Why is Barack Obama deliberately gambling with the lives of Americans?

Following the terrorist attacks on our nation on Sept. 11, 2001, our nation’s leadership had a resolve to leverage the most powerful military force in the world in defeating the threat of Islamic terrorism.

President Bush and our military commanders initiated a “shock and awe” strategy that would eventually decimate Al-Qaida in Iraq and send a clear message to radical Islamists that the United States would not tolerate their antics.

But enter stage left, Barack Hussein Obama, vowing to deliver America from “Islamophobia,” who removes our military presence from the region, creating a vacuum for the blood-thirsty, radical Islamists known as ISIS. In the infancy of the threat from the Islamic State, the president even referred to the terrorist group as the “Jayvee team,” attempting to downplay the legitimacy of the rise of Islamic terrorism on his watch. To this day, the president remarkably refuses to utter the words “Islamic terrorism.”


Now, as a result of President Obama’s lack of leadership, not only has the Islamic State become the most ominous terrorist threat known to mankind – they may have sleeper cells right here in the U.S.

According to FBI Director James Comey, there are over 900 ongoing investigations of ISIS activity in America. According to numerous reports, the Islamic State, which vows to destroy all who refuse to adhere to Sharia Law, has terrorist “sleeper cells” all across the United States just waiting for activation.


In less than two years, ISIS has expanded into what Director Comey calls a “chaotic spider web.”


“Those people exist in every state. I have homegrown violent extremist investigations in every single state. Until a few weeks ago there was 49 states. Alaska had none which I couldn’t quite figure out. But Alaska has now joined the group so we have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states,” Comey said.

Now, one would think the rationale would be to control our borders and restrict the rampant entry of unknown individuals into our nation. But this president is far from being rational where protecting America is concerned.


Despite lacking an authentic vetting process, Obama plans to admit some 10,000 Syrian refugees into the United States. Now if you were a terrorist looking for a secluded entry point into the U.S., wouldn’t you consider entering under the guise of a Syrian refugee? In fact, following the recent terrorist attack in Paris, a Syrian passport was found near the body of one of the slain assailants leading investigators to believe one of the terrorists did indeed enter as a Syrian refugee.


Obama’s weak-kneed strategy against ISIS is failing miserably, yet he refuses to change his approach. And now, he plans to clear a path for potential Islamic terrorists to enter the U.S. and risk attacks on innocent citizens – maybe your family!


It’s time for Congress to step up and squelch this president’s radical ideology before we have a tragedy of devastating proportion.


Mark Caserta is a conservative blogger, a Cabell County resident and a regular contributor to The Herald-Dispatch editorial page.