Mark Caserta: Liberals are stealing the hope of tomorrow

16 Sep

Where are the Christians?

cross and flag


Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot editor

September 16, 2018


Would you like to know what liberals have over many Christian conservatives?

I’ll tell you.

Commitment and a willingness to sacrifice for a cause.  Get mad if you want, it’s true.  And sadly, we continue to retreat against their advance and give ground to progressives, who every day, conjure up a new way to displease God and destroy His perfect creation.  The anti-Christian acts they employ continue to become more abominable in God’s eyes, yet where are the so-called “warriors for Christ”?

When will we say, enough is enough?  It better be soon, because they’re killing the soul of our nation, our states and our communities, by destroying our hope of tomorrow.

Progressives simply don’t subscribe to the fact that at some point in life, everyone will acknowledge God as the author and finisher of our faith. The Bible says in Philippians 2:10-11, “that at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord”.

Please believe Hell is a very real place – and it will be the home of way too many people, for eternity; not a year, a hundred years or even a thousand years, but forever.

It’s important to remember the enemy has but one purpose here on earth: To steal, kill and destroy.  The progressive movement is the quintessential tool by which the enemy deploys many of his weapons.  Many liberals don’t recognize an eternity in which they will answer for their iniquities.  All they see is today; and today is all they desire.  And they accomplish that by removing our tomorrow.

Allow me to explain.

Our tolerance to abortion is killing our tomorrow. When Roe v. Wade was ruled upon by the Supreme Court in 1973, even then it was a highly sensitive, polarizing decision. Yet, at the time it was encumbered with several common-sense limitations that took into consideration the mother’s health and the viability of the fetus.  Over the years, liberals have attacked the parameters relentlessly.  Now, 45 years later, we now have abortion, for all intents and purposes, on-demand.  And frankly, if liberals had their way, partial-birth abortion and even “live birth” abortions would be common-place.

If you aren’t familiar with those terms, shame on you.  These are two of the most horrific ways imaginable for a civilized country to murder innocent children, and fall nothing short of Herod’s attack on Jerusalem’s first born or Pharaoh’s decision to do the same during Israel’s deliverance out of Egypt.

Jesus loved children.  He knew their importance in the Kingdom of God.  He even told his disciples in the New Testament, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”.

Jesus knew children would be our tomorrow.

I personally believe there will be a designated, unimaginably horrible place in Hell for those who have intentionally murdered the most innocent among us.  I do not envy those choosing to end the life of one of God’s children simply out of inconvenience resulting from a poor decision.

The opioid crisis is killing our tomorrow by literally taking the lives of a generation without hope.

By removing the addict’s hope for tomorrow, they continue down the path of destruction, narrowly dodging calamity, until one day, it catches up to them.  They tighten the tourniquet, insert the needle and in a few moments, take their last breath on earth. Perhaps their next cognizant moment will be in a dark, foreboding forever, where forgiveness and hope have vanquished in the fiery pits.

Too theatrical for you?  Too dramatic?  I assure you, words could never describe the despair of hell or the evil, contriving hearts of men.  It doesn’t matter if you believe, it’s real.

Within our own city of Huntington, WV. we have a “deep state” willing to compromise the soul of our city for power and wealth. In the end, only death will result.

Bishop Desmond Tutu is quoted as saying, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Darkness is all around us.  Occasionally, there are rays of light that peak through the dense clouds, but the darkness is very real and tenacious.  It won’t falter, it won’t grow weary, and it won’t grow faint in its mission to destroy each of our tomorrows.

There is only one way to firmly dismiss the darkness and that’s by the entrance of light, a Holy Light.

I know of only one group of people from which that light will shine – Christians.  Where are they?  Are they afraid?  Are we so selfish, we won’t commit to a fight which may ultimately be fought by our children and grandchildren?

We must take a stand now.  We must take back our nation and our city. Together, we can be a mighty force for good.  But “together” consists of “individuals” engaged and working toward a common goal.

Can we get started?  We have some committed people in the trenches already.  I’m pleased to join them in the fight: Tom Roten, host of The Tom Roten Morning Show on News Radio 800 WVHU; Norm Miller, founder of Huntington City Watch, with over 17,000 followers; Steven Davis, founder of League of Principled Citizens and Scott Caserta, 2020 Huntington Mayoral candidate.

These are great people to get behind.  I fully support their efforts.

Don’t let liberals steal the hope of tomorrow.  Let’s be the shining light we were intended to be.  God will never place us in a battle in which He won’t fully armor us for victory.

But we must take up the sword.

Together, we can’t lose. But if we choose to sit on the sidelines, we surely will.




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