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Writer “fact checks” Obama’s reaction to San Bernardino shooting

21 Dec

kevin rice

Kevin Rice: Regular contributor to Free State Patriot



Speaking to CBS News moments after news of the shooting, President Obama said in the interview. “We should never think that this is just something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it doesn’t happen with the same frequency in other countries.”

The tragedies of gun related violence are horrific. There is no justification for the cold blooded termination of people’s lives. But instead of consolation or offering a measure to assist the average citizen protect and defend themselves and others from such events. Such as the training and liberty to own and defend oneself. The training and arming of the average American citizen would greatly reduce the number of casualties associated with these events. The reduction of the occurrence of these events may be completely outside of the control of the average American citizen but the reduction of mass shooting related casualties is a viable option with appropriate training and liberty to exercise our right “to keep and bear arms.”

2nd amendment

Let us take a moment to fact check Mr. Obama’s claim that these events do not happen at the same frequency in other countries. According to the archived data based on OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) statistics the United States ranks seventh in rampage shooting fatalities per million people.

Rampage Shooting Index, covering the five year period beginning on January 1, 2009 and ending on December 31, 2013”

Rampage Shooting Fatalities (2009-2013) Per 1,000,000 Total Rampage Shooting Fatalities (2009-2013) Fatal Rampage Shooting Incidents (2009-2013) Per 1,000,000 Total Fatal Rampage Shooting Incidents (2009-2013) Population Level of Firearm Regulation
Norway 15.3 77 0.19 1 5033675 Restrictive
Finland 1.85 8 0.37 2 5421827 Restrictive
Slovakia 1.47 8 0.19 1 5445324 Restrictive
Israel 1.38 11 0.25 2 7941900 Restrictive
Switzerland 0.75 6 0.25 2 8000000 Restrictive
United States 0.72 227 0.12 38 314941000 Permissive
Belgium 0.63 7 0.09 1 11041266 Permissive
Netherlands 0.42 7 0.06 1 16751323 Restrictive
Germany 0.31 25 0.04 3 81799600 Restrictive
United Kingdom 0.19 13 0.02 1 62262000 Restrictive
Canada 0.17 6 0.06 2 35010000 Restrictive
France 0.06 4 0.02 1 65350000 Restrictive


Could the frequency of rampage shooting not be a factor of guns but of population tendencies towards violence? To examine this hypothesis let us look at the fact that the USA has a population of over 315 million people. When you compare this to the number of people living in countries like France (65 million) or Israel (79 million) it is obvious that the USA is a massive country. The probability of a mentally disturbed individual going on a shooting spree could be uniform (let’s say and average of 1 per million) and the USA would still have more shooting in 5 years than most other countries.

This being said the rational of a mass shooter is an irrational unpredictable variable. Obama would lead the people to believe that the common variable in all these shooting is the access to firearms. When you evaluate this data you can see that of the top 10 countries with mass shootings only 2 have permissive firearms regulations. Within the top 5 all have restrictive firearms regulations. In light of this increasing restrictions of guns possess a greater risk of the US moving into the top 5 as opposed to away from the top 5.

So what of firearm related deaths? Does the US lead the pack in the number of gun related homicides per capita?

Firearm-related death rate per 100,000 population per year

Country Method of Calculation Homicides
 Honduras (incomplete) 64.8 (2010)
 El Salvador (incomplete) 39.90 (2008)
 Jamaica (mixed years, incomplete) 39.40 (2009)
 Venezuela (mixed years) 39.00 (2000)
 Swaziland (incomplete) 37.16 (2004)
 Guatemala (incomplete) 34.8 (2010)
 Colombia (mixed years) 27.1 (2010)
 Brazil (mixed years) 18.1 (2008)
 South Africa (mixed years) 17.00 (2007)
 Panama (mixed years) 16.10 (2010)
 Mexico (mixed years) 10.00 (2010)
 Paraguay (mixed years) 7.30 (2009)
 Nicaragua (mixed years) 5.90 (2008)
 Costa Rica (mixed years) 4.6 (2006)
 United States -2013 3.55 (2013)


This incomplete data set listed on Wikipedia appears to indicate that the US is not even in the top 10 of the homicides per capita. As this table shows the US ranks 15 of the countries who have data listed on this webpage.

Mr. Obama needs to check his facts. The truth of the matter is “Guns do not kill people. People kill people.” No amount of gun restrictions will alter the gun related fatalities or mass shooting related fatalities within the US population. The most critical steps in curbing the number of these events and associated fatalities is

  • To be vigilant with regards to spotting behaviors that may predict such violence.
  • Improve access to affordable mental health for people who are struggling
  • Provide freedom for the American Citizens to arm and protect themselves and others especially in soft target areas.


There is no quick fix to PRVIWCISE “people related violence in which a gun is employed” Taking the guns does not help. The data present here indicates this fact. There are violent people in the world. They will find a way to act out this violence. We need to have an open discussion regarding gun freedom and mental health, not a slander campaign against the innocent gun, which if left alone would harm no one.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families of San Bernardino as well as all of those effected by human violence in the form of mass shooting.


Kevin Rice: Liberal hypocrisy rampant on gun control

5 Dec

kevin rice

“Liberals insist we disarm ourselves and rely upon government to keep us safe; while simultaneously advocating for and enacting policies which make the world a more dangerous place to live.” David Risselada

2nd amendment

There have been a number of instances where the federal government have failed to secure their own firearms. This summer a stolen federal agent’s gun was used by an illegal alien Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez to murder and American citizen, Kathryn Steinle on a California pier in front of her father. On September 29, 2015, 27 year old Antonio Ramos from Oakland was shot and killed by 20 year old Marquise Holloway using a stolen gun from an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent. This gun had been stolen from the sanctuary city of San Francisco by Sean Gibson during a car burglary.

An article from Crime/ Law and Order states that “Federal agents and police lose track of their gun all the time.” The article goes on to indicate that UC Berkeley Police Chief, Secret Service agents, FBI agents, and DEA agents have all left their guns in cars and had them stolen. 250 guns a year are lost by federal agents every year, according to a GAO report. Not to mention the dozen guns a year lost by the ATF who is task with preventing illegal gun trafficking. The Blog page does not contain enough space to even begin to talk about the “Fast and Furious” ATF gunwalking scandal .

With all the training and regulation that the federal and local law enforcement receive you would think they would be able to keep better track of their guns. But they want to keep track of our guns for us. What an absurd idea?

We hand over to them our tax money and they cannot keep track of it. That has to be the explanation for the trillions of dollars of federal debt. A bunch of governmental accountants cannot do the math required to balance a check book. “We will bring in about $3.25 trillion so lest spend @3.5 trillion.” Do the math it doesn’t work.

So let them take our guns put them in a database. I know the US government has the best cybersecurity in the world. No one will ever hack the national gun database to find out where the US government is keeping all the confiscated firearms or which citizen are legally allowed to own a gun. No one have every hacked a federal computer system and stolen social security numbers or stolen someone’s identity and used it to receive someone else’s federal tax refund.

So let us turn our guns over to the liberals. Let them create a federal database for all firearms owned or resident within the borders of USA. Let them place our firearms under Federal protective custody where we must check them out to use them for governmental approved recreational activities.

I can just imagine where this could end up. I can read the breaking news article now.

“Legal gun owner killed by his own firearm: John Doe murder used Mr. Legal Gunn owner’s stolen identity to check the gun out of the federal gun storage bank. John Doe then robbed the Piggly Wiggle on his way to Mr. Gun’s home where he broke into the house to steal Mr. Gunn’s single box of federally registered ammunition.”

The liberals would just use this as another case for removing any gun ownership. But what of the law enforcement officers and their guns. In a society of strict gun control where citizens cannot arm themselves and must rely on law enforcement for protection. Where criminals have access to two available sources of guns, those purchased on the black market and those freely available from the federal government left in the cars of law enforcement. What is the average law abiding citizen to do?

If the liberals want to impose gun control they need to start in their own house. If they cannot keep track of their own guns take them away and give them to the law abiding American public. If the liberals want gun control they need to learn to control their own guns not ours. I am not aware of the statistics and they may or may not exist. But I am sure if you calculated the number of legally owned guns stolen from gun owners per capita compared to the number of Federal agent guns stolen per capita the difference would be astounding.

So to all you liberals out there. You can’t take my guns just because you lost yours.

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