Liberals have lost all grasp of reality: Idiot protests Trump by yelling at his Disney Robot.

29 Dec

trump robot

Trump Derangement Syndrome claimed another victim after a former executive assistant at NBC decided to “protest” the president by yelling at his animatronic robot doll during a show at Disney World.

The video clip shows Jay Malsky repeatedly screaming “lock him up” at the Trump robot while other audience members, probably concerned about their frightened children, tell him to shut up.

One of the audience members informs Malsky that he is literally yelling at a robot, telling him, “He’s not real!”

“I protested @realDonaldTrump at the #hallofpresidents cuz I’ll never get this close in real life probs. #lockhimup,” tweeted Malsky, eliciting a barrage of ridicule.

Malsky doubled down on his idiocy, suggesting that his protest was legitimate because Disney is a public institution as it’s a “publicly traded company”.

“You don’t know the difference between a publicly traded company and private property. Neat,” one user responded.

“Awful. I can’t imagine how scared and confused some of those children were,” commented another Twitter user.

In a tweet that he subsequently deleted, Malsky posted a picture of the Trump robot and remarked, “Mmmmmk. Are we allowed to say that we want to murder this?”

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