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Mark Caserta: US future bright despite liberal skepticism

14 Jul


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

Jul 14, 2017


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A mentor once reminded me that “being under attack is proof you present a threat to the opposition.”

If true, then Donald J. Trump must be an ominous threat to the progressive movement.

Frankly, I’m not sure if “the moon is in the Seventh House” or if Jupiter is aligned with Mars, but it certainly seems to be the dawning of the age of liberal collapse.

Void of anything substantive to hang their hats on, liberal attempts to hinder the success of Trump’s presidency have them grasping at straws and are quite telling as to where their allegiance lies.

And isn’t the irony as thick as molasses in wintertime when liberals call Donald Trump out for his “lying” and “scandal”?

Where were these folks the past eight years when the truth was embarrassingly lacking in the Obama administration and scandal was the news of the day? Prevarication was leveraged by Barack Hussein Obama and his minions like nothing we’d ever seen! But liberals seemed willing accomplices if it fundamentally changed America.

To date, no matter how often I challenge any liberal to defend Obama’s lies in passing Obamacare, none has accepted the challenge. How hypocritical to ignore the “Politifact Lie of the Year” and nibble at crumbs with President Trump!

Imagine if Donald Trump had manufactured an equitable number of lies in forcing major legislation on Americans adversely impacting their lives and our nation’s economy. Progressives would be having the panic attack of the century!

And it’s nothing short of laughable for anyone to question Donald Trump’s qualifications to be president of the United States! Can anyone say “community organizer”? Don’t insult my intelligence.

Until liberals are ready to admit Trump’s “lack of political” background and his political “irreverence” won him his party’s nomination and the presidency, they’ll be irrelevant for years to come.

The great news is, as I travel through coal mining communities in Logan, Mingo and Raleigh counties, I talk to people excited about the return of mining jobs and prosperity for families. I talk with business owners excited about the proposition of becoming profitable again, eager to hire people and grow their industry.

And I talk with families, once again, filled with pride in their country and in their president.

President Trump’s recent trip to Poland and his magnificent oratory in Warsaw was a glimpse at a powerful presidency. The president’s speech helped reposition America as a global power, reaffirmed our commitment to our allies, and validated our resolve in defeating our enemies.

A recent column by Michael Barone in The Washington Examiner stated Trump’s speech showed “that an American nationalist can appreciate and admire another nation’s nationalism.”

How refreshing it was for our president to step on the global stage, unapologetic about America’s exceptionalism, yet able to garner the support and respect of other countries.

Perhaps it’s time for progressives to spend as much time and energy helping this president return our nation to greatness, as they do sulking and attacking his every move.

Believe me, President Trump is just getting started.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.

Doug Smith: Age and Experience

6 Feb


Doug Smith: Author, Historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot


One of the (many, and legitimate) criticisms of Obama is his lack of experience before taking the Presidency. Many are leveling the same criticism at the top 4 GOP candidates for the replacement. It is worth noting that despite many with a great deal of experience, the folks are choosing people they think would do a better job without the experience of say, a Chris Christie or a Jeb Bush.  The founders did not include a requirement of political experience for the Presidency. Only age (which ostensibly equates to experience and wisdom, but then, they never met Donald Trump) and citizenship (which ostensibly equates to interest and loyalty to the nation, but again, they never met Barack Obama).


Ought we to add to the requirements a demonstrated time of successful public service? Then a back bencher, who had the Gallipoli disaster on his resume, could never have become the Churchill who saved England. Perhaps it is more the nature of one’s experience that matters. Demonstrably, community organizing, encouraging riots and civil disobedience, orchestrating shakedowns of successful businesses, do not equate to preparation to lead a nation. While a failed shopkeeper may learn from his mistakes enough to lead an Army to victory and a nation to begin rebuilding.
Ought we to raise the minimum age, noting that 35 was well into the last quarter of life in the 1780s? Well, perhaps, but age, as we can well note, does not always denote wisdom or ability. Certain it is that not all our elders are men of vision or wisdom. How do we choose leaders that will make us better off than we were, who will keep us safe, who will increase our freedoms and not become tyrants?
Chances are, we will do none of these things. For we are of an era who chooses our leaders by the mob, as led by the most successful demagogues. And who has the courage to oppose the mob?
Mr. Churchill did, and the mob threw him under the double decker bus as soon as their need for a war time leader was past.

Do we have leaders of such vision, who, knowing the will lead the people through a crisis, and then be left behind, will lead anyway? How do we as a people choose to delegate our personal power into political power to leaders of wisdom and prudence?  How do we function as a free people, and not as a mob?
Free people stood toe to toe with the British Army and forged a nation. Free people carved out a government that set the stage for the most successful nation in history. The mob?
The mob is Robespierre, the French Terror, and the Guillotine.  The mob is Ferguson. The mob is Baltimore. The mob is Melissa Glick, the Mizzou prof who assaulted a student reporter and called, like some drug addled Marc Antony for the mob to come and complete her work.   The mob is senseless violence, soiling one’s own nest, turning on one’s own, for imagined slights and a sense of entitlement. Barack Obama depends on the mob for his leadership.

The survivors of Lexington and Concord did not expect anyone to give them anything. They did demand to be left alone to pursue their business and make their lives. They formed a government for mutual defense and common cause, to have life, liberty, and to pursue, each in his own way, and with his own effort, happiness.
If we are to be a free people, we must choose leaders who are committed to leading a free people. If we choose the loudest voice in the mob, we will become the mob. Or its victims.

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