Mark Caserta: Are liberal Democrats rooting against America?

22 Jun



Are Trump’s failures more important to progressives than America’s wins?



Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor

June 22, 2018



Liberal Democrats are exposing their true colors, and they’re not “red, white and blue.”

Let’s be clear. Americans are keenly aware of issues impacting them. And frankly, what people are “seeing and feeling” regarding the Trump presidency, versus what progressives are “telling and selling,” simply don’t align.

The “Trump Effect” has our nation improving in nearly every single metric, yet liberals continue to rail against every word, every step, every action taken by Trump. When called on it, the lame liberal response typically expresses a desire for our nation to be successful “under any president,” even Trump. They just don’t see our president as being successful.

Really? Putting liberal and conservative bias aside, and looking only at metrics that help make America prosperous and peaceful, what possible failures can be leveraged against Trump? Nearly every issue important to the American voter has improved since Trump took office!

Our economy is thriving. Per a January CNBC column by Patti Domm, the first year Trump was in office he was able to help our economy do something it’s been unable to do since 2005 – maintain a 3 percent GDP growth rate for three quarters in a row, which is a critical indicator according to most economists. And our outlook is healthy, per other key economic indicators, through 2018 and beyond.

Jobs are on the increase. A Fox Business column by Brittany De Lea in January recognized that about 2.1 million new jobs were added to the economy in 2017, per government statistics.

“From economic growth and job creation, to the surging stock market, business has boomed in America over the past year,” De Lea wrote. The column went on to attribute much success to expectations following Trump’s delivery on his promise to overhaul the U.S. tax code.

The result? The number of people collecting food stamps has declined by more than 2 million under Trump, per USDA data.

Remember ISIS? A December 2017 column by Alex Pappas of Fox News titled, “Trump ends 2017 with big wins on economy, taxes, ISIS and more,” tracks Trump’s success in crippling the Islamic caliphate in Iraq and Syria. The column shares data from U.S. military officials reporting ISIS had lost 98 percent of the territory once held, “with half of the terror group’s ‘caliphate’ having been recaptured” since Trump took office.

American intelligence, at that time, assessed fewer than 1,000 ISIS fighters remained in Iraq and Syria, down from a peak of nearly 45,000 just two years ago.

Illegal immigration is something I believe Trump has come to understand in terms of the implications on families, not just criminals.

Last week, a CNN column by Lauren Fox and Jeff Zeleny revealed CNN learned from three sources Trump is headed to Capitol Hill this week to discuss immigration with the House Republican conference. Discussions will include the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA) and funding for Trump’s border wall. I anticipate the president will strike another deal overhauling U.S. immigration policies in an historic manner.

One thing I’ve learned from the Trump presidency is that vermin in the Washington “swamp” scurry down both sides of the aisle. I find it ironic that while these card-carrying members of the genus “Rattus” phylogeny despise Trump, they actually empowered him through their feckless leadership and failing policies.

And these “never Trumpers” are slowly painting themselves into a lonely corner. Rooting against America won’t be popular in November.

Mark Caserta is a Cabell County resident.

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