Doug Smith: Politics attracts the worst of us

19 Sep


Doug Smith: Author, historian and lead contributor to Free State Patriot


Politics attracts and rewards the very worst among us. Politicians and lawyers account for the largest congregation of sociopaths in our society.

Now, I don’t like Donald Trump. Let’s start there, shall we? I find him obnoxious, self-important, arrogant in the extreme, abrasive, and for all his money and education, as crude an individual as I have ever experienced. And I think it increasingly likely that he will be the GOP nominee for President in 2016, and the next President. I can’t say I’m happy about that idea, but I prefer The Donald, far and away, to the Barack, or the Hillary, or even the Bernie.

Who could beat him?

barack bernie donald hillary

The Democrats? Be real! After 7 years of the real pain, fear, and anger people feel on Main Street, despite the lies and pabulum of the Pres, the Democrat brand is damaged badly.

What do they offer?

The summer, fall, Year, Decade, you name it, of recovery? Promises of jobs, soon, any day now, this is the year, no kidding, trust us, one more time. For all their smoke screen about the 5.6% unemployment, there are 94, 000, 000 unemployed voters who know why the roses grow so well at the White House.

And who do the Democrats offer? Hillary Clinton? Please.

“There are concerns about her honesty?”(Really?)

“She travelled A LOT, and she cares about women.” (So did Bob Hope.)

Dems will as always appeal to the Give me stuff crowd, but they are badly damaged.

But what does the GOP offer us?

Anger has grown in the folks, like me. We turned out in droves to give the GOP more power, and the mandate to fight Barack Obama.

And we have seen them, time and time again, fold at the first volley, and write Obama a blank check to do what we oppose, and what they promised to stop in its tracks. Each time they whine, we need more power, each time we give it to them, and each time they lie. Then they fight an utterly meaningless fight, after they sign the check and it is too late, and expect us to blindly keep trusting them and believing them.

What, then, are we left with?

The Dems lie, cheat, steal, and drain the treasury.

The GOP makes noises about how wrong that is, then quietly, a little embarrassed about it, do, or permit the same things.

The Folks are “Mad as Hell, and not gonna take this anymore.”

Enter Donald Trump. Right or wrong, he does have success behind him. He says, without fear, worry, apparent conscience, or regret, the things most of us are thinking.

A pox on both your houses!

He voices our anger.

If he is the GOP nominee, the GOP leadership will hate it. That is almost reason enough for me to vote for him. If he is the nominee, they will have no one to blame but themselves. We have rallied behind them, given them the power to fight for us, and they have shown that they will not do so.

Now to the Conservative purists, the 4 million of you who sat out the 2012 election and elected Barack Obama ( how s that decision feel now?), who would rather go down in flames behind a “True Conservative” than compromise and work with a so-so Conservative who actually wins, how is that working out for you? Going down in flames because you are stuck with 80% of what you want instead of 100% has 2 results. You burn. And you get 0%.

Now, Trump may not be the best candidate. Or the best President. But if he is the GOP nominee, I will absolutely vote for him. We cannot afford another 8 years of Democrat Socialism. I hope it is not him. I would certainly prefer Ted Cruz, or Dr. Carson.

But it is time to restate the Buckley principle: Support the most right leaning, viable candidate. A pure conservative who cannot win does not help anyone. Except Hillary. God help us.

Remember the Dole, McCain, and Romney Presidencies?

Neither does Barack Obama.

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