Mark Caserta: Five things we must do now to save America.

12 Aug

Since February 2021, I haven’t written a single column.  Frankly, I haven’t had the stomach for it.

Following the successful liberal inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, words seemed to elude me, as did reason.

I’ve avoided news cycles, talk radio and conversations on the topic.  Not only did I lose faith in the electoral process, I lost faith in here-to-fore political prognosticators and prophets.  I suppose the worst involves an understanding that we still don’t know exactly what happened or what to do to prevent it from happening again.

My wife and family chastised me to a degree for the apparent “180” I had made in engagement.  I had been a conservative columnist for nearly 20 years and was avidly on the front lines. It was my passion, my relief valve, my mission.  Then, enough was enough.  I turned off the switch.

Last week, I decided to slightly open the floodgate of information.  Test the water.  What had I missed?

Absolutely nothing.  It took all of 3 minutes to realize nothing had changed.  Liberal Democrats were still working to control every move of the American people and stopping at nothing to do so.  Republicans were still whining about socialist tactics and the shattering of the American dream while doing very little to stop it – except talk and volley shots across the bow. 

Talk is now cheaper, then cheap.  It’s become a crutch – a one liner for future reference, intended to protect rather than promulgate change.

Media, accuracy and integrity in reporting have died a vehement death, yet the misinformed still cling to it like a piece of buoyant wood while treading in the waters of ignorance – surrounded by sharks eagerly awaiting anyone attempting to swim ashore.

Alas, there remain a few, just a few, principled politicians, easily muted by media or politically motivated rigmarole. 

Liberal politicians and media have necessarily changed their modus operandi. The election of Donald Trump convinced them they absolutely cannot win in the theater of ideas or convince Americans to align with their ideology.

 Rather than “convince” you to align with their socialist agenda, they’ve figured a way to “force” you to do so. 

The goal is to make everything totally unattainable without government support – period.  Food, healthcare, housing, energy, safety, you name it, they want to control it.

Remember the liberal Democrats are masters at “never allowing a crisis to go to waste”.  Covid is a political dream come true for liberals.  Did they create it?  I don’t know.  But I do know they created a way to use it to their benefit. 

We had a commander-in-chief with the intestinal fortitude to rise above the swamp vermin.  He was so successful no sacrifice was to large to remove him and keep him removed from office. 

Yes, the vermin won that war.  But they don’t have to win again.  Stopping them won’t be easy.

 We have 5 things we must do – now, to save America, literally from becoming something akin to a third-world country.

  1. Figure out how they stole the 2020 election and prevent it from happening again. If it means Republicans place drop boxes in heavy conservative markets and push mail in votes, then do it now!
  2. We must restore faith in the electoral process and ignite a fire beneath conservative voters, to include Christians. Christians are the only demographic liberal Democrats don’t own. Pastors must get those bones rattlin! Tax exempt status won’t mean much if we lose the right to religious freedom!
  3. We must define a 2024 ticket that will rise above the fray and speak to the hearts of patriots, to include young people.
  4. Support media that reports to inform, not to influence. Turn off garbage. Garbage in – garbage out.
  5. Seek first God’s Will, not our own. Winning this war will take more than a man. It will take God.

I recommend writing these down and doing every single thing you can to foster their success.


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  1. Bill Moore August 12, 2021 at 7:41 pm #

    Wise words.

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