Truth or Fact – A Wisdom Lesson from Pastor Dwight Mays

6 Mar

widsom“The ability to comprehend a truth is directly proportionate to the degree of one’s ability to discern truth from facts.”

An example of this saying can be found in the Gospel of John, Chapter 18. Jesus, having been interrogated by Caiaphas, the high priest, has been brought before Pilate in Pilate’s judgment hall. Pilate asks Jesus, ”are you the king of the Jews?’ Verse (33) Jesus then asks Pilate how he acquired this knowledge; by the ability to comprehend truth or by information someone provided to you; facts. Jesus then goes on to say (verse 37) “everyone that is of the truth hears my voice” (can discern truth from facts). Pilate then reveals his inadequacy to discern truth from facts. (verse 38)


Pastor Dwight Mays

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