20 Sep

All my friends who support coal:

It’s time to stand up for coal. Send the EPA an email on behalf of WV and Congressman Nick Joe Rahall. He has requested West Virginians take advantage of the newly extended deadline for public input on the EPA’s proposed rule limiting carbon emissions from existing power plants. The EPA has moved its deadline for public comment on the Clean Power Plant Proposed Rule from October 16, to December 1, 2014, giving citizens an additional 45 days to weigh in. Please share this information. This is a way we can make a difference!

Send email to:
In subject line type: ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0602


Here is a letter you may copy and paste into an email. Feel free to modify:

Dear EPA representative:

I stand with Congressman Nick Joe Rahall against the war on coal.

Coal is not only the life blood of West Virginians, millions of people outside of our state will be affected adversely in higher utility costs.
We are all for an “all of the above” strategy for reducing U.S. dependence on foreign oil from nations which really don’t like us very much.
But the Obama administration has repeatedly shown its disdain for anything and everything to do with fossil fuels. His goal is one of singularity: Bankrupt the coal industry.
As one of these great “’United States’ of America”, West Virginia and surrounding coal states like Kentucky and Pennsylvania will be crippled. Our people will be more deeply suppressed into a poverty the rest of the nation could not possibly fathom or frankly, understand.
Our children will not be able to compete on a national level and we will wither into the ever-growing safety net of the U.S. government – at her mercy and under her wing of sustenance.
Americans and West Virginians deserve better. We implore you to honor our state’s service to the country in providing abundant energy for all Americans. Work with Congressman Rahall to develop clean coal technology.
Give coal the chance the Obama administration has offered other forms of energy. West Virginia will not let our country down!
And as West Virginians, we honor the efforts of Congressman Rahall. He stands with us in this fight.


Your name


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