James Caserta’s Journey: Finally Stepping Into The Light

18 Mar

Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak. ~Matthew 26:41
   The above verse is how I would summarize my journey thus far. I desire these things-a healthy weight, lower risk of diabetes among many other things, but my flesh is continually seeking instant gratification. So I’m struggling to keep my goals in front of me, and I find myself settling for less than my best and justifying it by telling myself “hey at least it’s better than what you were doing before”.
   This week I’ve adopted some good habits, such as tracking calories via the My Fitness Pal app, and it’s proven effective in pointing out which foods will consume my calorie limit quickly. My wife and I have been preparing meals at the beginning of each week, which can be time consuming (and expensive) but very rewarding if you can commit to eating only what’s in those containers each week.
   After taking these couple steps forward, I’ve found myself becoming content yet again, not really sacrificing everything for the sake of a new life and a new body, but rather giving enough to showcase in front of everyone so that it appears that way. Specifically, the types of foods I’ve been taking in haven’t changed outside of what we prep each week, and eating out with family usually means I eat whatever I choose. If something is offered to me, I usually accept it; I mean, it would be rude to say no, right?
   I make excuses because I’m not willing to cut off my flesh from what it desires, even if it means delaying my progress. So I need to learn to surrender myself, flesh and all, to the God of the Universe, the only one who can give me the strength I need to overcome. After all, Jesus endured all the temptations we face here on Earth, so He certainly knows what I’m going through.
   I pray that He would help me to die to self every day, so His willing Spirit can take control of my life, and lead me to the life of freedom God has planned for me on the other side. Help me Lord to stop listening to what my mind and body tell me, and strive to follow your voice and heed your Word instead.

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