2 Mar

obamaspast00Obama’s Past Facts

Obama is close friends with unrepentant radical, domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and has worked with him for 20 years.

Obama is close friends and a regular business associate with convicted real estate felon Tony Rezko.

Obama was registered as Barry Soetoro as a Muslim citizen in Indonesia as a child and spent 3 years in a Muslim religious school studying the Koran and saying Islamic prayers. “Agama” means “religion” in Indonesian.

Obama considers anti-semitic, racist demagogue Louis Farrakhan a great leader, good friend, and close ally. Farrakhan is also the Nation of Islam leader. Obama organized the “black solidarity” Million Man March with Farrakhan, lives in Farrakhan’s old house, and is neighbor’s with Farrakhan.

Obama has a half-brother living in a tiny, dilapidated hut in Kenya making $12 a year – whom he ignores while claiming “I am the least of my brother’s keepers.”

Obama is technically Arab-American, not African-American and would not be the first black President.

Obama refers in his autobiography to an influential mentor who was under investigation by the FBI for being a Communist.

Obama bases his political tactics on “practical” radical communist Saul Alinsky.

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