Bill Moore: Fake News and the War on the Press

15 Aug


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Bill Moore:  Local author and regular contributor to Free State Patriot

August 15, 2018


Over 100 newspapers from around the country are colluding to spread propaganda concerning our President, Donald Trump. Strong words, “collusion” and “propaganda”. They create images of spies or criminals in dark alleyways planning illegal activities. Or perhaps dropping leaflets or posting flyers giving a positive slant to an intolerable government.  In this case those words may not be strong enough.

On August 16th, 2018 at the behest of the Boston Globe the above mentioned 100 plus newspapers will run editorials denouncing what the Globe called a ‘‘dirty war against the free press.’’ We have all seen and heard the President call out different legacy media outlets as “fake news” or “failed such and such magazine”. Being called “fake news” is a far cry from a war on the “free press”. At no time has President Trump called for the destruction of the free press or the First Amendment which protects both free speech and free press. In other words, each newspaper that runs an editorial stating Trump has declared war on the press is creating more “fake news”. Basically, another day and another lie by the legacy media.

Collusion is defined has a “secret agreement undertaken for illicit or fraudulent purposes; conspiracy”. I will bet none of the papers will mention the editorials they publish were encouraged by The Boston Globe and “industry groups such as the American Society of News Editors and regional groups like the New England Newspaper and Press Association.” These groups encouraged all papers to unite against the “war” regardless of their own generalized editorial support or opposition of Trump’s policies.  That comment in and of itself is comical as Trump only receives 10% positive news coverage according to the Washington Times. Even Pew Research indicates Trump has double the negative press of Obama, Bill Clinton or George W Bush.

I highly doubt any paper actively supports our President in a meaningful way or with enough readership to matter. Given our improving status around the world, lower taxes, lower unemployment and improved GDP, why exactly is the news always so negative?

Propaganda according to my trusty dictionary is “information or statements of opinion that are deliberately circulated among the public to persuade the population to accept a particular point of view, esp. one in favor of or opposed to a particular movement, cause, or doctrine”. Clearly any editorial opinion is propaganda if it means to portray a situation or event in a manner to garner support for said opinion.

By collectively publishing editorials this week these newspapers are engaging in propaganda designed to convince the public that Donald Trump has declared war on the press and by extension the U.S. Constitution.

Calling a report “fake” or standing up for yourself and defending your reputation is a far cry from declaring war. War by its very nature must have some type of destruction. There has been no damage to the freedom of the press other than the self-inflicted variety. One could argue with all the un-named sources, uncorroborated tell all books and out right fiction published as news on an hourly basis, that the legacy media is doing a bang-up job of waging war against the First Amendment. In a real-world war propaganda is used to either by enemies of the state to inform the citizenry at large the current leadership is corrupt or by the state itself to defend its own policies drumming up support.

Next is for each side to repeat the lies until they are believed by enough people one way or the other. Once a critical mass of duped people is achieved, let the revolution (or impeachment ) begin.

The propaganda publishing newspapers include the Houston Chronicle, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Miami Herald, and Denver Post, to small weekly papers with circulations as low as 4,000. I believe this group of editorials will make the rounds of TV news shows as well. They may even try to pass all the different editorials off an organic “just kind of happened” movement.

Make no mistake this is a plan to further erode support of Trump and by association Republicans in the upcoming mid-term election. The legacy media is trying to neuter Trump’s impact on close races. All knowledgeable accounts indicate Trump rallies turned the tide for the Ohio race in favor of Republicans. Trumps coattails are proving to be strong. This has the Democrats and the left leaning media worried.

It is imperative Americans stay informed, support and protect each other while ferreting out the lies, fake news and propaganda running 24 hours a day on pretend news channels. 



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