26 Jul

“The greatness of America doesn’t begin in Washington; it begins with each of you — in the mighty spirit of free people under God, in the bedrock values you live by each day in your families, neighborhoods, and workplaces.”

Those were the words of President Ronald Reagan in an address to the nation on the eve of the 1984 presidential election and winning his second term in office.

I’ve always believed American exceptionalism was birthed by her people — not the government.

The “bedrock values” of which President Reagan spoke were precepts Americans unfortunately began to take for granted. We willingly chose to forego their protection, allowing beliefs which have anchored our nation throughout history to be cast aside in lieu of a philosophy where principles have become relative and unstable.

I recall growing up as a child “believing” in the public school system. I attended a wonderful public school which revered God and didn’t dismiss Him from the curriculum or associate references to the Bible with lacking intellect.

In my early years, we believed the news! The news networks and television anchors were some of the most influential people in our lives. We trusted them for accurate, unbiased information void of agenda.

We believed that marriage between a man and a woman was an institution of God and beyond contesting. We believed in the sanctity of life and that children were heavenly gifts which offered the hope of a continued heritage and better future.

We believed in hard work. We knew there was a relationship between sowing and reaping and if we worked hard enough in life and honored God with the tithe, the result would be a blessed future for our families.

We believed in our president. The president of the United States represented all that was great about America — a “patriot among patriots” who would, without question, persevere even unto death to preserve life, liberty and happiness of Americans.

But now, these beliefs which grounded us as a nation have mostly been purged from our society, and the foundation of America’s greatness is collapsing brick by brick.

I do not solely hold the current administration responsible. Changing America began long before the entrance of Barack Obama into our lives. He’s simply perpetuating the movement.

It has been the progressive movement which has worked tenaciously to rid America of any foundational beliefs contrary to their vision of a new world, one void of bedrock values and every aspect of an ordered belief system.

In the world around us, formulas for success instituted by man fall by the wayside daily. Man has failed in every way in his selfish desire to transcend the truths established by God whose Words have never failed or changed.

I long for a renewing of the mind where man’s reliance upon God in our daily lives is rekindled.

In my years on earth, I have settled upon one — and only one undeniable truth.

Our hope must be in God.

For only in fulfilling God’s purpose, are we truly an exceptional nation.

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