23 Oct

one bill at at time
Only those more committed to preserving the legacy of Barack Hussein Obama than to the American people, would continue to deny that Obamacare is and always will be a failure. It was designed to fail in lieu of a single payer system.
Ask Harry Reid.
And I assure you, the very legacy of this “failed progressive experiment” is at stake.
So how far with Obama and his liberal minions go to preserve their legacy?
I predict, they will stop at nothing.
Failures are NEVER Obama’s fault. And successes are ALWAYS his.
True leaders accept responsibility and defer credit for wins to those below them. That’s Leadership 101. Anything less is a sign of insecurity.
Barack Obama is too insecure to be a leader.
He’s too arrogant to admit he’s wrong.
And I couldn’t care less if he was black, purple or green!
Failure has no color, only consequences.
The momentum is shifting. Winners close the win. There are no moral victories.
REPUBLICANS HAVE GOT TO GET BACK ON MESSAGE!!! Obamacare is self-destructing and now is the time to offer solutions!
Get to it! Now! Focus on ways to provide affordable insurance by allowing interstate commerce and by addressing tort reform.
Quit being stupid GOP.
There’s a hole so big a truck can drive through it. Call the play and take it in for the win.

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