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Steven J. Davis: When principle collides with preference

18 Mar

principle vs preference

steve davis

Steven J. Davis is the founder of the League of Principled Citizens and the League of Principled Men

March 18, 2019


Clearly, we are in a climate of emotional excess.

The term “butt hurt” seems to be tossed around a lot, lately. Many are easily offended – and for more reasons than anyone can count.

Politics, religion, social standing, sex, race and nationality are all at the top of the emotional environment list the past few years.

The question is “why?”.

How is it that as a Nation we have become a boiling pot of feelings and ideas that are the dividing force of our daily lives? Many are simply afraid to discuss anything that might bring about any controversy or potential retribution.

Human Resources offices at companies across our county have scrambled for the past several years to write and rewrite policy to keep companies out of hot water and the courts due to the emerging emotional tidal wave.

Why are we here, at this time?

It is my opinion that we have begun to “self-identify” and put “self-first” to the point that our Creator is now out of the picture.

We are returning to Babylon and The Roman Empire.

Our language is changing, words are now put under a microscope and redefined. People speak more in the third person and use words that help them stand apart from others while at the same time claiming to be “this or that” and support “this group” or belong to “that group”.

The division of man is a fast movement toward a Godless society. Many think that this group or that group is responsible.

I think that we all have a part in the division.

Regardless of your faith or choice of belief. when the basic principles of creation are ignored and put aside, the result is the loss of foundation.

All things in life require a foundation. Where there is no foundation there is no stability.

Our constitution is foundational. The Bible is foundational. Individuals and groups looking for more rights than anyone else are leading the way to social and economic destruction.

As a people, we must decide whether we are one Nation or not. Are we one Nation, of fifty states, that will protect everyone equally and maintain the standard of equality under the law, or a Nation and people of division.

It all comes down to Principle or Preference.

We must decide if we are to survive.


Steven J. Davis
League of Principled Citizens
League of Principled Men

Steve Davis: WV Supreme Court Justices compromise trust required to serve with dignity.

29 Jul

wv supreme court

West Virginia Supreme Court:  Can the void of trust be filled?


steve davis

The law is the law and there is always room for mercy which we all have needed and some have accepted.

The fact that our Supreme Court Justices have broken trust is and should be enough to ask all of them to step down.

The fact that the poorest state in the Union has been abused with lavish spending within our most high court, the court that we all depend on to assure that we are treated equally under the law, is a permanent stain on the West Virginia robe of Justice.

There is no decision that any one of these Justices can deliver at any level in any court that will not be put under the microscope of the scandal that they are currently entrenched within.

Their lack of stewardship with the people’s money and the arrogance of their actions are far beyond the level of self indulgence.

Their attitude and approach to their own selected self worth elevating them far above the people and our elected representatives is the makings of separation of classes and tyranny.

Actions such as these need to be quashed as soon as they appear. There is no room in any Republic by any elected or appointed official for actions such as these.

The foundation of equality and freedom are in great peril when the trust is broken and left in the state of aristocracy.

I call upon the committee investigating within the House and the Senate to ask for the immediate resignation of all 3 remaining West Virginia Supreme Court Justices.
If they do not then they should be impeached sooner rather than later.

All West Virginians have equal protection under the law and all of the Justices are equally protected.

Impeachment however is not a sentence of law it is a disciplinary action that gives the people relief from Maladministration and other actions deemed not in the best interest of all the people not just those whom feel like they are at an elevated stature somewhere above.

Let us relieve ourselves any further delay in Justice being available within our state at the highest level for all people of our Great State.


Steven J. Davis
Concerned Citizens of Huntington
League of Principled Citizens
League of Principled Men

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