Mark Caserta: Voters must remember U.S. decline during Obama era

2 Mar


Mark Caserta:  Free State Patriot editor



Former President Barack Obama waves as boards a helicopter to depart the US Capitol after inauguration ceremonies at the US Capitol in Washington, DC, on January 20, 2017. / AFP / JIM WATSON (Photo credit should read JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images)


The very foundation of liberalism is being shaken beneath the impact of massive political reconstruction.

And the “demolition man” is Donald J. Trump.

As we draw nearer to the mid-term elections, it will be extremely important to remind voters of the nation’s downhill spiral under the Democrats and Barack Obama, one which nearly reduced the U.S. to a third-world nation.

Just before Obama’s election in 2008, he made the following statement, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America,” Obama said at a campaign rally in Columbia, Missouri.

The next eight years were painful as Obama strategically attempted to dismantle America in favor of a new progressive matrix.

Remember Obama’s “apology tour” at the beginning of his presidency. He couldn’t wait to travel around the globe apologizing for past American actions and attitudes. At a town hall meeting in Strasbourg, France, Obama said, “There have been times where America [has] shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” toward Europe.

Obama’s actions, supported by liberal Democrats, lead me to believe he never subscribed to American exceptionalism.

And Obama’s economic legacy isn’t one in which Democrats should be proud. Remember the “shovel-ready” jobs Obama told us would follow his $787 billion stimulus? Never happened. In fact, our nation’s labor participation rate dropped lower than it’s been since the early ’70s.

Look at the economy and jobs now. And Trump turned the tide in just over a year.

And how about the healthcare debacle? Obama repeatedly pledged that under Obamacare, Americans could choose to keep their healthcare plan and doctor. We all know that ended up being the 2013 Politifact “Lie of the Year.” Imagine if Donald Trump had lied so incredulously!

And don’t forget the premise of Obama’s healthcare scheme was to force healthy Americans to purchase healthcare as to “spread the wealth” to cover others lacking coverage. And if Americans failed to succumb to his individual mandate, they would be penalized.

It didn’t take President Trump long to rid Americans of Obama’s individual mandate shackles.

Under Obama’s rule, our nation witnessed the rise of the ruthless Islamic group known as ISIS. Remember, President Obama wouldn’t even recognize our enemy for what it is, Islamic terrorism, and even downplayed the threat in an interview with The New Yorker by referring to ISIS as a “JV team” in terms of the threat they posed to the U.S.

Again, in the interest of Americans, President Trump was quick to empower his commanders to leverage the strength of the U.S. military and bring ISIS to its knees.

Incredibly, liberals long for the Obama era. The wins of the Trump presidency on behalf of Americans fail to overshadow the disdain progressives have for his demeanor and “political incorrectness.”

Remember that when someone calls Trump a liberal.

I submit Americans have had their fill of liberals and progressivism and will recall “from whence we came” as we prepare for the November election.

And while President Trump is hurriedly “dismantling” Obama’s legacy, he is the “architect” of making America great again.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.

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