Mark Caserta: For this election, stay focused on what really matters.

15 Oct



Mark Caserta: Free State Patriot Editor


I’m not sure what sort of America, my Grandson, Elias and my new Granddaughter will have after this election.

I have the utmost confidence that they will constantly be under God’s Hand of protection and favor, but it can be a very different world if we make the wrong decision.

This election will determine if America will be the nation our founding fathers gave us or one in which we allow the progressive movement to fundamentally transform it into a nation void of principles and morality.

If Hillary wins, we will lose the Supreme Court for a generation. If for no other reason, I vote for Trump.

Here are some issues on which we must stay focused:

Voting for Clinton is a vote for abortion on demand, including partial birth abortion.
Voting for Clinton is a vote for open borders where ISIS can easily penetrate.
Voting for Clinton is a vote for ending the coal industry and higher electricity prices.
Voting for Clinton is a vote against religious freedom.
Voting for Clinton is a vote against your right to carry a gun.
Voting for Clinton is a vote for Common Core.
Voting for Clinton is a vote for expanding Obamacare so it explodes and we will all have government funded healthcare.
Voting for Clinton is a vote allowing Islamic Terrorism to expand and grow.
Voting for Clinton is a vote emboldening Iran, North Korea, China and Russia to challenge U.S. sovereignty.
Voting for Clinton is a vote against Israel.

Voting for Clinton is all this and more.

I’m voting for Trump to protect my grandchildren and thier children as well.
And for those Christians whe won’t get involved and do the right thing, you will own the results, as plain as the nose on your face, you will absolutely own the results.


Use this vote to defend our nation against the liberal enslaught against everything we stand for.

And convince others to do the same. Feel free to share the facts if you feel led to do do.

May God ultimately have control in this election. I speak defeat over election fraud and over any enemy attacks on the electoral process. And may Christians be God’s hands on earth in bringing forth His ultimate Will.
Give us wisdom where we lack it and give us the fortitude to prevail.



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