Bill Moore: Elected officials will leverage census mandate to favor party

19 Oct


(Andrew Gillum: Slow Motion Destruction of Florida)

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Bill Moore is an author and regular contributor to Free State Patriot

October 19, 2018


Andrew Gillum is the Democrat candidate for Governor of the Sunshine State. (My home away from home for the past 30-something years.) Running as a Democrat he espouses the usual tax and spend rhetoric mixed with socialism that has become the party norm for Democrats. Gillum’s platform is the usual empty promises laced with generalities and feel good nonsense. Why is Gillum’s election important to anyone outside of Florida? The 2020 Constitutionally mandated census.

Florida is projected to gain 2 seats in the House of Representatives from that census and the governor of Florida has influence and approval power for the redistricting that would allow for the increased number of seats. All districts will need to be redrawn, of course, Gillum will only approve a design that favors his cronies in the less than patriotic Democratic Party. Meaning for the next 10 years the delegation of Florida would be majority Democratic members. Florida has pockets of Republicans that no amount of gerrymandering will disrupt but there are some districts that could be changed enough to allow the Democrats to win every race. Remember Florida gets 2 additional seats rest assured they will be drawn in such a manner that only Democrats could win.

I know most of the readers of this blog are proud West Virginians. I lived and worked in both Charleston and Huntington for years before heading to the beaches and Disney World. You may be thinking how does Florida impact someone from West Virginia? Unfortunately, West Virginia is losing population and will lose one seat in the House of Representatives. Imagine that seat going to a state with a Democratic governor that will make sure his party gains a seat in the House. Please if you visit our beaches or theme parks and have relatives in Florida encourage them to vote Republican. Here are some issues to prove your position while debating your family and friends.

First and foremost, Andrew Gillum is 100% bought and paid for by George Soros and proudly admits it. During an interview, he said he “deeply appreciated” the money! ( and adding some trivial anecdote about his mom donating $20 monthly, implying his funding is majority grass roots. As with Joe Manchin of West Virginia Gillum’s out of state donations far exceed his in-state donations. You may be asking what is wrong with Soros’ money? After all Snopes, the pretend fact checking website, debunked his Nazi connection, right? No, they just ignore direct quotes. In George Soros’ own words from an interview in 1988:

Kroft: …My understanding is you went out with this protector of yours, who swore you were his adopted godson.

Soros: Yes.

Kroft: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from Jews.

Soros: Yes, that’s right.


He goes on to state he has no remorse! He was 14 at the time and yet as an adult cannot recognize the crime in which he was a willing participant. I would think a man of his wealth would spend his waning years trying to correct the wrongs of his youth and work to make amends. George Soros would rather continue his property thieving ways by influencing elections with his ill-gotten gains. Soros supports the tax increasing positions of Andrew Gillum. Excessive taxes are just another way the government steals from the population just like little Georgie.

If Andrew Gillum was an honest and upright person, he would return the blood money of George Soros. As with most Democrats he has no morals.

Gillum on his website ( talks about Florida families struggling to make ends meet. His solution is to raise corporate taxes! Citing California’s taxes as a target to stay under he wants to raise taxes from the current 5.5% to 7.75%. What will corporations do to offset a tax hike? Raise prices, lay off people and slow investments. Unemployment goes up and people that do have jobs find their dollars will not go as far. Corporations are fleeing California headed for low tax states. Gillum is a politician he has never ran a business and thus has no experience understanding the consequences of raising taxes on a business.

As a side note, Florida and California have nearly the same poverty rate (CA at 16.4% and FL at 16.6%) thus increased taxes can’t be expected to impact poverty in a positive way. Also as Mayor of Tallahassee Gillum raised property taxes FOUR times! You will see later the tax increases made no improvements in Tallahassee.

On education Gillum is frankly, uneducated. He wants to spend $1 billion on education! He doesn’t explain where the additional money will come from and he forgets that the Florida Lottery which started in 1988 was sold to the residents as a way to increase funding to our schools without raising taxes. In fact, Florida’s Lottery has generated $1 billion each of the last 16 years for schools. Florida is ranked 40th in education after spending $16 billion plus! The problem is not money (income) it is administration (spending) and he is not even addressing that. As most Democrats, he thinks throwing money at a problem is the answer.

Gillum believes in restricting the Second Amendment. Using the children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as political fodder he pushes for more restrictions and laws designed to chip away at our rights. As with education Gillum is too blind to see the real problem. The issue is not the tool used to kill but rather the heart of perpetrator. Removing God from schools, advocating against the preciousness of life and encouraging disregard for the rule of law is the bed Democrats have made. The short-sighted answer, according to Gillum, is more useless laws rather than enforcing those on the books and holding the officials that did not follow procedures accountable in a meaningful way. The tragedy at that high school could have been prevented without a single gun restriction, Obama and the Gillum’s Democrats are 100% responsible for what happened. They set regulations in place that kept that child criminal out of jail and in situations which he should have never been. The ball on that criminal was dropped so many times it stopped bouncing. Again, Gillum is blind to the real cause of the shooting using the emotions of hurting parents and scared children to push a political agenda. I will say it again IT IS NOT A GUN PROBLEM IT IS A HEART PROBLEM.

Gillum believes Socialist Bernie Sanders has the answer for health care. ( Except that estimates for Socialist Care exceeds $32.7 TRILLION. Being a career politician Bernie has no idea how business works just like Gillum. The cost of healthcare must be paid by someone, whether it be the people or businesses. The result is higher taxes for everyone. Make no mistake about that, Socialized Medicine will be paid by taxes. The politicians will give the tax some cute, warm fuzzy name avoiding the word tax but it will result in less money in your bank account or pay check.

Another downside is the restrictions on payouts for procedures. Why do you think only certain doctors accept Medicaid and Medicare? Because they can’t get paid market value for their services. What do you think would happen to doctors when they get a cut in billings? Lay off office and nursing staffs or quit the profession in favor of more money elsewhere. Socialized medicine is a failure in every country. Why do you think people come here for health care? Here is one recent example (

Gillum wants open borders and actively pushes the fake news narrative of children separated from parents at the border. This has been proven to false, yet it is still a talking point due to Florida’s high immigrant population. The problem would simply go away if the illegal immigrants (which means they already don’t want to follow our laws, thus making them criminals) would just become legal immigrants and help Make America Great Again rather than line up looking for a handout. Building a wall and enforcing rather than rewarding illegal activity would fix that problem. But again, as a Democrat Gillum is interested in emotional stories rather than logical solutions that help all Floridians and America in general.

Gillum has proven weak on crime. As Mayor of Tallahassee the capitol of Florida has seen its murder rate increase 52% under his “leadership”. As well as an overall increase of crime in general. ( Lastly Gillum’s administration is under FBI investigation. Where there is smoke, there is fire. Many of the allegations speak to the shady character of Gillum, like getting free tickets to games and the theater. I wonder if those were listed as gifts on his tax returns or just understood as bribes. ( )

On the bright side, Gillum, does support Israel, Florida ratifying ERA (which is symbolic as the Amendment is well past its expiration date) and Puerto Rico (another symbolic gesture as Puerto Rico is already a US territory afforded all the rights a US citizen normally has). In other words, weak on substance strong on symbolism.

Andrew Gillum is a Socialist masquerading as a Democrat that believes himself above the law. He was bad for Tallahassee and will be worse for Florida. If you are not a resident of the Sunshine State, please help by exposing his misdeeds to your family and friends that do call Florida home. If you don’t your next beach or theme park vacation may be riddled with high fees (to pay for the taxes he will impose) or you could be a victim of crime.

Remember, West Virginia will lose a seat in the House of Representatives after 2020. Don’t allow it to become a Democratic seat that will vote against West Virginians. (








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