously marketed by Huntington city leaders.

drag queen story time

“Drag Queen Story Time” is coming to Pullman Square in December.  The reading of the book entitled, “Jacob’s New Dress” entices children of all ages with “free admission, cookies and hot chocolate” and is promoted as introducing “children to the idea that all people are worthy of love and respect and in all clothes.”

Another book, entitled “And Tango Makes Three” focuses on the “contemporary, philosophical issue: What constitutes a family?

One can only assume that readers, “Jade” and “Gisselle”, are men dressed as women, with a mission to challenge the Biblical definition of family under the guise of promoting love and respect for everyone.

The liberal argument here is that anyone not subscribing to the progressive, inclusive definition of a family, couldn’t possibly be operating in love and respect, but from hate and intolerance.

The Christian conservative argument is we can love and respect all people without condoning or promoting a lifestyle which conflicts with our religious beliefs.

How do you suppose Rainbow Pride of West Virginia members would respond if I wanted to join their event and request equal time reading from God’s Holy Word?

I am officially making the request. This is an official request to the Mayor’s office as well as to Rainbow Pride officials.  Let’s see if “inclusiveness” leans both directions.

Citizens of Huntington:  It’s time to become equally as tenacious about having our voices heard above the fray as those who would fundamentally change our city.  We do not have to surmise what would become of our city if we allow Mayor Williams and our city’s dark state to continue down this road of destruction.  All one need do is look at the city of San Francisco, where illicit behavior and filth abound.

We must get informed and speak out against progressivism in our city.  Our children rely upon us to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  They also rely upon us to protect them from those who would prey upon their innocence.

God give us the wisdom and desire to prevail.  Convict our hearts should we step out of your will.  Empower and embolden us in its pursuit.

Let “the Power of One” emanate from the “One God Almighty”.

Mark Caserta: Community is united by embracing “Hannah strong”

21 Nov


(Hannah Caserta unites a community with her faith and determination)

November 21, 2018


God never ceases to amaze me in His infinite wisdom and ability to take what the devil meant for bad and turn it into good.

Over the past several weeks, the phrase, “Hannah Strong” has flooded social media. Certainly, the “strength” and “unity” associated with the phrase are attributes the city of Huntington has needed for some time.

My brother, Scott and his lovely wife, Cindi, adopted Hannah when she was 6 years old. Over the past 8 years, Hannah has become a resident “Angel” in their lives. Loving, caring, and “perky”, Hannah became everything they’d ever dreamed in a daughter. She was an answer to prayer, and one of God’s finest gifts ever!

In September, Scott and Cindy were devastated to learn their littlest angel had a rare form of bone cancer. Frankly, I can’t imagine fielding such a crushing blow, faith or not. I quickly learned both Scott and Cindy had been empowered by God’s Spirit of Grace and Love and through the knowledge of His Word, set out quickly to rally prayer warriors and those prepared to effectually and fervently pray on Hannah’s behalf.

The heart-warming response from the community has been nothing short of a miracle. Social media has exploded on Hannah’s behalf with business owners, community service organizations, and just plain loving people stepping up to walk with Hannah on her journey to recovery. The embodiment of “Hannah Strong” has been witnessed in the hearts of many supporting her as well as on T-shirts and even the colorful lighting of The West Virginia Building on her behalf.

Amid the extensive tests, hospital visits and chemotherapy, Hannah has had her share of struggles. Yet, her contagious smile always returns and her loving spirt always rises above any consideration of depression, revealing a determined young lady, who will simply not be beaten – period.

Hannah has even made herself available to those who may have questions about her journey and the battle she’s been facing. Here is a remarkable Facebook post revealing her faith and her quest for God’s purpose in this conflict.

hannah post

May we all come to embrace this “Hannah Strong”, unifying mentality. At 14 years of age, the easy route would have been for Hannah to remain secluded and wallow in depression for having been selected by the enemy – not God, for this affliction. But not Hannah.

Hannah and her parents understand the enemy attacks those who present a threat to his mission to steal, kill and destroy every good and perfect gift which comes from God.

Hannah’s decision to rise above the fray and do exactly the opposite of what the devil would have her do, proves she is an amazing young lady on a mission. And while this mission may yet be undetermined, it will be a mission to glorify God and His Kingdom.

I am confident Hannah will have a tremendous testimony of overcoming and faith in God when this is over.

hannah strong

May we all take a moment this Thanksgiving to embrace and share the “Hannah Strong” ideology of love and faith in God. May we not only be thankful for what God has given us, but may we learn to use it to bless others. That’s why God gave his only son – to bless us.

And may God continue to bless and totally restore Hannah. Praise God for faith-filled parents who prepared their beautiful little girl for even the toughest of battles. I’m in awe of these parents and this amazing family.

Truly, greater is He who is in us, than he that is in the world.


Mark Caserta: Don’t complain about what you permit.

11 Nov


(We must be men and women of action.  A half-hearted attempt at greatness will result in mediocrity)


Mark Caserta is a conservative columnist and editor for Free State Patriot

November 11, 2018


A wise preacher I once knew said, “Don’t complain about what you permit.”

That challenge has resonated with me for the past 35 years. How often in life, do we find ourselves complaining about the world around us, but do absolutely nothing to enact change?

Christians, listen up! We have permitted way too much! It’s time to get off your backsides and make a difference!

  • We should not be “okay” with the murder of an unborn child just because someone made a poor choice and the pregnancy has become an “inconvenience” to them.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with a few far-left liberals wanting to redefine traditional marriage simply because they think we’re being homophobes and intolerant conservatives.
  • We can’t be okay with a few liberal loons in society eliminating gender identity simply because they don’t believe a man or a woman should be restricted by their God-given anatomy.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with a man being allowed to go into a women’s restroom simply because a few liberal nut jobs believe if a man identifies as a woman, we must honor that identity crisis, even in the face of peril for a child.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with the legalization of drugs simply because a few progressives want to profit from the death of people and the destruction of our society.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with anti-gun extremists who want to ignore the Second Amendment and take away our right to “keep and bear arms” to protect our families.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with politicians who want to take more of your hard-earned money to recklessly spend on pet projects and line their pockets with your wealth.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with re-electing representatives who lie to their constituents and refuse to live up to their campaign promises, year after year.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with liberal Democrats who are willing to undermine the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and remove the presumption of innocence until proven guilty just to protect their progressive agenda.
  • We absolutely cannot be okay with liberals resorting to intimidation, mob rule and childish temper tantrums simply to get their way.
  • We simply can’t be okay with a liberal media incessantly filling the airwaves and print with fake news designed to influence, rather than inform.
  • We should not be okay with liberal Democrats wanting open borders to allow more “undocumented Democrats” to enter and vote for the hand that feeds them.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with liberals maligning the 1st Amendment of the Constitution and telling us we cannot pray or worship in public.
  • We shouldn’t be okay with our local Health Department providing needles to penniless addicts under the guise of preventing disease.
  • We shouldn’t be “okay” with the progressive agenda which removes God and boundaries of decency from our schools and society so a few liberal buffoons can sew “wild oats” of immorality in the minds of our youth.
  • We also shouldn’t be okay with liberals who would re-write history to disparage our nation’s greatness and exceptionalism in the annuals of antiquity.

We must be men and women of action. No battle was ever won through apathy and indifference. And a half-hearted attempt at greatness will always result in mediocrity.

We must be resolute in standing up for right over wrong! If Christians don’t, who will?

Don’t simply complain – do what you can do to fix it.






Mark Caserta: Liberal Dark State Employs Mob Rule Antics

10 Nov


(Mob scratches at door to Supreme Court during Brett Kavanaugh’s oath of office)


Mark Caserta is an opinion columnist and editor of Free State Patriot.

November 10, 2018


Liberals never cease to amaze me at their incessant ability to create new forms of evil in our nation. In fact, it’s all they’re capable of producing.  Without God’s precepts and the resulting parameters of decency, the dominating influence in their lives is their carnal passion.

And passions of the flesh represent the antithesis of God’s Will and will always propagate iniquitous behavior. Progressives can blame the volatile, political environment encompassing our nation on President Trump all they want.  But they, alone, are responsible for their reprehensible actions.

And given the fact that liberals have endured such an overwhelming political blow resulting from the election of Donald J. Trump, they’ve lowered themselves to a form of political discourse known as “mob rule”.

For decades, we’ve witnessed political unrest in foreign nations inundated with mobs of angry dissenters. In Hamburg, Germany, as world leaders gathered for the G20 summit in July, 2017, a group of radical leftists, known as “Antifa”, for their anti-fascist position, set fire to cars and property, terrorizing residents and injuring more than 200 police officers.

But foreign nations no longer own the market share of political dissension. For now, in these United States of America, we have our own form of contentious, malevolent behavior resulting from varying political ideologies – political terrorism.

In Washington, DC, October 2018, Protesters clawed viciously at the doors of the Supreme Court during the swearing in of Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh, chanting, “This is what democracy looks like!”  While liberal news outlets, such as CNN, reported this behavior as “protests”, such violent behavior is far from the free speech protected by the Constitution.

And as with all “political mobs,”, these domestic terrorists have their sponsors.

In June 2018, Rep. Maxine Waters, a liberal, California Democrat, called for a “total social warfare” against the entire Trump administration.  She said Trump administration officials should not be allowed anywhere in public and should be excoriated for supporting the president.

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome any more, anywhere,” she told the cheering crowd.

In September, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife, Heidi, were forced to leave a restaurant in Washington, D.C. by a group determined to intimidate and terrorize the couple for the Senator’s support of a Trump Supreme Court nominee.

Only a couple weeks ago, while Fox News Host Tucker Carlson was at his work desk, just hours before his 8 p.m. live show, he suddenly began receiving multiple, desperate text messages from his wife.

Political terrorists with bull horns, were verbally assaulting the Carlson home, obviously with the intent of emotional and possibly physical damage to the family.  These terrorists had no way of knowing the Carlson children were not at home with their terrified mother.

“I called my wife,” Carlson told The Washington Post in a phone interview. “She had been in the kitchen alone getting ready to go to dinner and she heard pounding on the front door and screaming.

Someone started throwing himself against the front door and actually cracked the front door.”  Thinking it was a home invasion, Carlson’s wife locked herself in a pantry and called 911.

Yes, this is exactly what democracy, otherwise known as “mob rule”, looks like.  That’s why we should thank God, we live in a Republic.

But our Republic is under attack from within.  If liberal Democrats can’t win in the theater of ideas, they’ve shown their willingness to steal, cheat, ravage, and indeed, terrorize to regain their threshold of progressive influence on our nation.

Now, let’s be clear about where this could end.

Understand, this political reign of terror may only be accompanied by chants, name-calling and disrespectful behavior in our nation’s capital.  But in rural areas, to include the hills and valleys of Appalachia, a man isn’t going to simply turn his back and walk away when a political terrorist is confronting his family in a restaurant or attempting to break down the door to his castle.

I believe we all know what will happen.  Someone will die.

While, this level of political unrest has not yet arrived in our local communities, it’s important to realize we have local leadership, in the form of a “dark state” that is sympathetic to the liberal rule of law or lack thereof.

We have a local newspaper, The Herald Dispatch, intent on protecting their liberal agenda, with local columnists applauding the progressive antics of individuals who do not share your values or care about your peace and prosperity.

Don’t wait until someone’s pounding on your door.  Don’t allow the dark state, national, local or otherwise, to turn thwart our Republic with mob rule antics.

Get informed and involved – now.



Doug Smith: Nihil sub sole novum

4 Nov

(There is nothing new under the sun)


Daisy“, sometimes known as “Daisy Girl” or “Peace, Little Girl“, was a controversial political advertisement aired on television during the 1964 United States presidential election by incumbent president Lyndon B. Johnson‘s campaign. Though only aired once (by the campaign), it is considered to be an important factor in Johnson’s landslide victory over Barry Goldwater and an important turning point in political and advertising history. It remains one of the most controversial political advertisements ever made.


DOUG FOR FSPDoug Smith is an historian and Associate Editor at Free State Patriot

November 4th, 2018


I have always enjoyed history. The details of how men lived, and ate, and thought, and conducted themselves in times before my own, or even in my own childhood, when I didn’t really notice, have always fascinated me. That is only one of the things that makes me an oddity. Most, it seems, find history dreadfully boring. Who cares about Cicero’s words before the Senate, or Beckett’s opposition to his friend, Henry, or Luther’s 95 points at Wittenberg? The dual answers are very few, and you, if you live in the sphere of Western Civilization, which, if you are reading this, it is likely you do. Or at least, you should. Because where we have been and how we have travelled will be good indicators of the road on which we find ourselves.

As a lover and student of history (Mark Caserta continues to unduly flatter me with the title “Historian”, which I suppose I am, given the definition as “an expert or student of history”, but it seems presumptuous; I’m still learning.) I am somewhat amused at the shocked exclamation “We have never seen anything like this before”.  To those who are certain that this is all new and original, I say you ought to have paid more attention in school, or in life. Well, for the poor millennials, you have only lived a tiny slice of it, and while you may be dynamite with Tweets and Video Games and things that go BEEP in your hand, it takes a lot more living to be as wise and knowledgeable as you have been told you are. Be patient: if you manage to survive a few more decades, things will be a lot clearer. For now, permit me to hold up a lens:

We have Never had a billionaire, rich scion of a wealthy family with inherited money, as our President.

Meet Joe. He was a politically connected Boston Irishman, whose dealings were, let us charitably say questionable, and was worth the equivalent in today’s dollars of over 3 billion when, in 1960, he sent a telegram to his son, John, campaigning in WV, “Don’t buy another vote stop I won’t pay for a landslide stop. Dad. End” That son of a billionaire was John F Kennedy. (Yes, he did win.)

 We have Never had a crude, vulgar speaking President.

Lyndon Johnson talked like a longshoreman. He would urinate in the sink, invite people into the bathroom while he was on the pot to talk, and was known to expose himself and show off his scars casually. He bragged and stormed about Kennedy’s reputation as a womanizer, arguing that he had more paramours by accident that JFK had on purpose. He freely used racial epithets that cause people to lose their TV shows and high paying gigs today. And, (I might forgive the rest, but this?) he picked his dog up by its ears. (Odd that we never heard “He is not Presidential.)

We have never had such hatred and criticism of a GOP President (Or candidate)

I remember watching a TV ad, in black and white (Yes, I’m THAT old) run by our old Pal, Lyndon, against Barry Goldwater. It shows a little girl playing with a daisy and ends with a hydrogen bomb explosion.

You can watch it here ( )

I remember serious journalists calling Reagan a dunce, a fool, a loose cannon who might wake up one night and nuke the Russians. Nixon’s opponents were after his head long before he handed it to them by his mis-steps in Watergate. They slammed George H.W Bush as a light weight, a weak-minded pansy who lacked the guts for the Presidency. Bush 43 “W” was a simple-minded dunce, who lacked the “gravitas” for the Presidency. (At least they did have to explore history a bit to find that word.) Yet both Bushes were trained military pilots. The elder joined the Navy on his 18th birthday, shortly after Pearl Harbor, was the youngest pilot in the Navy, flew 58 combat missions in WW2 and was shot down near Iwo Jima ( and rescued by My boys: a submarine!) He earned the DFC, an award not given away for good looks. The younger Bush graduated from Yale and Harvard, with degrees in history and an MBA. Here is a picture of Bush 41 in his Torpedo Bomber.

 Our President needs to be, well, “Presidential”

No one has successfully explained to me just what that term is supposed to mean. I suspect that is it a holdover from the days, long past, in which we had nobility and royalty. Kings and Dukes were to act a certain way, be regal in their bearing, exercise Noblesse Oblige (being less cruel than they might), and, for our cult of Royal watchers who long for the good old colony days, when we were under the King, never incurring the displeasure of Queen Elizabeth.  But we forcefully and decidedly turned our backs on the whole idea of a Noble class, and leaned toward a meritocracy, in which a soldier, a farmer, a lawyer (we may need to rethink that one), or a haberdasher could be the fellow in charge. We also set it up so that there would be no dynasties, no passing down to lesser sons, (giving us the disastrous King John), and ceding power to the citizens, who may elect a haberdasher, then toss him out if he does a poor job.

In our representative Republic, the Chief Executive is less than we have made him, and there for just awhile, and does not have a particular “Presidential” bearing that he must display. He only needs to be a citizen, born here, and over 35. So, we have had the Texas BBQ White House of LBJ, the Faux Camelot of the Kennedy clan (who did establish a dynasty of sorts, to our detriment), the cigar smoke and whiskey of Harding, to the teetotaling Coolidge. The guy in charge is the guy in charge, and, our political and TV (half) wits notwithstanding, we only get to superimpose our ideas of behavior on him by voting for, or against his continuation in office.

One of my favorite Presidents was Calvin Coolidge, who, it is said, upon learning that he was President, went and took a nap. Now That is Presidential.

The quote at the top of this article comes from a writing somewhere between 180 and 450 BC. It was written in Hebrew, often quoted in English, but it tickled my fancy to quote it in Latin. If you got curious before reading this far, you may have searched in history for it, in which case my fancy is rewarded. For those of you to incurious or lazy to look it up, but still persistent enough to read to the end, it says

“There is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes





Mark Caserta: Why do we keep electing losers to represent us?

29 Oct

via Mark Caserta: Why do we keep electing losers to represent us?

Mark Caserta: Why do we keep electing losers to represent us?

29 Oct



Mark Caserta is an opinion columnist and editor for Free State Patriot

October 29, 2018


Per the most recent Gallup poll results, Congress’ approval rating is at a whopping 16 percent.  That’s the lowest it’s been since July 2016, when it hit 13 percent.

Politifact research revealed 53 percent of Americans had a higher opinion of hemorrhoids than Congress!  Admittedly, both are pains in the backside.

So, why do we keep electing these people?  Is it name recognition? Peer pressure? Do we simply love losing that much?  Or could it be most of us simply aren’t engaged enough to know better?

Sadly, many people don’t become informed or involved until it impacts them directly.  Even sadder, it’s impacting them now, even if they don’t realize it.

The good news for America, is Donald Trump is helping us win despite many being disengaged from the facts.

Donald J. Trump became the first billionaire to serve in the Oval Office when he was inaugurated in January 2017. At the time of his inauguration, his net worth was around $3.1 billion, per estimates from Forbes.

At 71 years of age, Trump certainly didn’t need the presidency.  He could have (very comfortably) chosen to enjoy the rest of his life, with a beautiful, talented wife and family, traveling and playing golf at his club in Mar a Lago, virtually unimpacted by the downward spiraling economy thrust upon Americans by Obama and his liberal minions.

But his love of country forbade that destiny.

He chose, rather, to leverage his business acumen and leadership talents to literally save our nation from becoming akin to a third-world, socialist country.  And he’s done an amazing job in returning our country to greatness midway through his first term in office.

Per the White House’s website, the Trump administration has “scored 81 major achievements in its first year,” making good on campaign promises to provide significant tax cuts, boost U.S. energy production, crack down on open borders and restore respect to the United States.  The site goes on to applaud over 100 other minor achievements, which didn’t receive much recognition.

Leadership made all the difference.  Anyone being intellectually honest would admit the Obama administration didn’t, and liberals still don’t, think much of America.  Proof you ask?  Well, the proof is in the pudding.

Look around you.  While quite cliché, are you better off now than you were 2 years ago?  By all measurable factors, we all are!  If liberal Democrats truly cared about your peace and prosperity, would they be supportive of policies that “win” for the American people?

The truth is liberal Democrats hate Donald Trump and conservatives more than they love their country.  And I challenge them to prove me wrong.

So why do we keep electing losers to represent us in office?  Why don’t more people keep track of their representative’s voting records and hold them accountable for their campaign promises? Not enough people are engaged with politics, local or national.  And sadly, we’ve reaped the dividends.

Frankly, that’s why candidates spend so much money placing their name in front of you with hundreds of election posters, photos and slogans.  They understand, many people tend to vote based on “name recognition” rather than proposed policies and voting records.

We must stop voting solely on name recognition!  Stop it now!  Would you vote for Satan just because you recognize his name?  Well, you just might!

And I’d go further to warn not to vote solely on “words”.  Actions speak much louder than words.  The next level of uninformed voter is one who votes based on “one-liners” and “slogans”.

Remember Obama’s slogan, “Fundamentally Changing America”?  Ouch!  How’d that one work out for you?

Here are simple steps to cast an informed, fact-based vote:

  • First, voting is not optional. It’s your civic duty – period.
  • Go online and search a sample ballot for your voting district.
  • Ignore the letter “R” or “D” by the name. Politicians will often change to the consonant that resonates most with their region.
  • Spend time researching candidate platforms, proposed policies and voting records if available.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment. Ignore talking heads and political pundits on television.  Remember, many of these “experts” are simply paid contributors designed to perform a “balancing act”.
  • Decide which candidate would best serve your ideals and belief system.
  • Take a marked ballot with you to the polls when voting.
  • Confirm your vote is accurately and completely logged at your polling place.
  • Pray against voter fraud and error. Report any suspicious activity.
  • Trust God.

There will be an open, non-denominational prayer vigil, November 5th, at 6 pm. At Christ Temple Church (2400 Johnstown Road, Huntington, WV.) the evening before the mid-term election.

Feel free to join!

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