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15 May

        DOUG SMITH                              mc

Doug Smith: Author, historian, and regular contributor to Free State Patriot.  Mark Caserta: Editor, Free State Patriot

About us:


Free State Patriot is a conservative blog that’s working hard, sometimes behind the scenes, to expose the progressive movement in the United States. And we’re making a difference. We have thousands of followers in 14 different countries and so far in 2015, Free State Patriot has had hits from 74 nations around the globe!

And we’re looking to grow.

We stand for Christian conservative values, the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. And we won’t compromise an inch on any of the three.

You see, compromise to a progressive, is like blood to a shark. They advance their agenda slowly, but methodically. To the uninformed, it will most likely happen without them knowing it.

But that’s where Free State Patriot is committed to stepping in and exposing their devious strategies. And we don’t like to lose.

And with God in our corner…we can’t possibly fail.

So what would you attempt in life if you KNEW it was impossible to fail?

Maybe it’s time to get involved and find out.

Visit us at:

And learn more about what is happening to the greatest country on earth…progressively.

God Bless,


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