15 Oct

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NEW YORK – President Obama’s left-leaning political ideology combined with sympathies for Islam acquired from being raised by a Muslim stepfather paralyze him as he faces the threat posed by the Islamic jihadist group ISIS, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told WND in an interview.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘div-gpt-ad-story160LeftSide’); }); “In defending America against radical Islamic terrorism, Barack Obama cannot be trusted,” DeLay said.

“Barack Obama was raised a Muslim, and he claims he is a Christian, and I can’t say for sure whether he’s a Christian or not, but he has shown over the last few years that he has great sympathies with Islam,” DeLay explained.

“You combine that with Obama’s political orientation that is far to the left,” he continued, “and you get a president who hates war, hates the military, and you have a formula for military inaction when it comes to combating radical Islamic terrorists like we are seeing in ISIS.”

DeLay’s indictment of Obama did not end there.

“You add to mix that Barack Obama is incompetent, way over his head as president, and the whole combination produces a worldview that makes Obama detached and reluctant to take the type of the military action against ISIS that would be effective,” he said

DeLay concluded Obama “does not want to face the reality of the danger and threat represented to the United States by ISIS, and he does not want to admit the connections between al-Qaida and ISIS, because he refuses to understand that we are in a war against radical Islamic terrorism.”

Congressional resolve

battle isis

He said if he were leading Republicans in the House of Representatives, he would rally Congress around a resolution calling on Obama to take immediate military action against ISIS.

DeLay acknowledged that a congressional resolution “can’t force Obama to take effective military action, because he’s still commander-in-chief.”

“But a properly drafted congressional resolution passed with bipartisan support could communicate to the president the will of the people is that he must take effective action and he must take it now,” DeLay said.

“Obama does not understand that there is no alternative but to destroy ISIS,” he said.

DeLay said the U.S. needs “to go into Iraq and Syria with effective military action, and we can’t stop until we destroy ISIS.”

“The truth is that ISIS is a huge threat to the United States and the whole world. But the problem is that under Obama, radical Islamic terrorism is growing in strength every day,” he said.

Words and action


DeLay discounted Vice President Joe Biden’s charge in a speech Wednesday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, after the video release of the beheading of another American journalist by ISIS, that the U.S. will “follow ISIS to the gates of hell.”

“Biden’s speech didn’t impress me,” DeLay explained, “because the words Obama and Biden speak about going after ISIS do not match with the Obama administration inaction.”

DeLay compared Obama to British Prime Minister David Cameron.

“I read carefully as Barack Obama and David Cameron joined together co-authoring a column in The Times in London that published very tough words attacking ISIS,” DeLay commented. “Cameron has great rhetoric but no power, while Obama has horrible rhetoric and all the power.”

DeLay said the step Obama should be taking at the upcoming NATO meeting in Wales is to form a “coalition of the willing” like President George H. W. Bush did in the run-up to the Gulf War in 1991.

Instead, DeLay said, Obama is leaving the border with Mexico wide open, with no measures to block Islamic terrorists from mixing in with the invasion from Central American of “unaccompanied minors,” many of whom are teenagers in the prime gang-recruitment years, including some with criminal records in their home countries.

“It’s like the pre-911 environment,” DeLay lamented. “For all I know there are radical Islamic terrorists taking flying lessons again in the United States, and all the Obama administration would look the other way, just like the Obama administration does on stopping illegal immigration.”

DeLay referenced recent news reports that some 11 airliners were missing from the airport in Tripoli after radical Islamic terrorists overran it.

He joined with Reps. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., and Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., in criticizing the Obama administration for trying to lift a ban on Libyans coming to the U.S. to attend flight school or to study nuclear science.

“We have something like 6,000 foreign student visas where the Department of Homeland Security cannot find where the students are today,” DeLay commented. “It would be just the same letting Muslims come back into the country to learn how to be airline pilots. The Obama administration would probably just look the other way.”

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