Mark Caserta: Liberal Democrats unfairly attack Trump on emotional issue

1 Jul


Jun 29, 2018



Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor



Liberal Democrats were wrong to portray President Trump as apathetic to children being taken from parents as they illegally attempted to cross our southern borders. The president was simply doing his job: protecting American citizens, by enforcing the law.

Trump ultimately showed his compassion by signing an executive order allowing children to stay with their parents after crossing the border illegally, which exceeded the actions of his predecessors.

But while sad, it isn’t Trump’s fault these parents made the choice to put their children at risk.

In the wake of the president’s decision to enforce a “zero tolerance policy” on illegal immigration, liberal Democrats and the mainstream media once again thought they had Trump “trapped” when they began to feign moral outrage over the Trump administration’s decision that required children to be separated from parents illegally attempting to cross the border into our country.

Where were these virtuous defenders during prior administrations’ “crimes against humanity?” It’s unfortunate Democrats aspire to exploit the sympathies of marginally engaged Americans and portray themselves as the party of compassion, while positioning themselves for another vote.

What liberals intentionally failed to tell you is the policy to separate children from their parents during the prosecutorial process has been in place for multiple administrations, including the Obama administration, which prosecuted half a million illegal immigrants and similarly separated families, per a June column in The Daily Caller by Saagar Enjeti. This time allows an immigration judge to review “the initial deportability and custody determinations,” per a Supreme Court ruling in Reno v. Flores (1993).

Enjeti’s column featured stories and photos of such separations from not only the Obama administration, but the Bush administration as well. Liberals simply saw this as another opportunity to strike a low blow at this president.

No doubt the left thought they could ride this issue to the November mid-terms and regain control of Congress.

Following the president’s decision to sign the executive order, I observed CNN’s news reporting was tagged with a headline that read, “Trump flips” on family separation.

There was no “flip.” Trump chose to follow the law while calling on legislators to fix a problem they’ve ignored for generations. When he discerned their deceitful attempt to politicize innocent children, he made the decision to fix it himself and move forward on immigration reform.

Although very sad, families are routinely separated in communities across our nation when parents who break the law are incarcerated. There is no difference. But let’s talk about the tragic, permanent separation of parents and children.

How about 32-year-old Kate Steinle, who was shot and killed in 2015 by an illegal alien who’d been deported five times and had returned to our country and given sanctuary in the city of San Francisco.

How about 16-year-old Tessa Tranchant, who was killed in 2007 in Virginia Beach. Tessa and her friend were sitting at a stoplight when an intoxicated illegal alien rear-ended their car. The illegal had a history of prior convictions, but Virginia Beach’s sanctuary policies protected him from detention.

Liberals were wrong to use children and an emotional issue to take down Trump.

We’re fortunate we have a president who is determined to honor the rule of law and keep his promises to the American people, even in the winds of discontent.

Mark Caserta is a Cabell County resident.


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