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Perry Stone Ministries: Based on prophecy; Is Greece just the first?

7 Jul

ALERT: It has finally occurred. Debt, borrowing from the IMF is crashing some economies within the E.U. For those who believe the 10 kings in Revelation could be a 7th Empire of prophecy – then at least 5 E.U. nations must eventually exit – Greece may be the first (we’ll see). Some nations cannot pay back the debt. Circumstances with America’s DEBTS his has led to an “October Surprise” according to “inside economists.” The IMF is expecting to add China’s currency on the level of the dollar, as a global reserve currency.

China has fudged its numbers and their Stock Market could experience a 1929 correction. However, they have tons of gold they have purchased to back their currency – and the U.S. MAY BE in a serious bind (with the dollar as a reserve) in the next 6 months, as owe not just 18 trillion in debt (that’s the Federal number) but the states, cities, retirements plans etc. are in debt over 150 trillion!! Rumor has it there is a new currency planned called the North America Republic currency, for Canada, Mexico and the U.S. on the drawing board. This is why most politicians don’t care about the border as we will eventually not have dollars, but a new currency (I have seen pro-types-sent to me by an insider). Be WISE with Stock investments and diversify NOW buying silver and gold while the prices are lower if you are an investor. 

Most of all, know we are the generation seeing prophecy fulfilled, God is behind the scenes working His plan and for believers, the best is still awaiting us!! Never fear – be excited for OUR future as believers! Repost to others if you wish. More will follow in a few days.

Disclaimer: This information is not intended as financial or investment advice.

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