Mark Caserta: Jewel City Revival – Hope returns to Huntington, WV.

10 Feb
Huntington, once known as the Jewel City, has been burdened by decline

Mark Caserta is an opinion columnist and editor for Free State Patriot

In my lifetime, I’ve never experienced the declination of a society as rapidly as we are experiencing across America.

Sadly, the city of Huntington, WV, once known as the “Jewel City” for being a prosperous hub of access by rail or water, has been aptly burdened by this decline. Where once was vision and expansion, now abide hopelessness and decay.

Politicians, business leaders and good-willed individuals, alike, have worked diligently to fill the void of hope, despair, and forlornness, but to no avail. Of the overwhelming situation, caring people query, “where do we begin?”  How can we ever “hope” to return Huntington to Jewel City status?

The answer is in the question.  Restore hope.

I recall attending a locally sponsored fire safety event during which we were taught how to effectively extinguish a fire using a properly rated fire extinguisher.  We were taught “not” to spray the extinguishing agent around the peripheral area of a fire, but to “aim it directly at the base of the flame.”

One must extinguish the accelerate of the flame!  For hope to be restored to the city of Huntington, WV., the accelerate of addiction and destitution must first be extinguished.

If you haven’t heard of “Jewel City Revival” at Christ Temple Church, Huntington, WV., you will.  Its grass root mission to return hope to the city of Huntington will have long lasting impact on our region. It’s doing so by extinguishing the flame of addiction and returning the flame of the Spirit of God to our people!

The first evening service at Christ Temple Church, following the powerful message from Evangelist Nik Walker, of Nik Walker Ministries, 65 people were baptized! The following evening, another 60! This past Wednesday 130 people were baptized in water!  And those who hunger for God keep coming!

Since the 3rd week of January, nearly 600 people have gone through water baptism with hundreds of lives being changed.  Late in the service, people are seen simply “bathing” in God’s presence around the altar, celebrating lives being changed and bondage broken. 

Who would want to leave that atmosphere?  One of the members of the church video production team, Kathy Napier, described the anointing she felt.

“Sitting in service, it came to me that the prophetic Word spoken previously over our church, was beginning to manifest in the baptism tank, out the church doors and into the community,” Kathy said. “This is just the beginning!”

For years many have sensed that God had great plans for our region and Christ Temple Church and Pastor Chuck Lawrence would play an integral role.

Understand, these aren’t just lost souls being baptized at Jewel City Revival!  Many are simply people who have had enough of our region living in defeat and are re-committing themselves to make a difference for our city, themselves, and their families!

Nik Walker’s message is simple, yet profound in nature. One of the main focuses of the Jewel City Revival is to “provide hope for the region by being a catalyst for extinguishing the bondage of addiction in our area,” Nik said.

 Sharing the fruit from an afternoon session with a group of 300 addiction recovery attendees. Nik proclaimed, “many are just blanketed in hopelessness…it’s about giving hope!”

“We went to war with the principalities of addiction in this area…and Jesus won!”  Over 70 members of the addiction recovery community were baptized during the event.

But it’s more than addressing addiction and restoring the city of Huntington. Jewel City Revival is having a “ripple effect” as Nik calls it, across the nation.

“People are watching from all over the world and the nation, and we are grateful for that.”

The thought of returning hope to any area of our society is appealing to all who care, including our local educators.

Schools and teachers in our region who understand the importance of producing graduates with a catalyst of hope, have actively sought Nik Walker Ministries to visit and speak to students.  The result in just over 10 days, has been 230 students giving their lives to Christ with many coming to revival for water baptism and committing to be an integral solution for our future!

“We are excited the Lord is raising up a generation! I know, that I know, that I know, that we are in the very last days, so the Lord is looking to thrust as many people into the harvest field as he can,” Nik proclaimed. “There is just a presence that comes from the Spirit of the Lord that brings great hope and that’s what this revival’s about.”

Humbling ourselves before God and relying on His faithfulness to provide is the only answer.  That which began in the baptismal tank of Christ Temple Church has begun to emanate throughout a city and into a nation.

May we see a resurgence of hope in Huntington WV and may they be a light unto the nation in our success!

And may God’s blessings return greatness to the Jewel City and her people.

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