11 Dec


This is part four in an ongoing series on the “War on Women” by author S.H. Townsend.

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Is there a war on women? My experiences have proven that there is indeed a war against women. Why is there a war against woman? Who is responsible for the start of this war? Who or what continues to keep this war going? I have a few theories.

Women had to fight for the right to vote. Their efforts paid off in 1920, and they were awarded the right to vote. That battle was won. What other battles have women faced since that point in time?

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We’ve all heard about the wages wars. I remember them during the eighties, when more women were joining the workforce. They made demands for equal pay. Even today, women claim that they still don’t receive as much pay as their male colleagues. I am not qualified to comment on the wage wars, as my time in the workforce was limited.

I did not leave the working world to stay home to raise the children. I have no children. My decision was due to the fact that I have hated nearly every job I have held, save for one or two, so I decided to become a writer.

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During my time in the workforce, I did fall subject to some battles in the war against women. My last employer through a job service agency was the worst. The man who owned and operated the local towing company where I was sent to work surpassed my ex-husband as King Chauvinist. He often bragged to the men who came in about how I “knew my place” in his company. He even had the audacity to compare me to other women who were previously employed there. He once announced, “The last woman they sent from Poor Excuse for Job Services* was found in the garage with Average Joe.” And the woman was fired, but Average Joe was congratulated for his conquest and he is still employed there today. Imagine that.

I’m not defending that woman. They should have both been fired for their sexual escapades on company property! That’s just how King Chauvinist ran his business.

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I worked there for less than three months. I was so angry at everything I had been put through that I ended up composing a four page letter to the company, explaining in great detail why I could no longer maintain employment with their company. I had tried to talk with Poor Excuse for Job Services about the ill treatment I was receiving from the towing company. I kept begging them to place me somewhere else, but they didn’t give a crap. When I quit, I furnished the job service agency with the four page letter. After that, I was never offered another job through Poor Excuse for Job Services Agency.

I attempted to find other jobs, but I only received calls for two job interviews in eleven months. I gave up the (lack of) job search and started writing full time.

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The only reason I stayed at that towing company for as long as I did was because my husband was unemployed, and his unemployment check paid our rent, but after that, we were left with no money for food or utilities.

Is there still a wage war against women? I couldn’t tell you. I’m not qualified to say a word about it. I’m assuming it solely depends on the company for which the women in question work.

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