23 Nov

No closure or real answers provided

benghazi 1

A friend of mine often says, “You just can’t fix stupid”.

The recent end to a 2-year House Committee hearing on Benghazi simply does not add up. The liberal media is leveraging the fact that the hearing was “GOP controlled” lends credence to the ruling.

Listen, I’m not sure I trust some of the GOP members any more than I do liberals.

benghazi 2

Here are some unanswered questions:

  • Why, on the anniversary of the most tragic terrorist attack on the U.S. would our government NOT have additional security at the Benghazi outpost where we knew Ambassador Stevens was assigned.
  • Are we to believe the brave members of our U.S. security team lied about being held back for 30 minutes before disobeying orders to “stand down” ?
  • Why would the President and his administration continue to blame the obscure anti-Muslim video for the attack even knowing early on that this was a terrorist attack?
  • Why was a “gag order” issued during the investigation.

benghazi first

No, don’t pee down my leg and tell me it’s raining.

The Senate Committee on Benghazi led by Trey Gowdy has only has one hearing thus far.  This isn’t over.

And if in the end, the results prove there was no intentional conspiracy to withhold additional support during the attack, it will still just justify the negligence by this administration in being proactive in protecting our brave men and ambassador who lost their lives – and who administration officials have just written off as casualties of war.

No, you just can’t fix stupid.


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