Doug Smith: Winnie – The Enemy of the Left

10 May

“And once upon a time, the progressive movement began…”


Doug Smith: Author, Historian and regular contributor to Free State Patriot

eeyore1POOH 2

Thank you, Professor of Sociology Adam Swift, University of Warwick, England.

We have met the enemy, and he is Winnie the Pooh. Professor (not so) Swift has shown us the way, the way of the Left. For once it is so clear.

The good Prof thinks that parents who read to their children are unfairly disadvantaging the kids who do not have parents who read to them. “A Bear, however hard he tries, grows tubby without exercise.” Poor Winnie. All these years he has been guilty of disadvantaging the kids who did not hear his stories, and Treasure Island, Narnia, or the journey of a little fellow named Baggins.

Funny. I wish I had the advantage of a Leftist education. I never knew. I thought that reading to your kids was a good thing. That it made them better people, expanded their minds, helped them love to read, and made them feel loved.  Good stuff.

But no. It is not fair to do things to raise them up, because others are left behind by not being read to, and that is not fair. So, we should let all our children settle to the bottom level of the least among us.

Pooh is the enemy of fairness.


Inadvertently, perhaps, Swift has given us a capsule summary of the whole premise of the Left s thought process.  Never seek to raise anyone. Anyone who is raised up, in any way, must be torn down. Except for us. Note the Professor Swift does NOT maintain that it would be fair for him to give up his tenured position at the University, and go to McDonalds and make $ 15 bucks an hour. After all, we need the Prof and his ilk to tell the rest of us how we ought to live.  And no one can do that on minimum wage.

So we see the Left displayed for a moment, naked to the view.  Let us not say to the minimum wage worker, “ Read, stay off the drugs, don’t get your girlfriend pregnant, don’t have sex with your boyfriend and GET pregnant, get more education, show up for work on time, make yourself worth more, so you will get more.”  No, the Left says, enjoy your joint, it is unreasonable to expect you not to have sex, it is your right to have all the babies you want, starting at 16, and it is our ( but by that, they never mean “Their”, always someone else’s work, and money) duty to provide for the children, which we will not discourage.  If you show up and put on that McDonalds uniform (which they gave you) and wonder around behind the counter, we (again, not meaning Professor Swift, but Ray Kroc) ought to give you enough to raise a family.  But at the same time, we are not going to make you feel bad by insisting that you avoid the drugs, stay with one woman and help raise the family you helped create.  After all, if you begat 21 children by 10 women, SOMEBODY has to be responsible for taking care of them.

But not you. And not Professor Swift. And don’t you read to them and encourage them to stay in school. That would not be fair.

We (ready for that pay cut yet, Prof?) will take care of everything.  “We” will support your right to live a life of poverty, with a few frills, and extort your sustenance from others, as long as you support us staying in power.  Meanwhile. I’ll tell others what to do, make them feel guilty for what they have, and what they do, and breathing, and eating.  And I’ll continue to envision a Leftist Utopia, where everyone is equal, and on the bottom, and miserable, but grateful.

Except We, and this time I DO mean we, have to live better, eat better, because we are better, and think better, and know better, how to provide all this for you, who are forever incapable. No, no thanks necessary. My reward is knowing you are in paradise. And a quarter mill a year salary as Dean for Cultural Equality.

And it all starts with Winnie the Pooh. Sorry, silly old Bear.


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