Let’s talk tax reform from 30,000 feet, shall we?

I choose not to bore you with numbers. The vast number of scenarios for which the statistics may be manipulated in service of either side are often a “disservice” to the American people.

My experience with liberals is they lack the necessary business acumen to understand the free market. Questions like, “How are we going to pay for tax cuts?” expose their ignorance at how the system works.

Liberal Democrats are more concerned about not having as much of your money to spend than they are about giving you a tax break!

 This mindset explains liberal Democrat policies that typically “pick” winners and losers and reward failure and non-productivity. It looks all “warm and fuzzy” to their voter base, but it’s not what makes America great.

President Trump’s “Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017” is as much of a jobs bill as it is tax reform.

Allow me to ask liberals a simple question. Who creates jobs?

Liberals believe it’s government. Conservatives believe it’s the private sector.

Jobs in our country are created by those with an entrepreneurial spirit and the means to do so! Every business owner began with a vision, “start-up” capital, and a work force sufficient to the task.

Success depends on many factors, including management, cost control and a product with the demand necessary to sustain cash flow. The subsequent viability of a company is impacted by its ability to deliver a quality product or service at a perceived value for the customer. Delivering quality and value on a consistent basis increases the demand for the product.

And demand for the product determines the number of employees needed for production or service!

Suppose federal taxes on the business owner were more heavily burdensome to their bottom line than nearly every other country in the world? This impact on the business’s viability is why U.S. companies move to more business-friendly nations! Companies remaining in the states are limited in their ability to expand and hire more employees.

And businesses aren’t going to simply absorb the added costs. They charge the end user more money for the product or service. You see it every day in the grocery or retail store.

 Trump’s Tax reform is a “win-win” for everyone.

Businesses will have more capital from which to operate, incentivizing growth and producing jobs.

Per the Tax Foundation’s “Taxes and Growth model,” the “long-run GDP growth will increase by 3.9 percent above what it would have done otherwise, wages will rise by 3.1 percent and we’ll create 975,000 more full-time equivalent jobs.”

Additionally, beyond consumers not being forced to cover the additional costs at the cash register, the “vast majority” of middle-class America will begin receiving a “significant tax reduction and simplification in 2018,” per The Washington Examiner.

Don’t be fooled by liberals who say middle class America “loses” because everyone, including the wealthy, gets a tax break.

The biggest losers are liberal Democrats who voted 100% against giving you back more of your hard-earned money.

Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.