Words of Wisdom: Doug Smith

19 Mar

To my blog family: This is a must read in response to a question about the day in which we live from a wise compadre, Doug Smith Reagan

I don’t concern myself with eschatology so much anymore. although I used to. The end? Well, it will come when it comes, and neither me, nor anyone else will know in advance. So live life as if today were your last day. Someday you ll be correct, and you will waste less of the time you have.
Now, that being said, I do think we are in a dangerous world. If you were looking at an Olde World map, there would be many places marked ” Heere there be Dragons. ” There are, as there have been always, wolves, bandits, men who believe that they can and should take what others have if they have the strength to do so. It is a lazy and evil attitude. It says I will not work hard to have what you have, I will not emulate your hard work and gain the same rewards you gained, I will wait for your work to be done and hit you and take it.

It began with Cain. It has never stopped. Unfortunately, there are also, and have always been, naïve , childlike men who believe in the world as they think it ought to be, and refuse to see the world as it is. And when these naïfs manage to get in control with high sounding but empty words, the results are based in the reality of what an adult would expect.

You don’t let your 4 year old drive your car, because you know what to expect. You don’t let a dangerous animal near your family, because you know it may attack. You build fences to keep out the bear. If it comes to close, you shoot at it. You let it know that you are as dangerous as it is. Otherwise it will come into your camp and eat your food, and perhaps, you.

I first noticed these things when Jimmy Carter was President. But in looking back across my lifetime, I have now noted a pattern. JFK met with Khrushchev, and that hungry old bear left with the impression the man was weak and feckless. A spoiled rich boy, not able to do anything without his daddy s money; Nikita saw no challenge in the man. His bumbling betrayal of the Cubans at the Bay of Pigs reinforced the impression that there was no substance to the man. And so we got the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I, along with millions of other children, were taught to cower under a desk to protect me from a thermonuclear blast hitting the Nickel Plant. Although the popular myth of the time was ” the Bear blinked, “, we now know that in fact, Kennedy quietly agreed to what he wanted all along. A few months after the Crisis passed, we removed our missiles from Turkey. A weak President, a challenge by a bandit, and a loss to America.

Jimmy Carter s weakness and incredibly naïve reading of world politics gave us the Mullahs in Iran, the hostage crisis, and gave rise the the modern Islamic terrorist threat we see around today. It makes a fine statement on those naïve supporters that a weak man who facilitated more violence and armed conflict than perhaps any other 20th century President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. On the other hand, they also awarded it to Woodrow Wilson, who was re elected based on staying out of WW1, and launched us into it a month later.

Ford was tested by the Vietnamese and responded strongly. And we had a period of relative peace. Reagan and Kaddafi reached an understanding. Khadafy would shut up and not support terrorists against US interests, and Reagan would not bomb his tent anymore. He was winding up again during the Clinton years, and had an active WMD program. But strangely, in the month that the Iraq war started, he contacted the Brits and began to negotiate shutting it down. 9 months later, the US airlifted 25 metric tons of material and equipment for producing nuclear weapons out of Libya.

So now? We have weak, inexperienced, feckless, naïve leaders at the helm of the strongest nation in history. Common sense, and the evidence of my eyes, tells me that bandits and bullies will press their advantage. What will happen exactly? I don’t know. It will not be in our interests. Make no mistake, the bandits and bullies of the world pay attention to US politics. They do what they can, through propaganda or money, to put the sort of leaders in place that are beneficial to them.

The times are perilous. Our leaders are ineffective. Elections have consequences. Real, life and death consequences. The numbers tell us that Obama got fewer votes in 12 than in 08. 4 million Republican voters sat out the election, because Romney was an admittedly imperfect candidate. Yet if those 4 million had done what I did, ie held their noses and voted, Romney would be President. Elections have consequences.

If you are a Republican who sat at home in 2012 because you wanted Gingrich, or Herman Cain, or some other candidate, then YOU are as responsible for this second 4 years of trouble under Obama as the ” give me ” crowd who voted for him as Santa Claus. Don’t whine about how bad it is, and whine OH what can we do anyway, if you didn’t bother to cast your vote. You like what you have now? No? Then don’t sit home this fall. Don’t sit home in 2016. Don’t ever sit home again if you have breath in you.

William F Buckley said ” Support the most right leaning viable candidate. ” Wise words. A very conservative candidate with no hope of winning is a waste of time. A failure to vote for a candidate who is not all you want, but is closer than the opposition is politically no different than voting for the most radical leftist out there. And thus we suffer with Barack Obama. I hope this dangerous world scares every conservative, every Christian, to the point that they will never again fail to vote, and get their friends out to vote. THAT is the thing we can do. There may be more, but when we fail to do even that, then shame.

” All that is required for evil to win, is for good men to do nothing.” That applies to Barack Obama s dealings with Putin and Iran and North Korea and China. But it applies equally to the electorate and Barack Obama. Find the good as you see it, and support it all you can. Failing to do this means that evil will gain. Whether Obama is evil or naïve and misguided, I cannot say. I don’t see inside him. But his actions are such that they permit evil to gain ground. So when we permit him to win, we do the same thing.

Now, the WV 3rd race between Rahall and Jenkins is getting national attention, because for the first time there is a real chance that a Dem will lose the district. Pulling power from the Dems in Congress lowers Obama s ability to do the misguided things he does. Capito has a real chance to capture the Senate seat of Rockafeller. WV could be one of the states that wrests control of the Senate from Harry Ried and finally puts the brakes on the Obama agenda. So there is something you can do, if we are still around in November.

Christians are wont to say, I will do such and such if the Lord tarries. Don’t worry about that. Do the right thing today. If the Lord comes, you ll hear about it, trust me. Meantime, do the right thing today.

Ok, that’s my take on it.

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