Mark Caserta: Community is united by embracing “Hannah strong”

21 Nov


(Hannah Caserta unites a community with her faith and determination)

November 21, 2018


God never ceases to amaze me in His infinite wisdom and ability to take what the devil meant for bad and turn it into good.

Over the past several weeks, the phrase, “Hannah Strong” has flooded social media. Certainly, the “strength” and “unity” associated with the phrase are attributes the city of Huntington has needed for some time.

My brother, Scott and his lovely wife, Cindi, adopted Hannah when she was 6 years old. Over the past 8 years, Hannah has become a resident “Angel” in their lives. Loving, caring, and “perky”, Hannah became everything they’d ever dreamed in a daughter. She was an answer to prayer, and one of God’s finest gifts ever!

In September, Scott and Cindy were devastated to learn their littlest angel had a rare form of bone cancer. Frankly, I can’t imagine fielding such a crushing blow, faith or not. I quickly learned both Scott and Cindy had been empowered by God’s Spirit of Grace and Love and through the knowledge of His Word, set out quickly to rally prayer warriors and those prepared to effectually and fervently pray on Hannah’s behalf.

The heart-warming response from the community has been nothing short of a miracle. Social media has exploded on Hannah’s behalf with business owners, community service organizations, and just plain loving people stepping up to walk with Hannah on her journey to recovery. The embodiment of “Hannah Strong” has been witnessed in the hearts of many supporting her as well as on T-shirts and even the colorful lighting of The West Virginia Building on her behalf.

Amid the extensive tests, hospital visits and chemotherapy, Hannah has had her share of struggles. Yet, her contagious smile always returns and her loving spirt always rises above any consideration of depression, revealing a determined young lady, who will simply not be beaten – period.

Hannah has even made herself available to those who may have questions about her journey and the battle she’s been facing. Here is a remarkable Facebook post revealing her faith and her quest for God’s purpose in this conflict.

hannah post

May we all come to embrace this “Hannah Strong”, unifying mentality. At 14 years of age, the easy route would have been for Hannah to remain secluded and wallow in depression for having been selected by the enemy – not God, for this affliction. But not Hannah.

Hannah and her parents understand the enemy attacks those who present a threat to his mission to steal, kill and destroy every good and perfect gift which comes from God.

Hannah’s decision to rise above the fray and do exactly the opposite of what the devil would have her do, proves she is an amazing young lady on a mission. And while this mission may yet be undetermined, it will be a mission to glorify God and His Kingdom.

I am confident Hannah will have a tremendous testimony of overcoming and faith in God when this is over.

hannah strong

May we all take a moment this Thanksgiving to embrace and share the “Hannah Strong” ideology of love and faith in God. May we not only be thankful for what God has given us, but may we learn to use it to bless others. That’s why God gave his only son – to bless us.

And may God continue to bless and totally restore Hannah. Praise God for faith-filled parents who prepared their beautiful little girl for even the toughest of battles. I’m in awe of these parents and this amazing family.

Truly, greater is He who is in us, than he that is in the world.


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