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Remember, it was his idea…..The 2013 Sequester

13 Mar

President Obama concluded, “But– but– I’m always amused when people on the one hand say– the sequester doesn’t mean anything and the administration’s exaggerating its effects; and then whatever the specific effects are, they yell and scream and say, “Why are you doin’ that?” Well, there are consequences to Congress not having come up with a more sensible way to reduce the deficit. And what I’m proposing is if we do it smart, if we do it sensibly, if we do it in a balanced way that the American support, including, by the way, a majority of Republicans, then we don’t have to– do arbitrary stuff. We can do it in an intelligent way that’s gonna improve our economy


25 Feb


So Americans are no longer worried about the economy….Just those low-info voters who ushered Obama back into the Oval office. The rest of us understand what’s coming. 

Obamaclypse 2014

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