Doug Smith: The Long National Nightmare of the Clintons

3 Nov


Doug Smith:  Author, historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot



There are things in politics which I can understand, even while disagreeing. For instance, I understand that liberals have a certain world view which involved bigger, more intrusive government than conservatives like me. So it follows logically that my friends on the left will prefer more liberal politicians than I will.

What I can never get my arms around is who they choose, and the unending, cult-like love affair with the Clintons. I recall that the Senate and House GOP leaders went to Nixon when it became obvious that Watergate was not going away and said “ Mr. President, it’s time for you to go. “ And Nixon went.

I also recall the Democrats of Capitol Hill holding hands, singing Kum By Ya and professing their belief in Bill Clinton’s veracity. Before he had to admit he lied. The list of Democrats who have fallen on their swords, (figuratively, let’s not go into   the dozens who have committed suicide under questionable circumstances) is impressive. In medieval times it was more common for knights to ride into mortal danger to protect the king. For the last 30 years, everyone knows the only thing worse than being an enemy of Bill is being a friend of Bill who becomes inconvenient.

Time and again, Democrats and Liberals have found themselves defending the indefensible, all for the sake of keeping William J and Hillary R Clinton in the clover and out of the slammer. We are faced with the hilarious spectacle of avowed feminists reacting to one of his serial abuses of women by saying “ If he gets elected, I d ( perform oral sex on him). “, or POTUS being asked, and answering , what kind of underwear he wears.

Dems cheerfully tramp into the sewers of our culture, ignoring the infiltration of sex acts into middle schools because “ President Clinton said its not really sex”, the smearing of women, the unending , nauseating stream of sleaze, perversion, and corruption flowing from the nation’s First Couple of the Gutter.

Even now, with thunderous echoes of corruption and bribery that threatens the security of the nation, the reemergence of Bill and the Bimbos, the political whoring, (although, at a million or more a pop, you gotta give them points for something, brass?) , the deals which directly sold US energy and weapons capabilities to Russia and Putin, where is the principled Democrat to say “ Madam Secretary, it’s time for you to go, and for God’s sake, take Bubba with you?”

Nowhere, it seems.

So, once again, I understand that liberals want liberals. I fail to understand why anybody wants Hillary Clinton. Their arguments for her are specious at best. Unable to defend her actions, they resort to the weakest of arguments:

Everyone does it.

It s not a big deal.

It s just because she s a Democrat.

It s just because she s a woman.

Nonsense. Reagan and Bush 43 would find fault with those arguments. As would Cap Weinberger, Scooter Libby, Tom DeLay, Rick Perry, Scott Walker. All men. All Republicans. All charged with crimes, called Hitler, ultimately exonerated, but damaged politically by the process. In none of those cases were there actual crimes involved, as in Hillary and crew.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are uniquely and disturbingly corrupt, greedy, and ruthless. Any Republican, and frankly most Democrats, would have faded from public view decades ago, either from shame, or by force from the Party leadership.

Billery, however, are utterly without shame, and they have the unique ability to control or coerce the Democrat party to the point where there is no scandal, no immorality, no corruption, no crime that they are not willing to swallow to defend these historically warped, corrupt, and bent individuals and permit them all the power, and influence, and money they desire.

But that is a zero sum game, for Democrats like Donna Brazile will continue to fall on the sword for them, mores and standards will continue to be lowered or destroyed for them, and all that they touch; the party, their sycophants, the government, and the country, will be sullied by their presence and influence, and nothing will ever be enough for them. They are so utterly avaricious that they will always want more, and consider it their due that others take the bullet for them.

Jerry Ford said, when he pardoned Nixon, Our long national nightmare is over. He had no idea. The Clintons manage their pardons in advance, and go on to corrupt more and gather more to themselves. As the festering cess-pile that is their legacy grows ever higher and threatens, at last, to collapse on them, the refuse to fade away, unless dragged off the national stage.

Hillary is not under criminal investigation because she has a vagina. It is because she utterly lacks a conscience. Just as the long corrupt reign of John Plantagenet sullied and enraged England, till he was forced to sign the Magna Carta, so the Clintons have been the long , growing nightmare of American culture and politics for 30 years.

Some of us wait to wake up and say, Oh Finally, they are gone.

Others will wake up, a little embarrassed, and say, Wow, really? How did I not see that part of them?

Some, sadly, even after they are gone, will sleep in that long dream till the Trump of Doom.

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