Mark Caserta: Don’t complain about what you permit!

12 Nov

Mark Caserta is an opinion columnist and resides in Huntington, WV.

November 12, 2022

A wise man once said, “Don’t complain about what you permit”.  That fits perfectly within our current political environment.  It’s indeed baffling to understand how citizens of the greatest nation on earth could allow a dark, sinister, manipulating government to attack our country from within with such a lack of resistance.

First, anyone who would vote to continue what is happening to our country is either worryingly uninformed or dangerously averse to the human condition around us.

In fact, the ludicrous nature of our predicament forces one to question whether we can continue to trust U.S. election results or if there are, indeed, a rising number of voters who really don’t like America very much and would much rather live precariously in their lives of relative morality and digressing virtue.

I am forced to believe that anyone with the conviction to vote in an election, must also possess intent.  If not, why waste the time?  Additionally, voting in alignment with the progressive, liberal ideology those on the left have adopted, speaks volumes in terms of their intent to be self-serving and apathetic to the lives of those around them.

Thus, is the posture of the new Democrat Party.  Self-serving, narcistic and emboldened by perceived government power over the people, liberal Democrats are pushing relentlessly to achieve their destructive goals while they can – at the expense of American citizens.  Armed with their “net of endowment”, Democrats are spending billions of your tax dollars marginalizing citizens’ ability to prosper on their own without relying upon the government for sustenance.

Two mantras come to mind regarding Democrat methodology:  “Never allow a crisis to go to waste” and “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”. 

They are winning elections with this philosophy.

So, who does change depend upon?  Well, allow me to ask this question.  What is the only demographic liberal Democrats have not been able to purchase or oppress – yet?  Christians!

If you didn’t vote in this November election, shame on you.  By not speaking with your vote, you’ve spoken very loudly as to your level of disregard for your fellow man.  Statistics reveal that 64 percent of Americans identify as Christians. With 331 million people in the U.S., if only half of them voted, we would dominate politics across the country!

Bottom line:  Returning America to her greatness is going to take more than a man – it’s going to take God.  God is not going to send Angels to vote on our behalf!

It’s up to us to take a stand.  By not voting Biblical principles, you are simply allowing the enemy to run wild!  You’re also paving the way for pain and persecution of your children and their children’s children.

The Bible says, in James, “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.

So, what will you do the next election?  If you don’t vote, then don’t complain about the consequences.  You’ve in fact, taken the wrong side of God’s battle.   

Get mad if you want, but I wouldn’t want to stand before God and have to explain my lack of care for my fellow man.

If we continue down this road in America, we won’t recognize her in a few years.  It’s up to Christians to change things.

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