2 Mar

There is no free ticket to the American Dream!

doug smith



This week, Governor Andrew Cuomo, D NY, threatened to withhold state aid to citizens unless the legislature agrees to state ( Taxpayer) supported aid to undocumented ( “ in the United States illegally”) residents. The progressive Governor purports to offer the American Dream to non-Americans who manage to geographically locate their bodies within Progressive states.

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If you have had a child go to college, or paid your taxes, or even renewed your driver’s license, you are keenly aware of the great lengths needed to prove that you were who you said you were. Greater lengths, by far, than Brown and Cuomo want children here illegally to endure before getting a free college education.

Now the progressive line on education, and government underwriting of post-secondary education loans has given colleges, (also progressive bastions) to drive their prices up at a rate far outstripping inflation for decades.   Many middle class Americans find themselves increasingly unable to afford the traditional college experience, or afford it only with crippling debt.

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A bachelor’s degree is no longer the ticket it once was to a higher paying job, or even a job at all. Nearly a quarter million under 30 college grads are working part time, minimum wage jobs as of this writing. Many are still living with their parents approaching their 30s, undermining that other part of the American Dream: home ownership.

So the result of the progressive’s nosey hands ( hmm, is that a mixed metaphor?) in education is that a college costs more and more, delivers less and less, and educates young people to do less that is productive, except vote for Democrats.

At the same time, companies have jobs for skilled trades such as welders and electricians that go languishing for lack of qualified applicants.

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So, how about if we put your beliefs to the test, progressives? Let the NEA and the Department of Education start colleges in Mexico and Central America. Let s send diversity coordinators, gender studies teachers, and art history professors. Let us spend ( less than what we spend to poorly educate high school students in DC) part of the cost of educating them for free in NY and California, and offer the same art history and archeology courses we offer here. And let us give the education free, just as we would if they were illegally in the US, but in this case we will put the advantage of a progressive education back into the citizens who just want a better life, in Mexico.

After all, if it is good and desirable here, why not in Mexico?

At the same time, let’s gear up to train skilled tradesmen that we need so desperately. And once a student completes education that we offer to become a welder or other tradesmen, in their home country, then let us offer them a fast track work visa to come here and fill those jobs. Of course, Mexico may not want trained welders to go.

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But instead of drawing people here, and asking taxpayers to pay for them to receive the same failing education here that our own children must, in many cases, endure, let us educate them there, and permit them to come here if, and when, that education makes them a desired commodity. Not that progressive politicians or the NEA (I apologize if any of you had a stroke reading this) would ever permit this to happen. But isn’t the fact that we know they would not even consider it very telling?

While we are about it, let’s also take all public funding away from universities. Today. Let us give it back to taxpayers with children ready to get a post-secondary education. And let them spend that money as they will, instead of incurring huge debts, and let the market dictate who sinks or swims.

Unaccompanied minors ride atop the wagon of a freight train, known as La Bestia (The Beast) in Ixtepec

Perhaps colleges will see the bucks going to welding schools, and rethink the number of administrators and basket weaving professors they are able to pay. Perhaps they will decide college is not a place for them to have permanent employment, and 18 year olds to have fun, but instead a place to prepare 18 year olds to be productive 22 year old citizens. Of the United States. Or even Mexico.


  1. Lorra B. March 5, 2015 at 9:37 pm #

    AH! An interesting proposition! Obama, however and IMHO, will certainly never allow such a thing. The more ‘undocumented’ individuals he allows in, then turning the other cheek allowing them to vote, the more likely his agenda will continue long after his ‘legacy’ has done it’s damage. This administration has a mission and keeping America America is not it… Again, IMHO… Great read! 🙂


    • markacaserta March 5, 2015 at 10:00 pm #

      Doug is an awesome writer! We’re blessed to have him contributing! I’ll pass this along! He’s and ex-submarine dude also!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lorra B. March 5, 2015 at 10:06 pm #

        He is good! I like his thought possess… 🙂


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