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Mark Caserta: It’s time to hold fake news media accountable

30 Jun


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor





The success of the Trump presidency appears to be making liberals uncomfortable beyond “truthful” words.

“Trump haters,” unable to leverage facts in decrying the leadership of Donald J. Trump, have been reduced to propagating “fake news” in an effort to bring him down.

In my lifetime, I’ve never seen such disregard for the fundamental principles of journalism as Americans are seeing from major news networks, like CNN, where it appears “truth, accuracy and impartiality” are no longer prerequisite to reporting.

Last week, CNN was forced to retract an editorial column on Friday that connected Anthony Scaramucci, an associate of Donald Trump, to a Russian investment fund managed by a Kremlin-controlled bank, per a column in The Hill by Julie Manchester the following day.

“On June 22, 2017, published a story connecting Anthony Scaramucci with investigations into the Russian Direct Investment Fund,” the news organization said in a statement. “That story did not meet CNN’s editorial standards and has been retracted. Links to the story have been disabled. CNN apologizes to Mr. Scarmucci.”

Per Ms. Manchester’s piece, “the retracted story had claimed that Senate investigators were looking at the activities of the $10 billion Russian investment fund in connection to Scaramucci,” who served on President Trump’s transition team.

Now, President Trump has been quick to identify CNN as fake news, even downgrading their status to “very fake news” during an exchange with CNN’s White House reporter Jim Acosta in February. And frankly, it doesn’t get much “faker” than this story, which was totally fabricated, designed to further the false liberal narrative of Trump’s collusion with the Russians.

And it appears, Acosta and the “Clinton News Network,” as it’s been called, still harbor a grudge against the president.

Following the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., and two Capitol Police officers by a leftist gunman during a GOP baseball practice, Scalise was taken to a Washington hospital where he was visited that evening by President Trump and first lady Melania. The president tweeted after the visit: “Just left hospital. Rep. Steve Scalise, one of the truly great people, is in very tough shape – but he is a real fighter. Pray for Steve!”

But apparently, without taking the time to verify his sources, CNN’s Acosta jumped on a “big scoop” that the president really did not visit Scalise and tweeted: “WH official on hospital visit: ‘President Trump did not meet with Scalise and did not go into the room where Scalise is being treated.'”

Acosta was forced to delete his tweet and report the exact opposite “but not before it was captured by several Twitter users; many accusing the CNN reporter of spreading fake news,” according to a column in Breitbart, by Jerome Hudson.

Truth is a defining attribute of any individual or organization, but certainly a news provider. When a news organization can no longer be trusted to deliver the truth, they become ineffectual.

CNN has chosen to place itself in that category.

It’s time for Americans to hold fake news organizations accountable by withholding viewership and support.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.


Mark Caserta: It’s time for liberals to put America first

16 Jun


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

Jun 16, 2017

best flag


Liberal Democrats are allowing the sheer hatred of President Trump and his supporters to render them senseless to the needs of our country.

Let’s be clear. It’s not the Russians destroying our Democratic electoral process; it’s liberals.

And this isn’t a war on President Trump; it’s a war on you!

Americans decided overwhelmingly, in the manner governed by our Republic, to elect someone who was the antithesis of his predecessor. Anyone willing to be intellectually honest would admit our nation was in a death spiral both economically and on stage in the global theater. Americans knew we needed a true leader, one who would never place political correctness over the needs of our country.

America needed Donald J. Trump.

Liberals realized immediately after Trump won his party’s nomination that something was wrong. How could this outsider possibly have come this far in the race? Surely, this was a fluke. But nevertheless, something had to be done. So, they began the process of delegitamizing Donald Trump, the man.

Every step Trump took, it would be his last. Every time he tweeted, he’s surely crossed the line. Every time he said something politically incorrect, it was the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.

But it never happened. The more he resisted pressure to align with the Washington norm, the more popular he became.

But the months leading up to the 2016 presidential election set the stage for the ultimate shocker for liberals. Not a single progressive talking head could find a path to victory for Donald Trump.

Democrats and the mainstream media were certain Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide. Her pompous arrogance and assurance of victory prompted a feckless campaign which failed to propose any significant strategy beyond perpetuating the failed policies of Barack Obama.

Even when Hillary’s success within her own party became shaded after the Democrat National Committee website experienced a cyber-attack exposing Democrats attempting to undermine the presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Hillary’s faithful stood by her.

But in the wee hours of the morning, on Nov. 9, 2016, the walls of the DNC started to crumble. As final election returns were confirmed and reported by the news outlets, it appeared Donald Trump was winning. And not just barely winning. He was winning “big time.”

Liberal Democrats were livid, but not finished. After coming to terms with the results of the election, they had to do something to regain power, despite the unintended consequences. So, the current strategy to undermine the presidency of the United States and our electoral system began.

Even as jobs are returning and the world leaders are once again recognizing the leadership of the United States as legitimate, progressive anger flourishes. We see liberals acting erratically, using foul language and despicable displays of hatred against the president.

Is this the future you want for our country? Hate has never succeeded, and love never fails. It’s time for liberals to put America first.

It’s time to love our country more than you hate the president.

Mark Caserta is a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.

Mark Caserta: Trump busy negotiating on behalf of Americans

28 Apr


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

April 28, 2017



As President Trump rights the ship of U.S. foreign policy steered dangerously into troubled waters by the Obama administration, both friends and enemies alike are rapidly re-assessing their relationship with the United States.

Trump’s execution of his “America first” policy is something the world hasn’t seen in over eight years. And while it’s the antithesis of his predecessor’s “apology and appeasement” ideology, it may also be the most resolute approach we’ve seen from any U.S. president since Ronald Reagan.

Throughout his entire campaign, Donald Trump was harshly critical of China, accusing its leaders of manipulating their currency, making it difficult for America to compete economically. As president, he’s maintained his tough stance on trade relations, but is working to build a relationship with Chinese leadership that will be conducive to fair trade negotiations.

You see, what liberals portray as failure, Donald Trump sees as simply the first step in negotiation. Successful negotiations often begin with incredulous offers and distant terms. That’s simply a natural part of the process. Afterward, if there is enough at stake, accomplished negotiators will work toward “win-win” solutions for both parties.

Trump’s recent meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping was reportedly a huge success and helped foster an unexpected relationship between the two men. A recent Fox News column by Andrew O’Reilly shared an expert’s perspective.

“This meeting will set the tone in looking at the strategic framework between the U.S. and China for the next few years,” Robert Daly, the director of the Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, told Fox News. “China wants to know what President Trump’s framework toward Beijing will be and if he is a man they can work with.”

Following Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent Moscow meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, the Russian government surely came away with a clear understanding that despite liberal and mainstream media attempts to brand President Trump as a Russian “apologist,” they’re no longer dealing with an ill-prepared community organizer, but rather with a man determined to successfully negotiate on behalf of the American people.

A recent U.S. News column reported, “President Donald Trump says the U.S. is ‘not getting along with Russia at all’ and relations between the two global powers are at an ‘all time low,'” following U.S. response to the Syrian chemical weapons attack. The piece went on to say Trump is “hopeful he can improve relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin but ‘we’re going to see what happens.'”

And following eight long years of declining U.S. – Israeli relations, a column in The Times of Israel by Gavin Rabinowitz reports officials are enthused about the prospect of making the alliance between the two nations “greater than ever.”

As a skilled negotiator, Donald Trump understands negotiating from a position of strength. He’s currently establishing a principled foundation from which to advance his agenda.

Right now, world leaders are simply taking it all in, trying to figure out how best to deal with this new U.S. president. But rest assured, he’s negotiating on behalf of Americans.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger and Cabell County resident.

Mark Caserta: Trump fulfilling promise to protect borders

22 Apr


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

  • Apr 21, 2017

failure 1

Like him or not, Donald J. Trump says what he means and means what he says regarding illegal immigration and making America great again on the world stage.

Trump’s recent job approval ratings are soaring! A Rasmussen poll shows 50 percent of likely voters approve of his performance since taking office.

A Washington Post column, by Maria Sacchetti, reported illegal immigration arrests rose 32.5 percent in the first weeks of Trump’s presidency. According to the report, this included illegals with criminal records, as well as those who are simply undocumented.

According to statistics requested and reported by The Post, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 21,362 illegals, mostly convicted criminals, from January through mid-March, compared to 16,104 during the same period last year.

Liberal Democrats like to use the word “compassionate” when weighing the dilemma of removing illegal immigrants from our country. As with nearly every other progressive position that places the weight of “pivotal political posturing” on the shoulders of law-abiding citizens, liberals constantly kowtow to any demographic that can envision pulling a voting lever.

Simply put, when weighing compassion against national security, one must make the tough call, for a compassionate decision for one group of individuals can result in devastation for another innocent sector. It’s called unintended consequences.

Here are some dreadful examples of serious crimes from the Federation for American Immigration Reform website, committed by illegals, not far from our readers.

In December 2015, a 40-year-old illegal, Michael Garcia, was sentenced to four life terms for the rape and sodomy of two children in Alabama. In August 2016, a Salvadoran illegal gang member was convicted of murder in Virginia for the brutal stabbing of an individual suspected of being an informer for law enforcement. Jose Torres was sentenced to life imprisonment plus 20 years.

In February 2017, 29-year old Ricardo Garcia was sentenced to 20-29 years in prison after being convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl in North Carolina in 2015. Garcia lured the girl into his car on the pretense of giving her a ride.

Four decades of mass, illegal immigration have devastated our nation, largely due to the passage of Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Reform Act of 1965, changing immigration laws and widening the gate of entry into the United States.

Additionally, in 2012, Barack Obama signed an executive order providing deportation amnesty to illegal immigrants already in our country. His order expanded the concept of “prosecutorial discretion” allowing millions of illegals safe harbor.

Liberals have been working for years to increase illegal immigration in the U.S.

According to the Pew Research Center, there were over 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the United States in 2014. Who knows how many there are now?

Thank goodness, President Trump expeditiously wiped out nearly all of Obama’s immigration policies in January with executive orders unleashing ICE agents to enforce immigration laws and punishing sanctuary cities by withholding government funding.

A nation must protect its borders. And we must know who is here illegally.

President Trump is working to fulfill that promise, and Americans are pleased.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.

Mark Caserta: Liberals find Trump’s success disconcerting

14 Apr


Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot editor

April 14, 2017



It’s interesting that progressives portray the Trump presidency as being in disarray and that he’s struggling with the rigors of being commander-in-chief.

The truth is, President Trump’s accomplishments the last two months have been directed toward making America great again and reversing the damage to our country by the Obama administration.

It is, after all, what Americans hired him to do. Here are only a few significant achievements:

In January, as reported by the Washington Post and other news agencies, President Trump reinstated a rule, first instituted by President Reagan, blocking U.S. aid to foreign organizations that use the funds to perform or advocate abortions.

The ruling gives entities a choice to either stop providing abortions or any information regarding abortions, or lose valuable dollars from the U.S. This is a huge win for the pro-life movement.

Living up to his campaign promise to increase domestic energy production, Trump also signed executive orders breathing life to the Keystone XL and Dakota Access oil pipelines. The projects, which have been squelched by liberal activists for years, are a monumental win for jobs and U.S. energy independence.

A February column in The Hill, by Devin Henry, reported on a Trump executive order ending a key Obama administration coal mining rule. At the signing, Trump called the regulation “another terrible job killing rule” and said ending it would save “many thousands of American jobs, especially in the mines”.

It’s laughable that liberals who’ve probably never employed a person in their life ridicule Trump’s action as ineffective in returning miners and those impacted by the industry to their jobs. Sadly, many progressives, including some local, hope it’s true.

In the crme, de la crme for constitutional conservatives, the Senate voted last week, 5445, to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. As the president promised, he nominated a judge in the spirit of departed Justice Antonin Scalia who will protect and uphold the Constitution.

While many believe the 2016 presidential election was, in part, a referendum on the Supreme Court, this was a major blow to the progressive movement. The procedural change in the Senate requiring a simple majority for a justice’s confirmation paves the way for more conservative appointments during Trump’s presidency.

And on his 75th day as president, Donald Trump proved to the world that Obama’s indecisive, “lead-from-behind” strategy was over.

Following a horrific chemical weapons attack by Syria’s Bashar Al Assad on his own people, President Trump ordered U.S. warships to launch 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian airbase responsible for the attacks.

No empty “line in the sand” threats, no politically correct oratory, no gauging the winds of opinion – just action. It’s been eight years since the world has seen such decisive leadership in the U.S.

Of course, liberals are furious and have excoriated President Trump in every way imaginable. But frankly, it’s a litmus test of his success.

So, if progressives really believe Trump hasn’t been successful so far, they have a long eight years ahead of them.

He’s just getting started.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger and Cabell County resident.


Mark Caserta: Democrats weave tangled web regarding Russia

10 Mar


Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot editor

March 10, 2017




Following Donald Trump’s early successes as president, it appears the only tool left in the Democrat “thwart Trump” arsenal is the blind accusation that Russia successfully influenced the 2016 presidential election, rendering Trump’s presidency invalid or questionable at best.

While common sense doesn’t appear to be a fluent competency among liberal Democrats, let’s apply some toward examining this dilemma.

Hillary Clinton has hardly presented herself as a formidable foe to the Russians.

In March 2009, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov a symbolic red “reset” button in the hopes of improving our relationship with the Russians, following a standoff over the country of Georgia in 2008.

For a while, relations appeared more amicable as Russia offered its cooperation in Obama’s Iran nuclear deal and the subsequent sanctioning of Iran’s nuclear program. But the Russians clearly didn’t intend to honor Clinton’s olive branch.

I’m confident Russia was aware of the inept nature of the deal when it offered its spurious support. By early 2014, any perceived Russian cooperation had completely diminished following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Crimea and his support for Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.

In short, with whom do you suppose Putin would rather negotiate, a “manageable” Hillary Clinton or the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal”?

And Democrats may have taken the label of hypocrite to an entirely new level when they accused Attorney General Jeff Sessions of having inappropriate contact with Russia’s ambassador during the Trump campaign.

Last week, Sen. David Perdue (R-Ga.) took to the floor of the Senate and revealed “30 Democratic senators met with the Russian ambassador in 2015 to pitch President Obama’s nuclear Iran deal, all while supporting Democratic presidential candidates” as reported in a Kerry Picket column in “The Daily Caller.”

And speaking of inappropriate dealings with Russia, it was President Obama, in 2012, who was caught on a live microphone asking outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to relay a message to Vladimir Putin to give him more “space” until after his election when he would have more “flexibility.”

The obvious inference is that an untimely proclamation of Obama’s intentions would adversely impact his re-election. And don’t forget a 2016 congressional investigation concluded Barack Obama sent hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to an Israeli group that used the money to prevent the re-election of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli parliamentary election, as reported in a July 2016 column by Stephen Dinan, in The Washington Times.

And to culminate a troubling week for Democrats, this past weekend President Trump requested, as part of the Russian probe, that the congressional intelligence committee investigate a potential Obama administration request for the Trump Tower to be wire-tapped during the 2016 campaign.

Oh, what a tangled web Democrats are weaving.

One must ask, how does this Democrat witch hunt benefit the American people? Does this bring back jobs, lower taxes or spur affordable healthcare? It doesn’t, but that doesn’t matter.

This isn’t about Democrats winning for Americans. It’s solely about winning for themselves.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger and Cabell County resident.


Mark Caserta: Stand down and let the president do his job

17 Feb


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

February 17, 2017




I’ve very concerned our nation is rapidly returning to a “pre” Sept. 11, 2001, mentality.

Every day, I see an increasing number of people lackadaisically living their lives with seemingly little knowledge of or concern over the threats our nation faces.

Some are even fighting against protecting our country.

Have we truly become so desensitized to terror and death that we’re willing to suppress the lessons of the past and expose ourselves to another attack, possibly even larger than we experienced on 9/11?

Granted, 15 years is a long time. Some millennials were simply too young to remember the frightening view of the planes flying into New York’s World Trade Center.

Some have been spared the horrific memory of innocent people leaping from windows, choosing to die from the fall rather than be consumed by the flames. They’ve no memory of the people screaming, scrambling in terror, on the streets below.

But, I’ll never forget. And neither will many of you. It changed us – forever.

Unfortunately, I believe that confirmation of U.S. vulnerability, combined with eight years of emboldening our enemies, has positioned us dangerously close to an attack unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Now, progressives are sure to default to their conservative “the sky is falling” rhetoric regarding my statement. But that sort of irresponsible thinking will cost lives.

A February 2016 column in the National Review, co-written by R. James Woolsey, national security and energy specialist and former director of the Central Intelligence Agency, addresses our “nave reliance” on other country’s “transparent disavowals” potentially costing millions of American lives.

The column, entitled, “Underestimating Nuclear Missile Threats from North Korea and Iran,” revealed the White House had not recognized that North Korea already had demonstrated the ability to kill millions of Americans with an electromagnetic-pulse (EMP) attack.

The attack would involve detonating a small nuclear warhead, a hundred miles or so, over the United States creating an EMP leading to a nationwide blackout. The resulting societal chaos (especially in today’s environment) could lead to overwhelming death and destruction.

Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, as President Trump has described it, is a disaster waiting to happen. Since signing the agreement in mid-2015, Iran has test-launched at least two ballistic missiles, despite a U.N. resolution prohibiting such tests. Every indicator suggests Iran is working diligently to become a formidable nuclear power.

We must remember the threat of nuclear attack from leaders who aren’t afraid to die is very real and very different.

A military standoff resulting from opposing nations being unwilling to be destroyed because they initiated a nuclear attack will not apply. These leaders do not subscribe to the “no-win” scenario.

Yet, liberals are fighting more for the rights of people who could potentially harm our nation than for protecting their own families here at home.

Sadly, we know all it will take is another devastating attack to quickly bring things back into perspective.

But, by then, it may be too late.

Stand down liberals.  You had your chance.

Let President Trump do his job and protect the U.S.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.


Mark Caserta: Liberals trying to slow down the Trump train

10 Feb


Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot Editor

February 10, 2017


Winning the 2016 presidential election was possibly the single most important conservative victory in my lifetime, for many reasons. But paramount to the win is the pending balance of the Supreme Court of the United States.

Liberals, having been reduced to lamenting, ad nauseam, the election of Donald J. Trump, will no doubt seek to bog down the pace at which our new president is working to re-align our nation with our founding fathers’ original intent.

And look for them to do so using the federal court system.

The progressive movement has been notorious for attempting to fundamentally change interpretation of the U.S. Constitution for political gain. The assertion that “any” individual, regardless of religious affiliation, has a constitutionally protected right to enter our country illegally, without comprehensive vetting, is fundamentally and constitutionally unsound.

Citing the First Amendment as justification for violence, property damage and rioting in the streets is simply unabashed lawlessness and nothing short of domestic terrorism.

Understand, our nation’s top security leaders already have told us we don’t have an adequate system of vetting individuals from terror-ridden countries. Last year, FBI Director James Comey told a congressional committee that we could “query our database until the cows come home” but if Syrian terrorists have never been on the law enforcement radar, it won’t do any good.

As a candidate, Trump pledged to protect Americans through “extreme vetting” of people from countries representing significant terror concerns. His recent executive order temporarily banning travel from these countries was simply fulfilling a promise to the American people.

But despite the fact voters decisively elected a president willing to compromise Washington political correctness rather than the lives of Americans, some on Capitol Hill are willing to stay the course.

Last Friday, a federal judge in Seattle issued a temporary nationwide restraining order on Trump’s executive order, questioning its “rationale.” The Department of Justice is appealing the ruling, but this may be one of many such cases eventually decided by the Supreme Court.

Currently, the Supreme Court (operating shy one justice since the passing of Antonin Scalia) is fairly balanced. Elena Kagan, Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are arguably extremely liberal, while Samuel Alito, John Roberts and Clarence Thomas are widely considered conservatives. Justices Stephen Breyer and Anthony Kennedy could be considered moderates.

But two of the justices (Ginsburg and Kennedy) are over 80 years of age, and Breyer is 78. The remaining justices range in age from 55 to 67. Besides the replacement of Justice Scalia, we could see any number of Supreme Court nominations by the current administration.

President Trump intends to nominate Supreme Court justices who will not attempt to “legislate” progressive views from the bench. And obviously, a GOP-controlled Congress and conservative-leaning Supreme Court would be beneficial to his cause.

Trump could, in fact, determine the court’s balance for decades!

So, while the left may be successful at “slowing down” the Trump train, Americans will ensure he succeeds.

Liberals can get on board, but they may have to “sit in the back seat,” just as President Obama suggested in 2010 that Republicans should do in likening running the economy to driving a car.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.


Mark Caserta: Trump continues to work for the American people

3 Feb




“Political correctness” has seen its day in Washington. “America first” is the new defining vernacular on Capitol Hill, without regard to progressive disapproval.

Just as Donald J. Trump promised the American people, he is methodically addressing debilitating liberal policies which have been crippling our nation and making us increasingly vulnerable to terrorist attack.

Last week, President Trump continued his decisive approach to returning our nation to the rule of law by fulfilling his campaign pledge to fight illegal immigration, which arguably catapulted him into the GOP nomination and ultimately a monumental presidential victory.

 “We are going to restore the rule of law in the United States,” Mr. Trump told Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees in a brief speech after signing the executive orders. “… A nation without borders is not a nation. Beginning today, the United States of America gets back control of its borders.”

Following the ceremonial swearing-in of Homeland Security Director, John Kelly, by Vice President Mike Pence, Trump’s pen immediately went into action, signing two more executive orders protecting our nation’s sovereignty.

The president’s first executive order called for the construction of a wall along our southern, U.S.-Mexican border. It also provided the DHS additional resources, including 5,000 additional border agents, to stop illegals from entering the United States without “inspection” or “admission.”

Following Trump’s executive action, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu tweeted his praise of the president’s decision to build a wall along the border per a column in the Washington Post, by William Booth.

“President Trump is right,” Netanyahu wrote. “I built a wall along Israel’s southern border. It stopped all illegal immigration. Great success. Great idea.”

Trump’s second executive order bolstered the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) branch of the U.S. government and its ability to enforce existing immigration laws.

Multiple news agencies, including CBS News, reported Trump’s order reinstated the Secure Communities Program, which ICE “uses to target undocumented immigrants, directs the State Department to withhold visas or take other measures to ensure countries take back” illegal immigrants.

The order also strips federal grant money from sanctuary cities that harbor illegal immigrants, despite opposition from liberal mayors across the United States who vow to maintain their sanctuary city policies.

Liberals have no justification for allowing unvetted, illegal immigrants across our borders – period. And subscribing to the progressive mantra of “compassion” and “inclusion” is dangerously nave.

 Most Americans know this isn’t about inclusion, but rather about building a dependable voter base. Liberal Democrats have successfully manipulated the passions of Americans into believing they were the “party of compassion” for too long.

Sadly, this counterfeit compassion is largely responsible for borders which may have already been breached by a terrorist cell intending mass casualties within the U.S.

The inconvenient truth of the matter is that progressives are willing to “bet your life” just for a vote, and Americans have had enough.

Liberal Democrats and the GOP establishment had better take note of the resounding message voters sent last November.

There’s a new sheriff in town and he’s working for the American people.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.

Doug Smith: May “all those responsible” choose well.

22 Jan


Doug Smith: Author, historian, patriot and lead contributor to Free State Patriot


Doug penned this column on January 20, 2017, before, during and after the Trump inauguration:



This is the last article I will begin to write during the Obama administration.

Later today, Donald Trump will be sworn in as 45th POTUS, and the liberal progressive statist utopian leftists will be doing a lot of swearing as well.

But I digress.

Barack Obama leaves office today, causing many on the right to breathe a great sigh of relief, after being somewhat fearful 8 years ago that we might not survive him. Many on the Left are in tearful hysterics, certain we will not survive a pragmatic semi conservative succeeding a dedicated Leftist Radical. Everyone, just take a big deep breath. We survived 2 World Wars, are fighting a 3rd one, survived several Depressions, the Soviets, numerous economic downturns, and attacks on our way of life and our core institutions from within and without. The Snowdults (my own term, do you like it? These are folks over the age of 18 who apparently have none of the requisite skills or knowledge to function in the world as what were previously called adults, do, despite many their age pounding the ground with a rifle, driving a Submarine, or holding down 2 jobs to support a family.) retreat to color and play with puppies and weep inconsolably that things are not fair, like a 3 year old, but yet here we still are.

We have survived Barack Obama. We are about to start cleaning up his mess. We did not get the POTUS to do so that many wanted, but we did reject one who was more of the same, with less charm and more greed. I was not a Trump guy, but found him clearly and vastly preferable to HRC. I remain a conservative and patriot, believing in this country as truly exceptional and unique in history, and believing the values we have mostly espoused are those most likely to move us in a better direction.

As Ooopsicus, that 4th century Roman mostly remembered for his quotes, “Jupiter’s nose hairs, look at all the Visigoths! And, Honey, get the kids, we’re moving to Britannia. “once said “Goth Darn it, nobody is too big to fail. “

And so, I have a few observations on this day of transition, which will perhaps be a cusp in the history of our nation.

  1. There have been several cusp events in the last century that shaped us. Kennedy and Vietnam, Carter and Iran, Reagan and Russia, Bush and 9/11 key among them. These were significant emotional events, and shaped how we perceive and act. This could be one of those. We shall see.
  2. When you’re in command, Command! When you win, act like you’ve won. Don’t apologize for governing differently than your opponents. People elected you based on what you said you believed, and they expect you to act reasonably like it. When someone like the GOP tries to win with one idea, then move away from it because their opponents talk badly about them for it, their friends and supporters will play a trump card. ( I couldn’t resist)
  3. “The Crown must not only act generously, the Crown must be seen to be acting generously. “ In short don’t let your enemies or your adversaries control the narrative. The biggest mistake the Bush 43 administration made was the choice to “ Stay above the fray, “ and not respond to the lies and character assassinations of the opponents on the Left. Conservatives have paid the price for that for over a decade, as the Left got away over and over with characterizing him as an incompetent fool of a cowboy. Even today, after years of recounts have shown that Al Gore did, indeed, get thumped in 2000, despite trying to suppress military votes (No, Big Al, we have not forgotten that), despite using the courts, which are the ballot box of choice of the Left, and spending millions, and even the NYT conceding quietly that Gore lost, Bush won, Lefties will still parrot the narrative. So, despite the jokes and shaking heads about Trump Twitter, he should not let the Left control the narrative.


As I continue this article, Donald Trump is now the 45th President of the United States. Regarding the Liberal Women’s marches this weekend, a few notes.

  1. Conservative women or women’s groups were systematically disinvited from the march.  But it is all about women’s rights. And Donald Trump’s mouth. Sure.
  2. Most who marched voted for Hillary or Jill. Typically, they don’t accept the results of the election, and so they march. Screaming in the streets is not how we distribute power. If they voted, their votes were counted, and that is that. (But what of the ones who marched in other countries? Answer? I don’t care. It is not your country. You don’t get to pick our leaders, or our policies.)
  3. I note that there were no marches in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, or Nigeria. I note that none of the crowd from this weekend marched against Boko Haram, who quite literally captured schoolgirls and forced them into slavery. But at least they held up some signs on Twitter. Thank God for their help. Otherwise, all those victims would still be in slavery. Oh, wait…
  4. So, since we are debating numbers who attended the Inauguration, are there more or less women protesting the boorish behavior of Donald Trump than there were protesting the boorish behavior of Bill Clinton? Oh wait, that’s right. Leftie women went on the talk shows to insist that they would take the place of the objects of his peccadillos. As long as he voted right. Or rather, left. Hypocrisy, anyone?
  5. Also on the subject of how many attended the Inaugurations of Trump vs Obama, remember all the threats of violence, protests, and violence actually perpetrated around Obama’s weekend? Of course you don’t. But you know what, keeping Andrea Bocelli from singing at the event (Classy, Lefties, very classy. You made death threats and threatened to end the career of an enormously talented blind man. Oh well done. Bask in the pride of your accomplishments.) doesn’t change one thing. Maybe it is high time we got away from having the Hollywood A-listers involved. But with or without Celine Dion, Bruce Springsteen, or Meryl Streep, Donald Trump is still President of the United States. Maybe he will get back to a Teddy Roosevelt tradition, a day a year on the lawn with a lemonade just chatting with the folks who want to come and greet their President.
  6. Since I have been politically aware, and able to vote, we have had Reagan, Bush, Bush, and Trump. It seems, according to the Left, that they all wanted to kill grandma, starve children, enslave minorities, start a nuclear war, and take the vote away from women. Evidently they all fell short, in that women, and minorities, and grandmas continue to flock to the US, not away from it to the socialist utopias of Russia, or Cuba, or even Venezuela. The US is still, 8 years of damage by Obama s radical leftism notwithstanding, the best place in the world to live regardless of your race, or sex, or class. Rosie O Donnell has not, and will not, keep her promise to leave the country if her favorite liberal is not elected because there is no better place to go. I remember all too well the hysterical lies and misrepresentations of the left when, under Clinton, the Dems proposed increasing the amount spent on school lunch programs, and the GOP countered with a smaller increase. HORROR! The GOP wants to cut school lunch programs. Please, I can’t learn if I’m hungry. Don’t make me go to school hungry. Disgusting, and typical Lefties.  Thus has it been, and thus is it still.


You know, after a while, it stops resonating with a lot of people. The Left, like Nancy Pelosi weep about how many are going to lose insurance when Obamacare is repealed, but never admit how many have lost, or given up as unaffordable the insurance they had because of Obamacare. They tout the low unemployment, but ignore that 90 plus million not working, the much higher percentage of jobs that are part time, temporary, and lower wage than they were before. They ignore that the average Joe has not seen a real increase in take home pay in a decade, but has lost ground. They point to the handful of cherry picked successes, and ignore the larger, broader failures.

But when it comes to “kitchen table issue”, the folks trying to pay for food, and insurance, and medicine, and rent, and energy, the folks know how it is for them.  The folks know how it is for their neighbors. The folks no longer have much interest in what liberal millionaires have to say about how great things are.  The folks are not impressed by rioters, and the same old stuff of the Left. They shake their heads and think, Wow, these guys really miss the 60s, don’t they?  Then, they look in their bank accounts, and their refrigerators, and they know.

And they say so. And Said so. They said so in 2010, 2012, 2014, and last November. They said, you guys are not getting it, and we are going to vote for a change from what you are doing.

Obama s administration was a failure. It damaged the country. It damaged the Democrat Party. And the very vocal ones, the ones who get on TV, continue to double down on the same bet, and shriek and weep for the Halcyon days of Obama.

So we as a nation, and the GOP as a party, and Trump as a President have a moment of real opportunity. It has taken 3 elections, but the legacy of Obama has been decimating the Democrat Party and giving Trump the Presidency. The hard Left is still hysterically trying to reclaim what has been resoundingly rejected in 3 successive elections. 4, if you count the fact that the Clintons in the person of Hillary have now been rejected twice.

If they continue as before, and I’m sure they will, and if the GOP and Trump take the message of these elections and govern according to the promises they have made, they have a chance to prove the validity of ideas of limited government, individual responsibility and liberty, American exceptionalism, strong defense, and identifying and hitting hard at our enemies, and being the greatest friend to our friend.  If they are true to their promises, the country can bounce back and be even stronger than ever. A President Trump can ask in a debate in 2020, Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago, and get the answer on Nov 8, absolutely!  The Democrat Party, having cast its lot as the party of fringe interest groups, and abandoning its traditional constituencies of working class Americans, and failing most of the groups it claims to support, is poised to be marginalized for a generation.

It is a time to choose wisely, and consider what is truly important to us as Americans. That is true for the GOP, the POTUS, and we, the people. In 2008, Barak Obama had the White House and both Houses of Congress. He made choices with that political capital, and we are where we are.

The people have spoken, and now here we are.

Choose well, Mr. President.

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