Doug Smith: Remember the Law?

8 Jul

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 Doug Smith: Author, historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot



Remember the law?

Our founders did. They saw protections of the law, and concomitant penalties of force as a means of protecting the infant United States from arbitrary use of power. Or, as Jefferson put it, Tyranny.

Make no mistake, we have experienced tyranny multiple times in recent years, though never quite as blatantly as when the Director of the FBI, days after the AG meets with the powerful husband of the target of a criminal probe, outlines a clear case for her criminal behavior, then declines to prosecute it.

Some folks like tyranny.   If the tyrant props up your business while attacking your competitor, what’s not to love? If the tyrant makes sure everyone buys your book, while banning your nearest competitor, what’s not to love?

When the Chief Justice of SCOTUS bends himself and the language into pretzels to find a way to say the President and Congress didn’t do what they did, which would be wrong, but did, what they didn’t do, which is ok, so we’ll call it what they didn’t do, and go right on doing what they did, people who love the act love the ruling. People who love the law shudder.

If the only impediment to government abuse of its subjects is the outrage of a handful of lifetime appointees, no one needs to know, or obey the law. Just find out what the judges like. When the law is no protection, we hope for a Knight, a Defender of the Weak. But that system was as flawed as the men who wore the shining, or rusty armor, and as safe as his whim while he held the only sword.

When all men agree to subject themselves, and their leaders, to a set of laws, they can live in the assurance of a mostly fair and equitable set of rules to play by. When those leaders toss out the rules, and the people permit it, citizens become subjects. Make no mistake. While tyranny may serve some for a time, it will ultimately serve only itself. Power serves power. Tyranny will consume the liberty of everyone, except those with power and money. Tyrants are not vegetarians. Their meat is the people. If not you today, then someday soon. Don’t cheer when the wolf eats your enemy. You are his prey too.

So when citizens of a free country hear see their chief law enforcement officer colluding, the head of a once respected law enforcement agency make an impassioned case for the crimes of an elected or appointed official, then shrug it off with no consequences, they are watching themselves become subjects.

There is the law for the peasantry, the varlet, the knave, then there is the law for the Lords and Ladies of the manor. Honor the King, pay your ducal tithe, (how much of the $ 200 million dollar Clinton fortune would that amount to, one wonders?), and come to do battle if your fellow Nobles are threatened. Do this, and the nobility will protect you as well.

And should one of your peons think to commit the same acts for which you are excused, why then bring back the dungeon! Drawing, quartering, the stocks, branding, none of it is too severe for an answer.

After all, who do these common folk think they are? The Queen is not subject to the same mores and strictures as the blacksmith. One would think they had held a revolution while one slept.




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