Progressives often react quickly and vehemently to anyone who dares oppose their theorem of migratorial morality and malleable principles. Empowered by the voice of the liberal media, they rally beneath the umbrella of tolerance and behind the shield of bigotry.

And frankly, “establishment Republicans” are equally repugnant. They’re quick to attack anyone who challenges the GOP “status quo” and threatens to unseat politicians who make promises to their constituency but lack the fortitude to stand for principle and deliver on their word.

I submit that most liberal Democrats and establishment Republicans are less concerned with the rule of law, the Constitution or the sovereignty of our nation as they are with maintaining leverage and power to sustain their ideology.

But in the words of one of our greatest American presidents, Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things.”

Many Americans are doing exactly that.

Rising from disdain for our current political system is a rebellion progressives have labeled the “alt right.” But few really understand the implications or conviction of this movement that is being attacked by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Liberals denounce members of the rebellion as being the dregs of society: anti-Semites, white supremacists, homophobes and Islamophobes bent on cleansing America of anyone refusing to submit to the principles they espouse.

Establishment Republicans, desperate to avoid charges of bigotry, succumb to these assertions and add their own vitriolic “pseudo conservative” allegations. They are, in fact, helping to open the door of speculation and adding to the liberal charges of malicious intent by this group.

Allow me to cut through the spin and explain the so-called alt right.

First, members of either establishment, liberal or conservative, have traditionally won by limiting your choices. Their claim of “inclusiveness” is hyperbole extended only to individuals willing to adhere to their “members only” rules.

Progressives vigorously cast their liberal net over every potential demographic (excluding conservative Christians) and forego any solution which doesn’t cater a buffet of votes for the electoral banquet. Their claims of bigotry from the alt right are not only unfounded, they ironically reek of progressive Democrat intolerance.

The feckless GOP establishment has been backed into a corner of vulnerability where they’re easily portrayed as desirous of winning elections through exclusion. They’ve lied so often that they’ve critically compromised their base and forced many to abandon the Republican Party.

The alt right represents a segment of constitutional, Reagan conservatives who realize we’ve arrived at a political impasse where the needs of the American people have become inconsequential in the political theater. And they’re open to a paradigm shift in politics which once again puts Americans first.

The alt right believes our nation will never return to greatness under liberal Democrats or establishment Republicans. They support a movement which honors the Constitution, protects the Supreme Court and supports our nation’s sovereignty.

Most Americans agree our nation’s government is mired with incompetence and languishing in impotence. And we’ve exhausted our choices.

It’s time for a bold, new alternative.


Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger who lives in Cabell County.