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Steven Davis: A Citizenry exhausted -Huntington, WV.

28 Aug

steve davis

Steven Davis is the chairman of “Concerned Citizens of Huntington, WV. as well as the founder of the League of Principled Men and League of Principled Citizens


August 28, 2018

It’s clear the Citizens of Huntington are exhausted.

 They are exhausted by the endless lack of attention to the real issue destroying the neighborhoods that once made Huntington great.

Drugs and the homeless continue to thrive while our neighborhoods continue to be victimized. Breaking and entering to our sheds garages and homes. Theft from our automobiles parked on the streets.

While we have applauded publicly from city hall the reduction in overdoses we continue to understaff the police department which allows crime to continue.
There is no show of force as a deterrent to crime in general.

We continue to allow in home rehabilitation to continue when it clearly is outside of zoning and deters anyone attempting sell or buy a home nearby these so-called rehabs.

We continue to hand out supplies to the addicted as if we were feeding victims of a natural disaster.

We continue to invite the addicted and homeless to our city with our policies of help all who won’t help themselves. And then when they get to close to certain neighborhoods we simply move them to another and encourage them to stay in certain areas of our city.

We continue to work at a snail’s pace in the removal of Dilapidated homes which the addicted and homeless freely use as a center for rest and business as if they were a part of the business community. Maybe at this point they are.

The amount of money changing hands daily in our city in the drug trade is clearly more than all the other commerce combined.

With a reported 7,000 plus users reported in 2016 by the health department and if the average users had at a minimum a $50 per Day habit then the math is simple. It is huge. $350,000 a day.

We continue to house Rehabilitation centers in the middle of the drug zone. This is just yet another sign of the willingness to enable rather than to heal.

While much is made about the success of the current administration and the progress of Marshall University little attention is given to the neighborhoods that continue to suffer from crime.

Excessive Prostitution in the West End along with drug trafficking.
Drug trafficking in Altizer, Guyandotte, Highlawn Fairfield, Westmoreland and Walnut Hills as well as along the river at Harris River Front Park.

All of this is exhausting our city. Facebook pages like Huntington City Watch clearly show the exhaustion in the comments.

We have choices and those clearly are at the ballot box. This November there is no city election however there is an election for house of Delegates. I urge everyone to look at the Delegates that will represent Huntington and Cabell county. Hold them to a standard that requires them to get assistance from the state level for our area.

This very page proved that we can as a group get the attention of our leaders as we did last December with Governor Justice.

We are exhausted, but we are not helpless.
Ask the candidates what it is that they are going to do about the passive approach to an aggressive crime issue in Huntington.

As we see with the Supreme Court. We can and must hold our elected to the standard that provides protection and security to all the citizens. This includes all elected to any office.

We are exhausted and have had enough. Let’s take back our city.


Steven J. Davis 

Chairman – Concerned Citizens of Huntington, WV.


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