Doug Smith: Modern Day Progressive Slavery

18 Oct

Liberal benevolence has never been about caring


Doug Smith: Free State Patriot Lead Contributor


The modern Democrats, from the “purest and highest of motives”, wish to give people everything they need. More, they wish to give them everything they deserve, and much of what they want. These folks judge themselves, and others, on the basis of how much they want to give to people. They form their philosophy of government on the basis of 2 beliefs:

  1. We are smarter, wiser, and more benevolent and know, far better than you, what you need.
  2. Only we can supply what you need, without us you are not capable of caring for yourselves.
  3. And, not coincidentally, we are entitled to a rich and lavish lifestyle because of 1 and 2, above.

slavery 1

154 years ago, that mentality belonged to the slave owning aristocrats of the South. The slaves are, except for the small matter of liberty, happy in their lot and better off than they were in Africa (that at least is largely true.) They are not nearly as wise, smart, industrious, or clever as we are, and without us, would starve and die. They have no need for education beyond what we want them to know, so don’t burden them with “book learning”, or in fact, teach them to read. They might pick up dangerous ideas.

We will supply them with houses, (not as nice as our palatial estates, but with a roof.), food, (not what WE eat, of course), and clothing (all a working man needs is a pair of pants and a rough shirt), and useful, productive work. Of course, their work will be done to serve us, and we expect them to defer to us in return for our benevolence, and we will remain in charge, and wealthy. But like wise and caring parents, we will care for them from cradle to grave, and treat them as the infantile, helpless servants we expect them to be.

In 1860, those folks were also Democrats. Some things never change.

slavery 2

People who form governments have 2 choices of direction. The one above, Noblesse Oblige, dictates that power and wealth will be gathered to the self-proclaimed “best and brightest” and doled out and their benevolent inner instincts dictate. The enduring problem of this approach is slavery. Oh, pretty it up and call it dependency if you prefer. But the fact is that for Democrat Liberal politicians to give away a smorgasbord of free stuff, “the Dole” they must take it away from someone else. The Clintons are worth about $ 100, 000,000. There are 48,000,000 living on food stamps. Even if you went to a Democrat controlled public school, you can do that math. How far does her fortune stretch among all those people?

So liberals who make lavish promises to give stuff away, have a hidden, and sinister promise implied: We will enslave you.

Free healthcare? We will make Doctors work for less, and take a lot of money from some who produce to pay for it. (Because we are government, we own and produce nothing.)

Free college? We will make University administrators cut their $ 500,000 salaries. No, wait, Democrats will NEVER do that, so we will just raise your taxes and pay them. And that “free “tuition.

Free anything? We have to steal it. But not in the honest straightforward way of a gangster like Al Capone (who gave away free stuff: he funded soup kitchens,) but at least sold an illegal, but desired product. No, Democrats will steal it by picking your paycheck every 2 weeks, with the force of the guns of the IRS and the FBI behind them.

slavery 3

Medieval kings gained their kingdoms by being the best soldiers around, and it was their Army which compelled the serfs to work their entire lives to provide the Royal treasure. Of course, the King would, Noblesse Oblige, provide for his serfs. With money and work he had taken from them. At the point of a sword.

Governments who come together to provide “free stuff”, must do so at the sacrifice of free people.

One unique time in history, men came together to wrest power to create free men, not take goods. They fought an empire and a king which enslaved them, for the right to be free. Free to strive and prosper, or to laze and starve, but at their own choosing and of their own efforts.

And of that same beginning, free men came together to risk life, and limb, and fortune, to wrest power from those aforementioned slave owning Democrats, and end their tyranny over men.

Those free men, history reminds us, were called Republicans.

clinton 3

But the Democrats like their power, and their money, and found it a good bargain to buy men’s freedom for their own gain using the fruits of enslaved people’s labor. One which they ardently wish to continue.

2 things are worth remembering in light of all this.

The modern Progressive movement was started by an elitist, Ivy League, Southern Democrat – Woodrow Wilson.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is an elitist, Ivy League, Southern Democrat.

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