I don’t subscribe to the liberal narrative that the principles of conservatism have moved “far right” of mainstream America.


And you shouldn’t either.


Understand, the entire premise of the progressive movement is based on our actions and behaviors being weighed and measured on a sliding scale of standards with no immovable principles. It isn’t conservative principles which are moving; it’s the progressives who continue to advance their agenda further “left.”

Liberals always seem to spin their motives with the thread of “human kindness” while painting conservatives as staunch, uncaring radicals. But you may be surprised at just how conservative you really are when examining the truth.


Conservatives believe liberty is a God-given right and not a “gift” from government. We agree the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land and may not be altered except by amendment. In fact, our continuance as sovereign nation rests on adhering to the rule of law penned by our framers.


We believe our faith in God is integral to the success of our nation and the two cannot be separated. Americans have a right to exercise their freedom to worship, uninhibited by anyone, including the government. And our right to expression is not limited by the amount of offense it may be to others, for they have the same right.


We believe government’s power should be derived from the “consent of the governed,” as stated in the Declaration of Independence, and anything less is tyrannical. We stand for limited government, lower taxes and more state-based solutions. We feel Washington is operating far outside the boundaries of the Constitution and must be reined in.


Conservatives believe in the sanctity of human life. The Guttmacher Institute has tracked roughly 50 million abortions since 1973. This is a travesty for which we will have to give account before the Almighty someday. Historically, there have been two other times when babies have been murdered on a large scale. Both times, a deliverer emerged – Moses and Jesus. We expect this will happen again.


Conservatives believe in the free-market principles of capitalism. Hard work and commitment should be rewarded with performance-based dividends. The socialist concept of “spreading the wealth” creates a slothful society where too many individuals feel they have a “right” to something without having earned it.


We believe in Ronald Reagan’s philosophy of “peace through strength.” Our military strength is non-negotiable. There are too many nations who see the United States as vulnerable. We owe the brave men and women who guard the walls of liberty every opportunity to win, unconditionally.

And finally, we believe in the exceptionalism of America and do not believe it must be “fundamentally changed.” The Obama presidency has successfully dispelled that myth. Voters are “champing at the bit” to rid our nation of this failed liberal experiment.


So while the dangerous, unrestrained ideology of progressivism has indeed taken a toll on our nation, the enduring principles of conservatism have helped us remain the greatest nation on earth.


And mainstream America hasn’t gone anywhere.


Mark Caserta is a Cabell County resident.