Doug Smith: Hillary Clinton Conservative ‘Rules of engagement’ (Just don’t!)

15 Apr

doug smith

Doug Smith: Author, historian and Free State Patriot regular contributor


The Hillary Rules

So it seems the rules now (isn’t it funny that it is always the Progressive Left PC police who get to make these inane rules?) are that

  1. We cannot criticize any of Hillary’s characteristics, lest we be misogynistic
  2. We should say yes! We want to see a woman President. But must not say, just not her.
  3. We cannot criticize any of Hillary’s actions, or we are part of the vast right wing conspiracy ( mental note: I need to pay my dues, my VRWC card expires next month)
  4. We cannot focus on Hillary’s accomplishments, because that holds her to an unfair standard. Like having one.

clinton 3

(How much have you accomplished Madam Secretary?)

Now, these are rules designed to function only in Bedlam. They can serve only one purpose: to elect Hillary. So let us take a quick look at the logical fallacies behind these “rules”.

We cannot criticize Hillary?

The world of chivalry, in which a man might say “Step outside, you can’t say that about my wife.” precludes politics. Nor can Hilly and her supporters have it both ways:

I want to break the glass ceiling into the all men world of Presidents, and at the same time

I am woman, hear me whine, don’t be mean to me.

The Left still, to this day, delights in painting Ronald Reagan as a cheerful idiot.

Dan Rather used a made up story about GW Bush’s military service to smear his character as he ran for President.

Remember Willy Horton? He was a convicted murderer, let out for weekend furlough under Mike Dukakis, Governor of Mass, and committed a heinous crime while out. Dukakis was smeared as soft on crime and a weakling. (By Al Gore, it should be noted, not a prominent member of the VRWC.) But of course, these are all men.

Remember the Iron Lady? That would be Maggie Thatcher, British Conservative Prime Minister. Iron Lady was one of the milder epithets applied to her. Critics in England even cheered publicly her death at 87, decades after she left office, singing Ding Dong the witch is dead. (And SHE never said “I ll get you my pretty… Monica.)

clinton 2

A man cannot hide behind his wife, nor a woman behind her sex, and expect special treatment to permit her to win the right to lead. After all, her opponents and enemies should she be elected will not grant her that favor. Nor did Maggie’s. But then, Maggie didn’t need it.

We should WANT a woman President

It is foolish to WANT a “woman” President. Or a “black, Hispanic, Irish Catholic, gay, disabled, (am I missing any?) President. Identity politics is absurd. We want an American President, one who is committed to us as a people, to our system of laws, and who is capable of leading the most powerful nation in the world. If we want to tick off a box on a list saying we have picked one from each group, then let it be Miss America, or America’s Most Admired. They can be picked for their charming smile and winning personality, and go on speaking tours and be admired. Come to think of it, Hillary does that now, and completely without benefit of any discernible personality.

It should be noted that England had one powerful, dynamic woman Prime Minister. She served 11 years; the longest PM in 150 years. But, they had: One.

If we do want a woman President, surely, even the Dems can do better. Certainly the GOP can. How about Condi Rice, whose father was registered as a Republican in Jim Crow Alabama because the Democrats refused to do so.

clinton 4 clinton 1

(Oh my…What was I thinking?)

We cannot criticize her actions?


Sure we can. Many criticized Nixon’s illegal and unethical actions, despite some real accomplishments as President, and were ready to have him removed from office. In fact, Hillary was a young lawyer working for the House Managers preparing to do just that. Until she was fired. For unethical behavior. Makes sense: her boss was about to launch an impeachment of a President for ethical lapses, and had on his staff an aggressive (nana nana nana, yes I said It.) lawyer who trampled the rules of ethics. That would look bad if he got into a trial. Interesting that young lawyer went on to have a career marked by ethical lapses, and was prominently on the other side of the next impeachment. When you are applying for a job, a hiring manager will look at your strengths, but also your failings. If they find that you don’t have what it takes, they will not hire you and deal with the problems you bring to the table. Hillary is applying for a job with us. We are being asked to hire her, and put our future and our security in her hands. We absolutely can, and should, and must look to her failings and weaknesses. No one is without them, but we ought to know them and make an informed decision.

Hillary has led a life of unethical dealings in business, in government, and in politics. Her modus operandi has been to hide, deceive, and destroy. Nancy Reagan has some quirks and a temper, and has been castigated by the Left for decades. Hillary Rodham has skirted or crossed the ethical lines, clearly engaged in illegal business dealings, lied, tried to destroy the lives of women who were victims of her husband’s libido. (Could that be because the one thing she had going for her ambitions were his coattails?)

She was a viscous First Lady, who had long term employees fired and kicked to the curb to provide political patronage for her friends from Arkansas.

She shrouded her Hillarycare plans in secrecy, and brought it down in flames.

She was elected as Senator from a state in which she had never lived, turning in a lackluster performance, with poor attendance, and no notable legislation or accomplishments.

She was involved in getting pardons for terrorists tied to making contributions to her political war chest.

Her term as Secretary of State ended with conditions and relations worse in every part of the world she had touched, never mind Benghazi. Little wonder she once again flexed her secrecy muscle. (One would think she would learn. But, no.)

She was paid multimillion dollar advance on a book she “wrote”. Then her book tour and its sales were so poor that the publisher could not recoup the advance, and her book was quickly remaindered.

We can criticize her. We should criticize her. But we must remember that in the world of the Left, intention and supporting the right cause is everything. Results and accomplishments are nothing. That is a part of why Leftist sycophants still defend 6 years of Obama failures, and make a folk hero of a woman whose only notable accomplishment was to pick the right husband and hold on like a bulldog, regardless of his foibles.

hillary 1

How sad for the feminists who line up behind her. This? This is a hero of the feminist cause?

We cannot make it about her accomplishments.

No we cannot. But for the sake of completeness, let us list them.

  1. Married Bill Clinton
  2. Still waiting

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